My two cents worth to a thread by @COsweda - I'm just a random interloper but it spoke to me as so many of Carlos threads do. First I quote briefly (regarding POTUS)
"He EARNED my support, so now he gets it.
That's my job here, to cheerlead for Trump."
# MeToo but let's go back
Remember the day Donald John Trump announced his run for President of the United States of America? The escalator? The press was saying people with signs were paid props and the whole thing was a fraud, a stunt, I recall the derisive commentary clearly.
I watched every episode of The Apprentice. Why? Because my spouse was a Trump devotee from way back. He owned a first edition Art of the Deal and was positively LIVID because he was convinced I had thrown it away. I quietly replaced it- hey! Look what I found!
Spouse had not a doubt in the world that not only was this announcement of a run for President real but that he was going to Clinton regardless of what the media was saying, the polls they reported. I was astonished "The Establishment" supported her. Bernie was a fraud, per usual
I felt like I was living in some strange alternate universe. The media is hyping Hillary, the insane Commie Sanders has a bunch of collegiate "Bernie Bros" full of testosterone and ignorance and the GOP has 18 soon to be 17 candidates? Clearly THEY weren't happy with an outsider
After the Dole NoName and Romney fiascos I was in little mood to get excited about politics but to imagine Hillary as President- well that was a bridge too far. HRC is a card carrying WITCH by her own admission but at that time only rumors of her sneaking off to a coven in L.A.
Spouse was ALL IN and we consumed everything Trump. Back in 2015 we were even listening to the nutcase known as AJ. Going to leave it right there. That whole crew, well- "Careful who you follow" - reminds me of the lyrics to Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics
"The winter of my discontent can be traced back to Jimmy Carter and him "standing up" the SES. This guy. They pretend he was a kindly peanut farmer, in over his head just a good man. He was none of that. Another "out of nowhere Democrat" like Obama. Was he also a "placed" PICKLE?
When I say PICKLE I mean (whoops I ALWAYS mistype that as MENA) I mean the slang term for the CIA. The Pickle Factory.
I've watched ALL these people. So many promises. Did they keep any of them? No. Always some calamity to draw away money time and attention. All we got was further behind. From the 1973 gas crisis forward America changed for the worse and the USA was humiliated globally.
Ronald Reagan was a wray of hope. I loved President Reagan. And John Hinckley Jr, a son of friends and neighbors of the Bush family at their Colorado residence shot him on day 61. Rumors of Reagan's diminished mental state have been GREATLY exaggerated. Kept him alive, acting.
Read what Ronnie said and consider it more deeply. There is nothing wrong with his mind. His sense of humor is WICKED. Plausable deniability with some snark. Reagan was a very good man. God bless him, they tried to take him out and by them I mean Bush.
After Reagan we went thru the Uniparty thieving lying and collusion of Bush Clinton Bush and that last loser from parts unknown. I'm not rehashing all that misery but it wasn't like people didn't see what was going on- we didn't fully grasp it. This wrinkled flag made me happy.
Jimmy Carter "sinned in his heart" (not to mention all the things he did we had no idea about) but Clinton- well that's a whole other story. Was blowjob-gate a cover for ChinaGate-1? I recall a fortuitous plane crash (QRS11?) and missing files. Mena.. ANOTHER PICKLE!???
Spouse had followed Donald Trump for years and years and was a huge fan and so I dug in and learned. I couldn't wait to cast my ballot. When we left to go vote they said there was a 98% chance Hilldawg would win. I didn't care. I was voting with confidence she would be denied.
This heavily and historically proudly blue area had a different feel at the poll that night. Nobody paid attention to the people outside with their signs and exit poll whatever. It was like we all shared a secret never spoken. The mood was light, friendly. I came away hopeful
We watched the TV coverage all night long and by all night I mean I went to bed at 3:00am finally postive Donald J trump had soundly kicked that vile woman's ass. I saw the boohoos at Javits and I laughed at them. Oh the drama!
Voting for President Trump is the best and most important vote I ever did and absolutely will do again. God bless our President. Promises Made Promises Kept is not just a slogan. This is old. President Trump accomplished FAR more than this in the face of unprecedented obstruction
President Trump is saving the Republic. Did you have any idea how very close we came to a complete take over by Marxist/Communist ideology? They've infected everything like a virus, an invisible enemy. The media plays it up like a big movement. It is not. It's a FEW idiots
God bless America and God bless President Trump. I am more grateful today than on election day and honestly I was more grateful that day than I knew I was capable of being. We seriously dodged a bullet. What you're seeing today is the Democrats exposed for what they truly are
A year ago you couldn't have told me spouse wouldn't be here to witness all this. It's quite amazing how quickly they remove a Republican from the rolls. I'm fighting on for the both of us. It's the least I can do. I love our President. I liked Ronnie but I love Trump.

• • •

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