Just to answer some of the replies to this: the House isn’t actually representative of the population density of big states because it’s capped at 435 to specifically water down their power
It’s almost as if we should really be talking about the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 instead of the Senate 👀
If the House was the size it should actually be (or votes were weighted by population), the GOP couldn’t have won in 2010 or even 1994. They probably wouldn’t have held it post-FDR ever again.
Fixing the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 would also solve our Electoral College problem, because small states would never be able to gain the House seats necessary to overwhelm the big state advantage
Interestingly enough, that is exactly what the GOP thought as soon as urban centers held the majority of the population, which is why they failed to reapportion Congress after the 1920 census (with some help from southern Democrats, of course)

• • •

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5 Sep
Just reminded my SO to fill out the census, so it feels like a good time to remind everyone: FILL OUT YOUR CENSUS BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH
The census is super duper important. And quick fact: our current Congressional limit of 435 representatives is built off of a census that actively suppressed urban and immigrant representation. washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-p…
In 1920, the census showed that the cities of the country had more people living in them than rural areas for the first time in our history. Giving us our due representation would have tipped the scales of power in our favor — probably permanently. So what happened?
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7 Jul
As someone with a not-small following and seeking still more visibility, this Harper’s letter continues pissing me off. That this is the debate we’re having in the midst of this pandemic demonstrates how poorly we’ve constructed our public intellectual discourse — and for what?
So that everyone from billionaire and bestselling authors to those routinely printed in the New York Times can argue that the weight of their words should always be displaced on those least able to bear it. Take responsibility for your goddamn voices if you demand to speak.
I’m still flabbergasted that I had around 350 followers in January 2017, and now I’m over 30k. That shift has required asking if my voice is necessary, if it’s right to retweet, if I am furthering the discourse or dismantling it. And I’m a *rando* on Twitter. Jesus.
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29 May
You know how all of this feels frightening and overwhelming and kind of like a living nightmare? Well that’s mental load. And it’s what Black people have to carry around with us every single day, for our own survival. (Thread of course)
We all carry mental loads with us: experiences, processes, traumas and a billion mental shortcuts to get us through each day. It’s just that as a Black person, I also get the joy of interrogating every interaction in my life with: is this a racism?
By now, I hope it’s really fucking obvious why I have to identify racism and react to it with perfect accuracy as soon as possible, but for anyone who can’t read the room: it’s because racism will fucking kill me.
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3 Mar
Whew, so it’s Super Tuesday. Due to extremely shitty coverage from our white male media, today’s voting has been distilled down to 2 shouty old white men. But that’s a lie driven by fear. Fear of change; fear of progress; fear of the future. Let me unpack that.
I wrote this thread/essay because I noticed that fear of Trump was dominating everything about this primary. Joe Biden’s entire campaign is based on it. Bernie Sanders’s threats depend on it. But we deserve better from our leadership. link.medium.com/Tgibw9FIy4
Democrats are not going to coalesce our party behind a return to the “good old days” (good for who?!) or a hostage negotiation (“elect me or my supporters stay home” is vile). That’s pure fear. We’re in a fight for the future of this country, and the only way out is through.
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26 Feb
Debate thread!!! Some hints about where my head is at before tonight:
- Black voters are about to shake this shit up
- candidates are fighting for their lives here, what are they willing to do?
- and considering how important tonight is, who came prepared? #DemDebate
I’m really pissed that we waited until voting began to go negative. So stupid. 🙄 #DemDebate
The over the top graphics and the music is too much. This is not a sporting event! #DemDebate
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