Well, I just reported @SuellaBraverman and @RobertBuckland to the Bar Standards Board. Advising a client to break the law explicitly breaches published Bar Standards, and brings the profession into disrepute.

The usual punishment is being struck off.
In the unlikely event you want to do the same, you'll need their addresses.

Luckily, these are on their websites. Here are links


It would be terrible if several thousand people reported them, and their professional body suspended their right to practice law. If that were to happen, they could no longer hold their offices. Obviously this would be tragic.
Specifically, the thing to do (as I understand it) is remind @thebarcouncil that knowingly advising a client to break the law OR permitting an illegal act ... these things break their guidelines and are punishable by being struck off.

Braverman did one. Buckland the other.
Assuming, of course, that you wish to do as I did

• • •

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28 Sep
I was gonna leave #TheWeekInTory until Friday, but at their current rate it'll be 1000 tweets long by then, and I'm worried about you, mate.

It's OK to get drunk on at 5pm on Monday, isn't it? Well, that's my recommendation anyway. Here goes...
1. In June Boris Johnson said to Black Lives Matter protestors: “I hear you”, and acknowledged the “incontrovertible, undeniable feeling of injustice” that “we simply cannot ignore”

2. So obviously, 40 Tory MPs refused to take part in unconscious bias training
3. The govt shut pubs an hour early, seemingly under the impression coronavirus (an inert, sub-microscopic infectious entity with no brain or nervous system) can tell the time

4. The govt demanded we all follow the rules

5. The govt exempted House Of Commons bars from the rules
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27 Sep
435,000 Brits have had Covid (including me)

If you think it's all a hoax, ask yourself: why would we lie? What's the benefit to us?

And how are we organising this big lie? How are we coordinating with the 32m+ others around the world who've had it.

And why?

And if you think it's not us patients who are lying, it's the medical profession: why?

Doctors don't get a % of value of the drugs they sell, so there is literally no reason for them to make this up.

And doctors and medical professionals are working incredibly long hours in incredible discomfort, and often dying, for no extra money. Are they doing this to support a conspiracy? If you think they are, as yourself: why? What's in it for them?

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27 Sep
North By Northwest, BBC2, any minute now.

If you haven't seen it, treat yourself. Absolute stone-cold classic.
The most amazing thing about North By Northwest is - at no point does anybody stop Cary Grant and say "excuse me, but what the hell is that accent?"
Without North By Northwest there would be no Bond. Hell, they even put Connery in the same clothes Cary Grant wore (and Daniel Craig's Bond copies the same grey suit).
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21 Sep
#TheWeekInTory returns for the second time in 4 days

The weeks grow shorter, but the days last forever

Anyway: don your athletic support, lower your visor, drink heavily, and start with some comparatively minor corruption...
1. The consultant who advised the govt to look for "alternative arrangements" on the Irish Border is in line for a £200m contract if alternative arrangements go ahead

2. But to facilitate this, the govt has to break international law with the Internal Market Bill (IMB)
3. Nobody can tell us what the "alternative arrangements" are, but the IMB passed through parliament anyway

4. The UK’s highest-ranking law officer in Scotland resigned over the IMB

5. The UK’s special envoy on media freedom, Amal Clooney (yes, that one) quit over IMB
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18 Sep
Someone I know (offline) said they didn't understand the whole Brexit / Ireland / Trade thing. Didn't see the first few episodes, couldn't catch up, now lost.

So for those in the same boat, I'm gonna try to explain. This is (necessarily) simplified, but here goes
In 2016 we voted to leave the EU.

But if we do that without a Trade Deal, we risk making a lot of our economy noncompetitive.


Because if you don't have a Trade Deal, you have to use WTO (World Trade Org) rules. And those include tariffs.

What are tariffs?
Tariffs are a kind of tax: between around 10% and 90% of the value of the thing you trade. So for example, beef that we currently sell to Spain for £10 will now cost £19.

And that means it's cheaper for Spain to buy beef from France. So they will. So our beef farmers suffer.
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14 Sep
Off the back of this (which may well be empty gossip), some slightly disjointed thoughts.

In the current govt, Johnson is a shell. No authority, no plan, no decision-making.

The real power is the axis of Gove-Cummings

But Gove must know he can't be next. He's tried and failed twice. He's better (by his estimation) as a power behind the throne. So although he's touted, I personally doubt it.

Cummings won't survive if Johnson goes. A successor won't tolerate him.

Opposite Corbyn, the Tory front bench could pick almost anyone. Opposing Starmer, they need somebody serious.

If it happens fast, I'd bet on Sunak. Currently popular cos he's "Captain Giveaway"

But very soon the bills need to be paid, and his lustre will fade fast.

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