When I returned from Hajj in 2015, a brother said "but....why are you still like this na? People who go Hajj often begin to have better life when they return". I laughed it off. In his mind, nothing changed for me because I didn't already have a car or started living big😃😃😂😂
But for me, there are favours and blessings that are greater than material things. Big cars, big houses and big clothes aren't necessarily proofs of a good life. Don't be deceived. Your prayers might be answered without you having lots of money. Allah knows what's next and when
When you supplicate, you have handed over your affairs to Him. You don't look at people and lament that you aren't better. Everyday and every time, I always know that I am better than some pple (in terms of living) and others are better than me. Don't let anyone tell you that
God isn't blessing you or that your prayers aren't answered. They are not your God. Not wailing over what you don't have doesn't mean that you aren't ambitious. You are blessed. If you don't see any other, you can at least read this tweet. Think about those who are blind and
incapacitated one way or the other. Life isn't a bed of 🌹. Walk, work and hope but please, be patient. You can't have it all at once. Some will be lucky, others won't but we are all blessed in different ways. Embrace your blessings and show gratitude. Tomorrow will be better IA.

• • •

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3 Apr
Hadith 1
It is narrated on the authority of Amir al-Mu'minin (Leader of the Believers), Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (RA), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAAS), say:
Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended.
Whoever migrates with an intention for Allah & His messenger, the migration will be for the sake of Allah and his Messenger. Whoever migrates for worldly gain or to marry a woman, then his migration will be for the sake of whatever he migrated for."
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Imam deliberately arrived late to the Masjid today. A lot of people were already waiting for close 1hour of the normal Jumah time. Imam quickly joined a row of worshippers (about 10 on a row) observing Zuhr. After the prayer, he addressed the people who remained in the Masjid
He gave reasons why Jumah couldn't hold today and provided current information on #CONVID19 to the Jama'ah. A number of pple asked questions. One popular person said: "it's the enemies of Islam that made coronavirus so that we are unable to serve Allah". Obviously, Imam has...
a lot of talking to do. The talking was arguably a Khutbah on its own. Nutshell, Imam educated the pple that waited and pleaded that they go out and inform others about the justification of leaving the Jumah for now. One brother asked a question so angrily but didn't wait for...
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6 Mar
If you are a parent already, please pray for your kids. If you are yet to be a parent, please pray for your unborn kids. Things are worse than we know. I heard of a kid who wouldn't be able to survive a day if he doesn't take at least a sachet of tramadol per day. My 💓 flew 😭
That video of kids below 15years making love inside their classroom is heartbreaking. That killer cultist who kept on killing his victim who allegedly was also a cultist until his death is depressing. During university days, a 400 guy, only son of a pastor was murdered in.....
...in the bush and his remains dumped there deep into the bush. Before he was found, dogs were already feasting on his rotting body. He was packed, picked one by one not into body bags but into waste bags. #Cultism is evil. A hostel was raided one day, a young studious....
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5 Mar
OBJ was president for 8years. Like me, he hailed from Abeokuta. In those 8years, Nigeria went from bad to worse. One major thing he was able to achieve was the facilitation of mobile networks into the country. In his time, we started a process of losing our territory ...
He is indeed the most powerful living past president in West Africa. However, Abeokuta benefitted nothing from his govt. His Otta farm has questionable ownership issues. Backed the northern governors who consistently looted their people and employed thugs who eventually....
...became Bokoharam. He's a father to the northern politicians. Whoever knows will understand that it's scratch my palm ... With men like him in whose reign $16m budgeted for power projects got missing, I have absolutely no prayer than they should be reward appropriately by God
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3 Feb
If you are gonna take away a legitimate source of livelihood from people, you will do well to provide a good alternative beforehand. Lagos is home to many of us and I hope that she remains safe. The ban on riders and motorcyclists will most likely yield a lot for politicians....
...and their friends and families but it will backfire. Why?

Hundreds of thousands of people survive solely on riding motorcycles in Lagos. Many of them are graduates who have been frustrated for years but found a new legitimate way to live through Gokada and co. They've.....
...started earning good money through their own efforts and feeding their families and pay tax through tickets. Now, the hundreds of thousands will no longer have their jobs, feed their families or be able to cater for themselves. Some of them will be depressed and some .....
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14 Jan
Depression is real and mental health should never be taken with levity.

I am not an expert on matters of health or mental health. However, as one who cares and has responsibility for people, I have seen people showing traits of depression and it's very scary.

It gives me ...
...a kind of chill that makes me fear for their lives.

As a Muslim too, I found traits in the Qur'an showing that depression is one of the most potent tools in the hands of Shaytan.

Usually, the whispers come from Shaytan and usually, the ultimate goal of is to destroy the ...
...victim by:
1. Detaching them from God;
2. Forcing them to detach themselves from pple;
3. Making them find peace where it can never be found e.g. alcohol, illicit sexual relations, music and drugs;
4. Making them feel that they are done with life and life is don't with them...
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