The fate of the Zionist-1st Republican Party

1.) Lie about anti-Semitism, pass speech laws & rules for it, exaggerate & censor for it

2.) Get called anti-Semitic after you self-sabotaged our Constitution
The biggest GOP donor is Sheldon Adelson, who openly expresses loyalty to Israel.

But facts hurts Ben Shapiro’s feelings & bias. So he accuses you of committing hate speech for telling the truth (a chargeable crime in multiple countries already & inching towards it in America).
Ron DeSantis took a dump on the Constitution by passing “anti-Semitism” speech rules in schools. For “religious” protection. But not for every religion. Only one religion. Which includes ethnic people who aren’t religious at all.

This isn’t free speech.…
You can boycott America, Republicans & burn down police precincts easier than you can protest a foreign nation.

The Zionist 1st Party sees the 1st Amendment as an obstacle that needs to be brushed aside for their agenda. Isn’t that nice?…
If that wasn’t creepy enough, the State Department brags that “anti-Semitic acts are criminal” & lists over a dozen speech rules for what they consider a hate speech crime/violation.

This is your Republican Party at work. Shitting on the 1st Amendment.…

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28 May
Last time St. Louis rioted, they set my friends garage on fire.

They were mad at cops & white racism. He’s black.

This is the main issue in these communities no one wants to address.

Many people have no respect for their own neighborhood & people 365 days a year.
The government is corrupt. The cops obviously can be corrupt. But this idea that people are angels & never do anything wrong is a lie.

With self-accountability, self-awareness & a better mindset - you can stop 99% of bad situations from happening & save thousands of more lives.
But preaching a good mindset, self-accountability & a smart strategy isn’t popular.

Black celebrities make millions off corporate liberals, move to white neighborhoods & preach self-destruction & ignorance.

They don’t care if your city burns & you never learn how to act smart.
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24 Apr
Ready for a thread of questions?

If you had a product that you were working on that you wanted to sell to the entire world, would you say there is a chance you might have a conflict of interest in other solutions coming before your product is done?
Would it also be weird if you funded the university models that were way, way off -- that were used as justification to shut down business across the country?

Would it also be weird if you funded the organization that said 3.4% death rate off by at least 20-30x?
Would it also be weird if you were funding the research into the competing solution malaria pill? Using Vitamin C as a placebo?

Would it also be weird if the guy driving Trump's policy sat on your 'product' council advisory board?
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19 Apr
Evolution of the narrative:

“Freedom doesn’t matter now because it’s 30x more deadly than the flu”

Okay. Sure.

*revises numbers*

“Freedom still doesn’t matter because it’s 6-12x worse than the flu & we need hospital beds + ventilators”

Okay. I get that.

*massive over prediction on hospital beds & ventilators*

*states get more tyrannical*

*social distancing turns into non-scientific fascism*

*evidence comes out that it may have 50-85x lower death rate than being reported*

“Look at the death count! Test & vaccine for all.”
Not to mention the entire social distancing theory is banking off the fact we think we can “slow the spread”.

1.) If it came months before January, are we really having a big impact?

“Closing earlier saved millions of lives.”

What if it hit America in November?
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18 Apr
THREAD: Okay, back to work. If you are inspired, confused, upset, skeptical or surprised by my tweets, here are my best deep dives that go far beyond just parroting support or gatekeeping what it means to support the President:

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17 Apr
So many conservatives are outing themselves as total morons & gatekeepers for corruption.

They can’t point to data that shows early shut down led to less deaths. It doesn’t exist. It’s all speculation & fake models.

Why? Obvious. Read the next tweet.
The “social distancing” theory is based off of believing this virus just recently got here & we can hide from it.

That’s complete faulty science. If it got here months prior, it doesn’t work.

Notice Dems & loser Reps are pushing “no normal” until vaccine comes?

Let’s move on.
There is already proof this mutates. The flu vaccine has been here for years & they still can’t guess the right strain. It doesn’t eradicate the flu. Quite the opposite if you look at flu seasons over the last few years.

So why would Dems & loser Reps say “no normal” till then?
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17 Mar
Several families are reaching out to me telling me they can’t even feed their kids. People are losing their entire life savings.

And you have Q people who are begging for Martial Law & internet blackouts on top of this crisis that’s worse than 9/11.

You people are disgusting.
I’m giving money to multiple families that follow my page. I’m probably the least wealthy social influencer that has a substantial following but I have made enough to help out & what better way to spend money right now.

Everyone should be helping out in any way if they can.
This is no joke. We are looking at city lock downs, quarantines, curfews, mandatory business shut downs & most of the authoritarian power right now is in the hands of Democrats in their states — not Trump.

Millions of families are being hurt & this can get really bad.
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