Think about it:
1) We were destroying China economically.
2) We has proven that China was not the superpower they claimed to be.
3) The Chinese ppl were ready to go to war w/ China and were chanting USA & Trump while holding US Flags.
4) We had embarrassed China.
5) We’d shown that China was weak.
6) the ONLY reason manufacturing jobs were sent to CCP in 1st place was at directive of DS & Central Banks.
7) DS & Central Banks wanted America to fail. You make America fail by destroying them economically..
8) Who controls the D’s - The DS & Central Banks.
9) Who was biggest push to send jobs overseas? Job killing regs? Outlandish new taxes? The D’s pushed the legislation.
10) By Trump’s actions he threatened the D’s DS & CB control over us.
Trump wants an economy of the people. He wants America to be the superpower it once was. He wants us to be feared on the world stage.

“In reality they’re after you - I’m just in the way.” DJT

• • •

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20 Sep
What the shit is this?!? Image
UPDATE: here is this - things - ‘Manifesto’ I guess you could say. Take a gander at this.

If this doesn’t scream future serial killer I don’t know what does. Image
What the shit is this?!? Part 2 Image
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20 Sep
“Mostly cowardly, out of shape, poor uneducated rednecks.”

I’ve got news for you sweetheart.
1) I’ve got more capacity with which to think in my pinky than you do your entire brain.
2) Poor is a relative term. Very many wealthy men have died far more poor than any poor ... Image
man I know.
3) Out of shape? Nah - we are very well versed in walking miles in full hunting gear to scale a tree to kill animals.
4) as far as the term rednecks is considered reference #3 - also we are well versed in playing wack a commie. ....
5) furthermore with consideration to the term rednecks - I have this to say “Raise hell Praise Dale.”
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17 Sep
So far in 2020:
- China Virus
- Shutdown for a nothing burger
- CDC/WHO/NIH/Lord Fauci created mass hysteria.
- CDC & the Left fudged the numbers.
- West Coast is on Fire
- MSM blames it on climate change
- It’s actually Antifa
- Antifa/BLM have been burning and destroying cities nation wide for months.
- Netflix became Pedoflix
- Ppl demand white ppl apologize/be ashamed for being white.
- DoD Pentagon - Confirms aircraft not made of anything known to man - confirmed UFO’s.
- Wayfair has some weird shit going on.
- Kamala Harris is now the running mate of a man she claimed was racist and a rapist.
- The southeast is inundated with rain.
- Trump who was going to cause WW3 is actually creating peace in Mid East like a BOSS.
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12 Sep
Humor me for a second.
I’ve been studying up a lot on the rise of the Petrodollar and the ending of the Gold Standard. This certainly helped the central banking system, right?

Well if Trump is truly wanting to end the Central Bank system - you’d have to do it all ...

Well - if the goal of the Central Bank is to keep EVERYONE in debt. How do you continue to loan the money out? Where does the money come from that they in turn loan out? Which, by the way, the Central Bank KNOWS will never be paid back. Why is the CB ...
ok with that? Could it be that the business model of the CB isn’t to solely loan money and be repaid?

Well what is it when you loan money and don’t get paid back fully? That could be Money Laundering. But why would the CB be money laundering? ...
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6 Sep
The sheer fact that every 40 seconds a child goes missing in this country - should be enough for the MSM to make it a top story no less than 2 times a week. But adding in that it is also a multi-billion dollar a year industry? That should be the icing on the cake for the MSM ...
... then you add in the fact that “run-aways” are typically the easiest to turn into trafficked children - plus more times than not it’s family pimping their own children out - gives no reason for it not to be national headline news. ....
... the more awareness - the more signs and evidence are given for us to be on the look out for - the more this multi-billion dollar a year industry will quickly go away.

MSM Fake News - do your damn jobs. Move on from the talking points from the talking heads. ...
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2 Sep
A tale of two women in politics.
1) Nikki Haley
2) Kristi Noem
Let’s dive in together, shall we?

Both are/were governors of their state. One went on to become the UN Ambassador after telling then Candidate Trump “bless your heart.”
Nikki Haley as Gov of SC did the following:
1) Feared and cowtowed to the leftist mob.
2) Aided in ridding a lot of the southern culture that made her state rich in history. Some good history some bad history. History, none the less.
3) As mentioned in the above tweet...
... she was at the time fiercely anti-Trump. Remember “bless your heart.” But why? The why brings me to my next point.
4) She’s establishment through and through. And at the time it wasn’t cool to be a Republican who liked Trump.
Read 5 tweets

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