What is different about the Financial Times? It's one of the very, very few papers that consistently avoid facile conclusions and look at nuances. 1/

"In Sweden, it is now clear that a major reason for the spike in infection rates in the early stages of the crisis was the failure to protect care homes. Protecting the elderly is where Germany, for example, did really well."

The difference was privatization/cost cutting. 2/
Market fundamentalism killed thousands of Swedes just so that a few people could run a market in warehousing our elders and squirrel away the profits in banks on the Isle of Man and in Luxembourg. So I am not worried about Fascism or Socialism...3/
I am worried that, like Milton Friedman himself, his adherents have little or no understanding of complexity, second order effects and human behavior. And that this ideological behavior will eventually lead to a Fascist or Socialist reaction. 4/4

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7 Sep
"While there are risks involved, the only way we will ever know if someone is capable of self-governance is to give them the opportunity to succeed."
AIER provides some "science" behind the claim that teens will not socialize in an environment designed for socializing.

"At the age of 18, college students are adults, capable of fighting in wars, picking the leader of the free world, and taking out student loans."
This is a perfect example of the fallacy of Spontaneous Order/Self Organization. Hayek and the association that he helped found were simply wrong. Spontaneous organization is real; that much is scientific. However, such occurrences do not imply group functional outcomes. 1/
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5 Sep
From the Political Science point of view it may seem as if public group formation is different from private but in real biological life it is immaterial; unions are social groups. The idea that labor should be prevented from forming groups is unscientific political ideology. 1/2
The source of this fundamental mistake is the belief that the unit of selection in human culture is inherently the individual. Group functional outcomes are achieved by selecting/enabling the unit of selection and it begins with the family and fans out from there. /2
In the absence of a natural science foundation, economic schools of thought are political. It's critical for the public to understand this distinction. There is nothing Progressive or Conservative about Unions; they are social groups. Humans will form social groups. 3/
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14 Aug
Why is economics full of people with serious personality disorders? Maybe the answer explains why the field is unable to reconcile central theories with basic Biology? 🤔
In my culture we used to get together and buy one way tickets to America for people that were unable to control their Commanding Self.
But in all seriousness; what kind of field of science provides degrees and advancement to people that can't even observe their own behavior? Let alone that of humanity and the dynamics that result?
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4 Aug
Until Americans realize that generalizations based on skin color are meaningless and income is everything, nothing changes.

The good news is that millennials are the first generation of Americans that fully understand that America is not the land of opportunity for one and all!
By definition, we are ignorant if we assume anything at all based on skin color; it's an unscientific taxonomy. There is no White or Black identity.... it's an unscientific concept that originates with Christian/European distortions of the knowledge brought by Islamic scholars.
But setting aside the origin of skin color as a tool used to protect privileged classes, today, in America, it's common place for Black Americans to talk about Black Americans in a generalized, disparaging way. Attributing socioeconomic disparities to "Black Culture."
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23 Jun
Excess mortality at Swedish elder care facilities has now been traced to cost cutting measures where care has been privatized. Formerly care was provided by salaried, highly trained experts. Today it's provided by low skill, low hourly pay workers that work at multiple locations.
Market fundamentalism is dumb as bricks..... As a society becomes wealthier and the standard of living rises, a growing portion of socioeconomic activity should not be managed for profit but in support of productivity at the gradually shrinking technological frontier.
Let's turn our elders into profits for a hedge fund that buys up long term care facilities and stashes the money in Luxemburg to avoid paying taxes in Sweden. Here's a prediction. The Swedish peasant class was never subjugated by the elite for a reason; there will be hell to pay.
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18 Apr
The question we should begin with is why are Britain, The United States, Southern Europe, Latin America, Russia and China low trust societies where paranoia and conspiracy theories run rampant even among the educated population?
Rather good thoughts to ponder and mull over here I think. I don't know if inequality is THE issue but it makes sense in terms of biology and group dynamics among H. sapiens.

"However, many countries with low levels of social trust and social capital may be stuck in what is known as a social trap...."
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