Lessons from 2020

1. Buy it before you need it
2. Well-known goods (223, 9mm) are always the first to sell out
3. Expect to fend for yourself when things get bad
4. People become tyrants when given power (ie: social shaming w/ corona)
5. Our society is fundamentally flawed in how much we rely on centralized institutions, and we need to decentralize to mitigate the damages once another black swan event comes around.
6. Community support functions better than government support
7. Most people have very high time preference, and won’t prepare for anything until they’re already too far gone
8. Media - social, news, or otherwise - has a vested interest in spreading fear. Doom sells. Peace doesn’t.
9. The stock market makes sense, but the reasons aren’t ever apparent until after the fact.
All this in mind, I feel like 2020 has fundamentally changed my perspective on the world - comparable to kids who grew up during the Great Depression. Never going to get caught unaware again.

• • •

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25 Jul
Why do people get mysterious seeds in the mail from China?

First, we have to understand how Amazon/EBay’s review system works. Verified reviews (as in those by accounts that actually bought the item) are weighted much heavier when deciding product rankings.
There’s no real easy and honest way of getting these “real” reviews to start with, so what some Chinese sellers will do is

1. Create a fake account with a real address
2. “Buy” the item with the fake account
3. Instead ship something cheap like seeds to make it through…
Amazon’s shipping verification
4. Write a fake review and boost the rankings artificially
5. Some uninvolved American gets a packet of seeds showing up at his/her doorstep
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2 Jun
Ain’t it funny how we’ve basically already gotten into race riot territory and the neo-Nazis haven’t even showed up
Riot organizers are trying to bait people into shooting up a riot to get the heat off them but it’s not working
Already we’re seeing a divide between the predominantly minority rioters and the predominantly white left-wing provocateurs/organizers

I wonder how this plays out in the next few days
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30 May
Hearing rumors from one of my ex-DoD confederates that soldiers at Fort Bragg may be readying to deploy and contain the riots
Yo one of my old teachers is NG, I wonder if they’re gonna call him up
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28 May
So, it seems like the situation in Minneapolis has been handled for the night. I'm quickly reaching my limit on how much longer I can stay awake, so I think this is it for tonight - should we see riots tomorrow, I'll certainly update.
That, and all the streams are shitty and I can only take so much blurry shaky cam before I lose my mind
All the mongs in my Discord are complaining about my use of the word "handled" so I'll just leave it at this: I think that from at least now until noon tomorrow we won't see any major escalation

Until we see more people moving into the area I don't see the fires spreading
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28 May
Oh fuck this is actually habbening isn't it
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26 May
Shaun King: Proving that so long as he's got a black great-great-great-great-grandfather, a white guy can fleece the entire black community and get away with it thedailybeast.com/shaun-king-kee…
Seriously has anyone ever seen this dude with anything other than a buzz cut?

Google "shaun king long hair" and tell me what you see
Homie doesn't even have any proof of ancestry, he's adopted and "his mother has told him his biological father is a light-skinned black man." (Wikipedia)

I'd like to see his 23andme, probably gonna come up as like 50/50 Swedish/Spanish or something
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