I need to address the final holdouts who plague me with fear.

But first:

Another mass-production factory for supporters of @realDonaldTrump is operating at full capacity.

The Democrats OWN this. It's on THEM.…
There are enough people out there trying to talk sense into humanoids whose dials are set to "Crazy and kill."

Not me.

It's a waste of time.

I'm going to discuss this from a purely political standpoint, avoiding the usual platitudes.
I'm not using the wounded deputies as political props.

The REALITY is that they were attacked for political reasons.

Using people as political props is when you FALSELY attribute an atrocity to politics and use it to score political points.
"This is all Trump's fault!" is using the deputies as political props.

We have it right from the Democrats' own mouths that the violence must continue.…
BLM is destroying black lives in the name of black lives.

As @donlemon said, BLM isn't about black lives mattering.

Oh, so that makes everything fine!

Thanks as always, Don!



Add in his accomplishments, his platform, and the fact that he's just getting started, and he wins.
So what about YOU?

Here's what you're trying to drag me into, over and over and over:

Let's say you're a woman.

You're walking down the city street one night, and you see a bar.

Here's what it says in the window, in beautiful neon:

So you go inside.


Never mind.

You go inside, and all these raving lunatics start bombarding you with claims that women have an extra pair of eyeballs in the small of their back.

So you leave, go home, AND CALL ME.
"Carlos, they all said I have an extra pair of eyeballs in the small of my back! CAN THAT BE TRUE?!"

And you expect me to refute insanity from people you already know are insane.

"Trump's losing in Florida!"

How many frigging times to I have to keep telling you THIS?
The only people in the entire country who know Trump's actually level of support are Trump's people.

The Democrats are doing ZERO CANVASSING.

I know it's REALLY HARD to think all the way back to 2016, but do you remember what characterized that election?
(Sorry. Had to reboot the computer. Started typing gibberish all by itself. I type MY OWN gibberish, thank you very much.)
Remember the polls being wrong in 2016, as in, ALL OF THEM?

The danger of rewriting history is that you fool YOURSELF.
So THIS year, the Democrats are fooling themselves, running a senile candidate, supporting Brownshirts and terrorists, offering a platform of total oppression, and telling us that peace in the Middle East and the Balkans is bad.

And going back to Russia Russia Russia.
They're people telling you that women have a second pair of eyeballs in the small of their back.


Do you debate homeless mental patients?

They're delusional.

You letting them make YOU delusional.
How in the world can Trump lose?


White people must be EXTERMINATED?

China and Iran must RUN THE US?

Here's the deal that too many of you don't understand:
The Democrats have what's called a "spectrum disorder."

They aren't rational about everything except for Trump.

If they're irrational about Trump, they're irrational about everything.

That's how spectrum disorders work.
The Trump-hate doesn't cause the other forms of madness.

The other forms of madness RESULT IN Trump-hate.


They were crazy LONG BEFORE they hated Trump.

But you're still listening to them.


Only YOU can answer that question.
ALL the conversation on Trump from BOTH SIDES leaves out one crucial factor:

Trump's agency.

His ability to ACT.

To influence and control events.

You ignore Trump's agency at your own peril.

It's extremely stupid, to be blunt.

Even crazy.
In a very real sense, most analyses on the upcoming election are worthless.

Only some of us have accepted the FACT that Trump put between 40 and 50 years of planning into his presidency.

This is why you're still nervous.

Trump is up against an army of warriors from the Stone Age.

People with slings and really sharp STONE-TIPPED spears.

How do you defeat them.

With an armored limousine.
You just slowly roll through them until you get to the back where their king is sitting.

After a while, they'll stop their useless attacks.

Then you get out, show the king a cigarette lighter, demonstrate it, and give it to him.

War over.
You show him how to refill it, leave him a massive supply of butane, make him understand that he should use it only during ceremonies, and then you drive off to the next tribe.

You pacify the whole region in a week without firing a shot.
Of course Stone Age people were more civilized than BLM rioters and terrorists.

You treat BLM a tad more firmly.

But the end result is the same.



• • •

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More from @COsweda

21 Sep

@kimKBaltimore did it again.

I have to add a few tweets to make this thread register.


Baltimore in 1972.

I was ten years old.

Charm City Devils are from Baltimore.

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21 Sep

Here's MY reaction:


@realDonaldTrump and the GOP agree with me.

RBG had a nice long run.

It ended when she died.

Trump and @senatemajldr are correct:

Their duty is to is to DO AS THE VOTERS ASK.

We live in a REPRESENTATIVE democratic republic.

Our politicians are free to defy us.

And BOY, have we proven that there are rarely consequences!

Trump sublimates his own personal desires in order to do what we elected him to do.


And he will.

Don't be surprised if a couple of red-state Democratic senators vote to confirm.

The rioting was the final straw.
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20 Sep

This whole thing is FALSE.

It took me ten seconds to debunk it.

@realDonaldTrump will win Pennsylvania on election night.

New Jersey:

Vote in oner of four ways.

1. mail

2. secure ballot drop box

3. Board of Elections Office

4. polling place
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20 Sep

If you haven't watched the @realDonaldTrump peaceful protest in Fayetteville, North Carolina, it's his best yet.

He KNOWS he's going to win.

Funniest, most entertaining Trump presentation to date.

He said things like, "I swear, if you don't vote for me, I'll never speak to you again!"

He did a bit about @FLOTUS, which he addressed her as "First Lady" in the private of their own living quarters.

It was truly inspired.

He's showing us the difference between HIM and Biden.
When was the last time you saw a FUNNY leftist public figure?

Trump is now taking his standard speech and ad libbing all over the place.

He's having FUN.

Now, I've told you multiple times that when you're a partisan fanatic, you're easily manipulated.

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20 Sep

One more thread.

This is a great scene. Very true to life.

Denzel Washington has just saved a kid from being jumped into a violent gang.

The kid was told he had to murder in order to be a member.

So Denzel plucked him out at gunpoint.

Denzel's a killer.

He's trying to atone.

The SEQUEL was pretty much ruined by the director. It gave in to cliches.

But I still recommend both The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2, only because of Denzel Washington.
I've always wanted to tell people what I know.

Poseurs like Antifa.

Fake veterans on Twitter.

But I'd need that...implement that Denzel had in his hand, and I wouldn't do that.

Still, it's nice to see someone capture so faithfully what goes on in my head.
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20 Sep
Leftists refuse to admit that mental illness is an UNDESIRABLE DISABILITY.

The reason I worked so hard to mitigate the effects of severe PTSD, anxiety, and depression was that I HATED BEING UNHAPPY.

I accept that happiness is beyond me.

But I've achieved peace of mind.
Leftism encourages normalizes mental illness in its adherents while claiming that political dissidents are mentally ill.

In the US, this started in earnest in 1962, with the publication of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Americans began taking all their social cues from HOLLYWOOD.

The narrative became, "Those who we call mentally ill are actually the sanest among us."

Even though THE SAME PEOPLE attack political dissidents as mentally ill.
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