My experience and VERY Freudian take with Antoon's due to recent drama regarding him being a total hateful creep to a trans minor (possible thread throughout the day) ImageImage
So let me get this straight and out of the way about me upfront: I am a 19 year old enby gal. While I was mostly assigned and raised to be female since mere moments after my birth, I identify with any pronouns or gender identity that is assigned to me by people, I am gender fluid ImageImageImageImage
But this isn’t about me, this is about Antoons, or the guy behind Antoons, the guy whose so sexually pent up and wants nothing more than a big dick fat milker trans mommy GF, yet contradicts with his ingrained morals, and inability to accept that he is wrong-(1/)
- that all this horniness he has translates him into lashing out at anything remotely queer and foreign to him, thus him being a total creep to a black trans enby minor, which of course blew up in his face so much that he’s locked his own account ImageImage
I always asked myself- I why the HELL did this seemingly big YouTube animators, who had millions of views on most of his video, make the sudden transition to becoming just another shitty stone clone and spend so much time in a following a fraction from his bread and butter? ImageImageImage
Well now I realize there’s a very easy answer to that- he was BORED and this is what brings him joy! He’s not an animator, he can hardly be described as an artist, it’s been establish just how much tracing this guy has done.
It’s clear that his YouTube career is just a job for him. He’s figured out what’s successful for the algorithm and getting the younger viewer, animating for him is just like showing up to your 9-5, machine like, working like a turning cog, to convert your labor into value. ImageImageImageImage
So with Antoons being such a hit with the kids, and knowing exactly the minimum amount of effort he has to do to reap the most value, his youthful self, his ego, wanes with each day, not able to be sustained to the audience that IS interested in HIM and not just his main content- ImageImageImage
It’s clear the guy has aspirations, in video game design specifically, but also in cartoon, but after making one cruddy nhillistic sonic fan animation that completely blew up, Antoons realize that if he wanted to live comfortably, he had to give the people what they wanted. ImageImageImageImage
But despite his massive success on YouTube, his ACTUAL following, that is, the people who would watch ALL of his content because they like what HE made- could only get so big, people could only be so interested in someone who traces- even with his original cartoon personas! ImageImageImageImage
So, what does a lazy boi like himself do when you aren’t willing to put more pride into expanding your skills and improving yourself, and unable to accept that people will not adore your work outside of a very narrow context? Why- COPE! That’s what!
Not to say theres anything wrong with coping, me all have to cope somehow under stress, whether that’s napping, taking drugs, or even jerking off! That’s right, being horny is a form of coping if you can’t deal with your boring and empty life, and I feel we see this with Antoons. Image
These comics and by extension, the twitter drama he allows himself to get into is fulfilling this sexually frustrated bruised ego of his, and the only way to stop him is to let him hit rock bottom and let him accept that he's a 🅱️ottom, and wants to be topped by pure degeneracy. ImageImage
How do I know that this is sexual? Come one, he is irrationally hateful towards trans people. I don't need to show you the comics where he shows trans folks being harassed and brutalized. How violent it becomes when it becomes closer to his true fantasy of the big dick mommy-
And I don't need to prove it, look at how he finally has crossed by trying to play his sick little game with a black enby minor! He is so diluted in this fantasy of his that ANY trans people, binary or otherwise, is at risk of becoming the target of his violent sexual desires.
In contrast, the opposite of his fantasy, that is, the bussy twink daddy and anyone even vaguely similar to that concept, is subject to much less violent overtones in his hatred towards them and more general disgust, similar to that of incels towards "cucks" "soy boys" or "simps"
I could go on so I'll just iterate the point: the man behind the cartoon deathbed videos kids weirdly like to watch is an incel whose taking out his deep dark sexual repression on all queer and trans folks here, but is particularly chasing after femme dominant pre-op trans women. Image

• • •

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