Many years ago while I was a Junior in highschool, my grandmother/adoptive mother had been going through dialysis for kidney failure for some time. She was a very wise woman, book smart, God smart and logic and common sense. She had taught school for 34 yrs....
And 20 of those years were in a one room school house in Michigan. Anyway, towards the end the dialysis wasn't working so well and the lack of blood flow during this treatment she was losing brain function and she knew it. She spoke to her doctor and realized that she was nearing
The end. She quit that week and had gone into a coma. There was a do not resuscitate in her chart. My real dad and I talked about what was going to happen so that I was prepared. The night before my last day of school, my adoptive father got a call that she was about to pass...
He woke me up to see if I wanted to go with him. I told him no bcz I had school the next day and had final exams that I had to take.
He left and I fell back to sleep.
Then I heard my name being said and I thought it was my adoptive father and sat up in bed. But it wasn't him..
I was my grandmother. Yes, you heard that right. My adoptive mom had called my name and she was standing at the foot of my bed. She looked like she was ready to go to church. Hair done up nice and one of her many flowered dresses that she wore. I blinked to make sure I wasn't...
Dreaming. I was fully awake. She had a message for me.
"Do well in school" then she vanished. For years I wondered why did she come to me, didn't she have 4 children of her own. Why not them?
For decades I had wondered this until God Himself answered me. She had already put God
In their hearts and wanted to make a point that God is the most important thing in our lives. He is above family and our own children. We must focus on Him daily.
In my thinking's about this, God allowed my adoptive mom to visit me just after her passing which was at 2:30am.
To this day I keep God in my heart daily and let everyone know that He lives within us. We have a choice to hear his words and follow His instructions. God has been merciful to me in all these years and I try to bless everyone I meet or interact with in any social media.
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29 Apr
@SSG_PAIN this something new that I found at our fav anon. I was totally shocked. There is something else I found and will post here.
This is just part of it. Our fav anon they are saving Israel for last. One reason is too many ppl hold duel citizenship and have passports to travel back and forth.
More here...👇👇👇
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29 Apr
Just an idea. Both Tyson pork plants one in Iowa, the other in Indiana. Both are huge plants. I know I used to work there.
Anyway, Tyson has been hand&hand with China for many years to process their foods. So in thinking this, would it be plausible if either ...
China came here or Tyson executives went there during this health scare? Our plant near where u live has spread like wild fire.
And why would we do this? 1) to raise prices if pork sky high 2) send pork to China so they can add a 💩 load of crap into the processed foods...
There are over 1025 ppl confirmed cases just at Tyson alone. There are over 2500 working there.(TYSON FOODS, LLC.) Logansport, Indiana. Is there anyone or a group of ppl that can help our small community. I'm concerned, very concerned.
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23 Apr
This video is #2 so watch #1first then this one.
With everything that I've seen and heard I think I can start to connect some dots with this virus. @RaeAnon
First: there have been some speculations that there were some hints that different
Additives were added to the virus. I saw where some nurses in China were suffering from the virus and had skin discoloration to their skin. Melatonin is a possible additive or adrenochrome.
Second: elites are pushing for a vaccine instead of a cure. Why? Possibly bcz what they
could put in the vaccine, like ADC and other things(not sure what but it could be anything).
Third: Elites don't want a cure bcz the cure could some how harm them or cause them to not look so young.
Fourth: HCQ is the cure for the vampire syndrome or Kuru by another name.
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