I've now read RAGE by Woodward and COMPROMISED by Strzok and DISLOYAL by Cohen and TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH by Mary Trump and TRUE CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS by Toobin and TRIGGERED by Don Jr. -- ask me anything.

(Except why I do this to myself.)
One weird thing is how you start seeing connections everywhere... for instance, Mary Trump’s book shows how terribly Fred Trump (Donald’s father) treated Freddy (Donald’s older brother). Then a few books later, in Cohen’s book, you see it’s similar to how Donald treats Don Jr.
To those asking how these books might affect the election, I’d say maybe just in a cumulative sense, in that they cement certain traits about Trump. But they’re traits we well know. So who knows? Whoever wins, writers will point to stuff after the fact and make up a narrative! 😉
Lots of mockery of TRIGGERED and I agree it’s a bad book. But the one thing that struck me is that it reads like Don Jr’s 2024 campaign book. I explained in my review: washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/0…
And btw, I’ve written a book about the books of the Trump era. It’s out in October 6. Unfortunately I was not able to squeeze in all these last ones — I think the last one I snuck in was Hoax by @brianstelter. The book is called WHAT WERE WE THINKING: bookshop.org/books/what-wer…

• • •

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4 Sep
In @nytmike's book convo with @AshleyRParker on @PoliticsProse right now, he says he considered writing his book DONALD TRUMP V. THE UNITED STATES solely about the first 26 days of this administration. If you understand those 26 days, you understand the the Trump presidency.
@nytmike @AshleyRParker @PoliticsProse Good question from @AshleyRParker to @nytmike -- how on earth do you write something about the insanely over-covered Jim Comey that we don't already know?
His answer: To try to tell the story through the eyes of his wife, Patrice Comey
@nytmike @AshleyRParker @PoliticsProse Another @AshleyRParker question: "How do you turn people who have no incentive to talk to you, in particular, into sources?"
@nytmike answer: "Everyone thinks their story has not been told accurately....They like to correct the record."
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10 Jul
So I reviewed the Mary Trump book: washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/0…
But like with any review, there are things I didn't have space or time to discuss, stuff that is interesting but not vital to include in the review. So I'm going to run through the book and point out some stuff. Thread...
First, Mary Trump is funny! She captures people in quick, memorable descriptions. On seeing the VP in the WH, for instance:
"Mike Pence continued to lurk on the other side of the room with a half-dead smile on his face, like the chaperone everybody wanted to avoid." (2)
We know Don Jr. sucks up to his dad in public. But he does in family gatherings, too. Very awkward. When the extended family gathered in the WH for the birthday of Donald's sisters, Jr. gave a campaign-style toast. "Last November, the American people saw something special..." (3)
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27 May
My family is a @TheAtlantic family. My wife and I read it. My 12 year-old son reads it. We have favorite sections and writers and articles. It is an essential part of our lives and our minds and our conversations. You can subscribe here: accounts.theatlantic.com/products/
From mission statement:
“The Atlantic will be the organ of no party or clique, but will honestly endeavor to be the exponent of what its conductors believe to be the American idea....endeavoring always to keep in view that moral element which transcends all persons and parties.”
From a history of @TheAtlantic by former managing editor Cullen Murphy, in ‘94:
“[Martin Luther] King sent a handwritten draft to us, written behind bars, of what would come to be known as his ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail,’ which we published in 1963.” amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/30…
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18 Nov 19
So, with the book A WARNING by the anonymous senior official in the Trump administration going on sale tomorrow, here are some thoughts on what the book seems to reveal about the possible identity of the author... (1)
First, in the book the writer promises to "strenuously deny" authorship if asked, and says all descriptions of the administration have been "carefully written to prevent any inadvertent disclosures." Also says some details have been "modified without changing the facts." Huh. (2)
Anonymous also lays down a challenge: “Anyone whose sole purpose in reading this book is to uncover names, including my own, will find they are wasting their time.” Well, that wasn’t my sole purpose, but there are breadcrumbs suggesting what KIND of person this is... (3)
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22 Oct 18
This is a real thing that exists
"It was eleven days, not ten as widely reported (I'm not going to let the media steal almost ten percent of my White House experience!)" -- from first page of new @Scaramucci book TRUMP: THE BLUE-COLLAR PRESIDENT
"It was Donald Trump himself who ultimately gave me my eleven days of fame in the white House; and it was Donald Trump who had to toss me out, like an empty Big Mac box, when the time came."
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7 Sep 18
“Many of us know it by memory.” —Trump on the Gettysburg address
"Four score and seven years ago -- that's a lot of scoring, believe me -- our fathers -- and I do mean 'fathers,' people -- brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men -- men! -- are created equal."
"Now we are engaged in a great civil war -- it's the greatest civil war, a lot of people are saying that, folks -- testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure."
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