LOL. I have this Dutch friend who's mixed race (half Nigerian), and visited Nigeria 4 years ago, for the 1st time. She told me how the Nigerian men who asked her out, all kept trying to get her attention by giving her money. She thought it was weird, so she always gave it back.
But that wasn't what made me laugh. What made me laugh was her finding out that apart from money, Nigerian men have nothing else to offer. And she was super serious when she said that! She deduced that they weren't intelligent, so most couldn't hold intellectual conversations.
"Apart from taking girls to restaurants, beer/ice cream parlours, and nightclubs, what else are Nigerian men good for?" She asked. Cos those were the places they all wanted to take her to.

And during discussions, their opinions always came from a sexist and misogynistic angle.
Another thing she found super weird was how they kept inviting her to their churches, and offering her marriage. One of them offered to marry her, if she'd agree to become a housewife. They were all perplexed to find that she was neither interested in marriage nor having kids. 🤣
I've said this before, and I'd say it again. In an egalitarian society, where men can't flex on women with their wealth because women have their own money, cars, houses, etc., there's really nothing Nigerian men would have that these empowered and independent women would want.
And I've seen it with my two eyes. Nigerian men hate it when a woman is empowered, and isn't impressed by their wealth. It's why they can't stand independent women who don't need their money. In a relationship with such women, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves.
Also, Nigerian men hate it when a woman doesn't depend on them for (financial) support. Being a woman's provider gives them power over said woman. So when a woman becomes independent, they lose that power. Plus, they also love to boast about how they take care of their women. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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4 Aug
For the patriarchy to work, men had to give a little bit of power to some women, convince them that it was "reward" for being submissive, loyal, and obedient. Made them feel special, then put them in charge of keeping other women in line. This happens a lot in religious settings.
It's basically how, during slavery, some slaves were made "drivers" by their masters, and given the power to supervise (and even punish) other slaves. It gave the other slaves the impression that if they remained "submissive" and "loyal", someday, they too, would be promoted.
Take Christianity as an example. Their holy book says that women shouldn't be allowed to be leaders in the church, but somehow they've succeeded in making them deacons, prophetesses, and general overseers. Just a little power though, not too much, so they don't grow big wings.
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20 Jan
Yup. Loads of times, but here's one that really makes me laugh, feel sad and kinda angry whenever I think about it.

So right next to a busstop where I used to take a bus that took me to my former place of work, is a public bicycle parking spot where you can park & chain your ...
... bicycle to an iron pole, and then take the bus.

It was winter and that very morning, I cycled from my house to the busstop, parked my bicycle, chained it to one of the poles with a big chain lock (cos they steal bicycles in the Netherlands) and then took my bus to work.
On that day, I left work in the afternoon, arrived back at the same busstop to pick up my bike. But when I tried to unlock the chain lock, I couldn't due to rust from the winter cold. I kept trying, till one white lady waiting for her bus noticed me struggling with my chain lock.
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