Ngl I had no real problem w/ Alphabetism getting decriminalized initially.
But now when I see things I realize that they were seeing decriminalization as a barricade to knock down & then move to next one.

Now they want marriage by "reforming" Hindu marriage code (1/2)
I won't be shocked if they bring a specific law like SCST act in the name of discrimination where they wud be able to put a priest in jail for allegedly denying to perform rituals for them.
What will be next after marriage?
Child adoption & reservation bcz they're "marginalized"?
Since Muslims are allowed to follow their own laws (Sharia) to a great extent & the same sex marriage activists are going after Hindu marriage code you will soon see alliance b/w Muslims & these activists to change Hindus marriage sanctity,misinterpretation of religious texts....
...a lot of hounding of Hindus globally in the news papers, name calling like homophobes, "Hindutva Nazis" in order to submit us by the fear of bad reputation globally.
Sooner or later the Hindu reductionist state will allow the marriage & bring a law to punish priests who "deny" to perform the customs inside a temple.
Bcz they want to project "only" Hindutva (proxy for Hindus) as the enemies of "equality" in this "fight" for equality for LGBT community.

New political front is opening to keep demonization of Hindus project alive.
See how cleverly they are going for it.

• • •

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More from @LockOmoplata

19 May
Govt has to take actions against people who are making these videos & promoting/glorifying notorious acts like rαpe & violence against Kαffir.

**MAKE A DATABASE** of all such video.
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5 May
Portals/Media houses writing articles on anything from culture to crime is nothing but documentation of History.
Next generations will read them & evaluated the past.
That is why when some portals address Terrorists as Militant…
When some portals address a jihadist group backed terrorist attack as "alleged" terrorist attack then the reason behind such comparatively "soft labelling" of notorious acts is providing life to a conspiracy theory waiting to be revived by future gen++…
What do I mean by soft labelling?

Lets see already mentioned words.
* Militant in the place of terrorist.
* Usage of alleged before terrorist attack.

Militant : Calling a terrorist a militant is open trivialization.
Though militants are radicals but connotation is different ++
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1 May
It was a #HinduHolocaust.
Pαkistan committed gen0cide of Hindus of Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) in 1971.

More than one Million Hindus were k*lled by Pαkistan army & 200K-400K women were rαped in dedicated "rαpe camps".

That is how ugly it was+
Bcz of that gen0cide & a continuous Hindu exodus from Bangladesh to neighbouring India, around 10-15 million native Bangladeshi Hindus took refuge in India.
Native Hindu population in Bangladesh reduced from 22% in 1947 to <8% now in 2020.
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15 Apr
How do you k*ll a culture & (mentally) enslave people?

Ban/stop the language of their scriptures.

This takes 2 gen to break the bridge b/w people & their culture - precisely what happend w/ Hindus & Sanskrit post Independence.
As India mostly ruled by Congress party post 1947++
If you keep people away from their scriptures then they are easy to condition.
Process is..
- Promote a desired language that you want them to learn.
- Explain their culture/scriptures in this desired language w/ *your interpretation* which LITERALLY could be anything but real++
After Independence the 1st Job should've been the promotion of Sanskrit but that is not what really happend.
It was projected as something old, not cool, childish & not really worthy of our time.
As a result out of 1.1 billion Hindus in India only few 1000 can speak it today++
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31 Mar
1. How super dominant Left Ecosystem (LES) works.

To attract college going youth they have--
The Wire
The Logical Indian

Since Mobile has become a contant thing these Online portals target an age group that considers itself rebellious & into politics ++
2. For middle aged & above people--
There are several TV news channels eg : NDTV.

Generally this age group is not as active on phone as youth & their primary source of news is TV. Hence Shuddh Hindi speaker Ravish Kumar has been promoted by LES as the face of "TV" news ++
3. Teenagers aka the future votes--

This age group is also active on phone but not much into politics. These are the people who like to share memes/jokes.
So to condition them into future votes LES has platforms like ScoopWhoop etc which try to shape ideology via jokes/memes.++
Read 11 tweets

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