Kamakshi / Tripurasundari Deeya
It is lit on evenings daily or much specifically on Fridays, Thursdays and Mondays. This is symbol of sidha Lakshmi diety who blesses us with power to gain spiritual knowledge. Image
Ashta aishwaryas (8 sidhis) are - Ayur- lifespan, Arogya- health, Abhivrudhi- prosperity, puthra pauthra prapauthran Sons Grandsons & Great grandsons, Dhana Kanaka - Wealth & Gold, Vijaya- success, Shanti- peace, Keerti -Fame.
Rice Flour Deeyas
They pacify negative energies and enables the environment to attract the riches and luxuries. Jt is equally important to pray to this diya once a week to pay respect to mata Annalakshmi and attain sukh sanatan prapti and dosha nivaran in women. Image
Lemon Deeyas
Women who desire to get married, who desire for a child, who pray for a happy married life & a long life for their husbands, pray to the Goddess Durga by lighting these during the rahu kaalam period on Tuesdays / Fridays which are believed to be the days of the Devi Image
Jaggery Deeyas are lit for any ketu related issues. Ketu is very important in keeping our body balanced with a good lower body health. Ketu is important for marriages and child bearing. Those have issues with ketu graha does light this lamp during the Rahukalam along with lemon Image
Coconut Lamps are lit for Guru anugraha. Coconut is considered as Poorna-Phala. People with various wishes lit these lamps on a Thursday and make a sankalp of the karyasidhi. Any karya started with a coconut, coconut oil or coconut deeya attains a sidhi soon. Image
Ashgourd Deeyas are lit for pleasing Kaal Bhairav and Bhadra kaali. It has a greater significance in warding off the evil, enemies and negative effects of planets. These are lit on mondays and sundays, amavasyas every month. Image
Amla Deeyas are lit during the Kaarthik and Maarghaseersh maasa to please Trishakti swarupini Eeshwari , Sadashiv and Shree Mahavishnu. These deeyas are very auspicious and have medicinal benefits to the seeker who meditate in it's presence. Image
Aishwarya Deeya with Rock Salt is the most auspicious Tantra practiced on Fridays. Maha Lakshmi bestows seekers with enormous prosperity and wealth who light these lamps at home. Deeya should face North Direction the direction of Shree Mahalakshmi and kubera. Image
Karthika Jala Deeya on Banana Stem is a tradition practiced in South India.. on the Amavasya Night. Image
365 wicks Deeya is lit on Karthika Poornima , The greatest of poornimas. Image
Agnipurana says the Ghee lamp cleanses the chakras and nadis in our body.Ghee lamp purifies the Manipur and Anahat Chakras and mustard oil and til oil purifies the Muladhar and Swadishtana Chakras.
Ghee lamp cleanses the Koshas of the human. Mainly the Pranamaya Kosha and the Manomaya Kosha , which is used for healthy living and developing vedanta. Image
we get a vision of a deity its due to the Agni tatva ,the absolute fire element and we feel the touch of supreme and that Bliss is due to the vayu tattva. A Ghee lamp helps in cleansing both these elements in our body, helping to make a communion easy between aatman & paramatman Image
It's no magic. It is the Tejo shakti of Agni which will feed your mind body and soul with positivity and help you attain 8 aishwaryas which lead you to attain Vedanta and reach parabhraman.

Just feel it - Looking at diya with open eyes and meditate n you will achieve wonders Image

• • •

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19 Sep
Help Your Children 🙏🏼

Our ancestors used to suggest us to put our children on a spiritual path since they are in learning stage. Shaiva/Shakta and Vaishnavites have different practices to enhance the medha shakti of children since childhood.
As per shaiva Traditions, parents introduce the children to Shree Dakshinamurthy for enhancing the medha shakti, concentration and focus in children. Shree Dakshinamurthy is considered Adi Guru, the first who have transferred the BhramaGnyana to Sanath Kumaras. Image
This Gnyana enabled Sanath kunaras to frame vedas.The Gnyana was transferred in a deep meditative state of silence. Praying Dakshinamurthy enhances the child's innate abilities & makes them attain clear vision.Meditating upon Dakshinamurthy helps a child maintain mental health.
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18 Sep
Good morning all sweet souls,

Let me tell you one incident from our scripture shared on Hinduism stackexchange, take a deep breath and read on.

Bharavi is a classical Sanskrit poet. He was a child prodigy who was routinely praised by everyone who knew him 1/n
People praised him effusively to his parents. However, every time his father heard his son's praises he used to brush it off and negate it with a "oh he is just a kid; he is definitely not all that;has a long way to go" etc.

This went on for a long time.
Bharavi grew extremely resentful of his father.He failed to understand why his father was casting a shadow on his genius and impeding his progress and reducing his glory.

The resentment grew so much that he could not bear it any more and....
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18 Sep
Brahmārpañam Brahma Havir
Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam
Harir Annam Prajāpatih
HarirVipraSharīrāstu BhūnkteBhojayateHarih
Shlokas from Bhagwad Geeta.
Is said before the food is taken. This means the Vaishwanara or jataragni in the body. It means I offer the food to the god present in my system. Mingling with 2 types of vayus prana vayu and apaana vayu I digest the 4 kinds of food I intake.
Annadata Sukhibhava is mentioned after taking the food, with utmost satisfaction and blessing the Annadata primarily ones who are farmers and all the ones in the chain who helped you to make available this anna / rice to you.
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16 Sep
#VeenaNaada kindles the fire in #Kundalini that lies curled
in the #Mooladhara, the lowest of the 6 nerve centers in
the spinal column. The Vibrations tht are set in motion by the body heat and the life breath (Anala & Prana)
gathers momentum as they travel up the spinalcord
The Veena has also been compared to the human body. The #spinalchord in the
human body is held through out the length of the body right from the anus point to the top of the head (Brain) called Brahmarandhra. It is divided into 24 vertebrae as the 24 frets of the Veena.
One sees or touches the Veena it bestows comfort both during and after one’s lifetime. It cleanses & purifies all sins and evils of not only the downtrodden but also of those who have committed heinous crimes
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16 Sep
Adhik Maas, also called as Purushottam Maas is a month dedicated to the purushottam maha vishnu. The lord of the month is Vishnumurthy. This month is inserted in calendar in order to bring a balance between solar and lunar years.
Adhik Maas does not have a Sankranti, I.e there is no movement of the Surya from one Rashi to the other. A typical Lunar month has one Sankranti called Maasa Sankranthi. Adhik Maas doesn't have any sankranti. The sun remains in the same house and changes only later
Adhik maas is a month which occurs randomly between any two months. It is not fixed. Adhik maas occurs once in every three years approximately. This month is special and marked with high importance of praying Shri Maha Vishnu
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16 Sep
We have seen a deadly Trend of " corporate diversity + hinduphobic propoganda"

At this time most of corporate organization boast their inclusive natue toward stackholder but when it comes to promoting hindu rights they will go mute.

Including their Hindu employees. 1/n
So basically most of Hindu employees on MNC companies would hide their affection for Dharma and most of this organization are not less inflammatory than JNU type ecosystem.

These employees spend 70% of their productive time there.

It is a corporate puzzle now.
At one time one is boasting the inclusiveness for LGBTQ and legal minorities ( you read it right ) but at the same time they will create environment purposefully in favour of fake Seculurizzm where one is not able to recognise their own identity in corporate discourse.
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