Y’all don’t wanna here this, but I’ll say it. You shouldn’t be surprised if a community lacks compassion or concern for an organized & sate empowered militia that has terrorized it for well over a century (police). I am a Christian, I don’t condone violence, but what you expect?
Y’all can only keep people under a boot for so long before they rise up & meet violence with violence. Historically, oppressors have never reevaluated their methods until they themselves become as vulnerable as those they oppress. That’s why revolutions are almost always violent.
It doesn’t have to be this way, but history tells us it almost always is. Marginalized people are oppressed & even slaughtered & then begin fighting back w/the violence they’ve endured. It’s not till that point that society stops & begins self-reflection & becomes open to change.
To be abundantly clear, cuz this is Twitter, I DO NOT condone violence. I especially don’t condone violence against innocent parties. I am not making excuses or offering justifications; I am simply providing historical analysis of the times & seeking to address “the why?”
The black community has always lived in a police state. The police have always declared war on black bodies, & recently this declaration of war has become more aggressive & blatant for world to see. You can only declare war on a people for so long b4 they begin to fight back.
Again, this is just an historical analysis, this is not a defense or justification of such actions. #BlackLivesMatter  has always been relatively peaceful despite white anarchists & supremacists trying to taint that. Violence is not the answer, I support peaceful resistance!
I’ve both compassion & concern. I hate the disunity, distrust, & suspicion that is currently happening within our society b/t both black & white people as well as b/t black community & police. It breaks my heart. But yo, those who are TRULY burdened, will ask “the why” Question.
Those who don’t truly care, who pretend, & really want things to continue as they are - for black community to continue being terrorized & live in fear will hate “the why” question. They don’t want things considered. They want you to care abt cops & be indifferent to black lives.
I muted the comments cuz I know that folks on Twitter lack reading comprehension & will claim in my mentions that I am being hate-filled for merely laying out an historical analysis of our times. Even now, you can see thru the retweets incapable people are to read charitably.

• • •

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11 Sep
Is Reformed Evangelicalism a cult?

1. After over 15 years within the culture, & after spending several years in an abusive reformed evangelical church (that was/is a cult), I’d argue YES.

Here’s a thread that may hopefully free some of you, and maybe offer others healing.
2. There are several characteristics that make up a cult. I will list them along w/ ways in which reformed evangelicalism meets it. The characters I will address are as followed.

1. Infallible Leadership
2. Isolating dogma
3. Hyper-exclusivity
4. Intimidation, fear, isolation
3. Further signs.

5. Delegitimizes former members
6. Isolationism (different than #2)
7. Leaders above Law/moral code
8. Elitism
9. Manipulation/abuse
10. Secrecy
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8 Sep
1. Wow, comments under this are terrifying. If you wonder whether or not spiritual abuse is alive & well, just read some of these comments.

So much could be said here, but let me just quickly speak to pastors & say, if a man comes to you w/ this, don’t you dare target the wife.
2. I see some men saying, “she has a week before discipline is pursued.” Those kind of answers concern me the most.

A healthy married couple could see physical intimacy daily, weekly, or longer. Centering intimacy around a husbands demands/time table is profoundly toxic.
3. Listen, a man whose posture is “how long can my wife withhold before i seek her discipline from elders” is a man no typical wife would wanna sleep with. That posture alone testifies to the fact that a wife (if she is truly withholding) is likely doing so for a good reason.
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7 Sep
A Biblical Theology of Racial Conciliation

1. Tower of Babel: Due to the fall, humanity gathered together & sought to build a monument to themselves & dethrone God. God sees there is no limit to the evil fallen humanity will seek to accomplish when United so he scatters them.
2. Abraham: Once separated, the human heart begins the process of “othering” according to tribes and war b/t people groups occur. God calls Abraham & makes a one-sided covenant with him that thru his innumerable descendants, ALL the nations if the Earth will be blessed.
3a. Israel: Abraham’s descendant saves Egypt from starvation, in return evil enslaved the entire people group called Israel. Israel is liberated from ethnic oppression & they become sojourners and war against other tribes for 40 years as they wander the dessert.
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28 Aug
1. So this issue has come up again & so I will speak on it briefly b/c I do believe it is important. Throughout church history, there have been certain interpretations of biblical texts that have been embraced based on various bias’ which, imo, has led to spiritual abuse.
2. One of these texts, is the narrative of ‘The Widow’s Mite’. This text is most often taught as a lesson in generous giving when in context it’s clearly a text about systemic injustice & the abuse of power by the religious institution of the day which was supposed to be a haven.
3. One of the reasons a toxic interpretation of this text has been able to persist is b/c of how we format our current Bible’s. The original texts were written with no verse numbers or chapter/event heading. To understand a gospel or epistle, you had to read the entire context.
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24 Aug
1. An orchard worth of black bodies have hung from trees over hurting white people’s feelings, that’s why hyper-sensitivity is such a powerful tool to silence a black voice. Black folks know through oral & written history that an emotionally offended White person is *DANGER*.
2. When a white person has entered a state of weaponizing their emotions towards a black person, few things will enrage them more than a black person not acquiescing to the emotional manipulation. A black person who stands their ground in the face of weaponized tears is enemy #1.
3. Black people. A white person who is not able to assert power or dominance over you thru weaponized emotions will retaliate by seeking to destroy or discredit you at all cost. They will call the police in hopes they "deal w/ you" or try and go HAM on your character/credibility.
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24 Aug
Police started as “slave patrols” & later morphed into “Law Enforcement” whose job is to keep black community controlled. The police have been hunting black people for centuries but y’all freak out when a generationally hunted & traumatized community use language of “defunding”.
“Defunding” and “abolishing” the police does not mean we, as a society, should not have any kind of law enforcement. It means that the entire foundations & structure of law enforcement is toxic and needs to be torn down & rebuilt from ground up alongside reappropriating funds.
The black community currently lives in, and has always lived in, a police state. The militarization and immunity of the police has allowed them to serve as domestic terrorists within the black community. That was their original purpose, and is their perpetual posture.
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