"If your audience tells you that they don't want to see someone you're planning to show them, and you take that feedback seriously, you are bad"
Successful creatives in this era have a lot of respect for the public at large when the public is consuming their creations but when it comes to anything else the public is a mob and can't be trusted
People have asked me to continue clarifying how the deployment of the phrase "cancel culture" is anti-Black, and one thing I can tell you is that the widespread dismissal of it looks exactly like anti-Black dehumanization, communicationally
"This is a group of people who have ridiculous concerns and are having a moment and they've conned people into supporting them, and we need to take the power back" is exactly how Black Americans have been discussed for the last few decades, see any similarities
It doesn't matter if people don't know the Black culture origins of the phrase, this is part of the point. Anti-Indigenous and anti-Blackness are the tracks on which the train runs. The language that successfully devalues them in the public mind is recycled because it works

• • •

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More from @NoTotally

13 Sep
There's a name for this, I think, and I can't remember it right now, but sometimes a term covers such a wide swath of behavior that it can really only be used disingenuously, and relies heavily on pre-existing prejudicial context
"Cancel culture" as a phrase is one of those things right now, because on one end of the spectrum, it describes consequences that can be very impactful to someone's life, and on the other end, it's like five anonymous people on twitter disliking something
The right completely took over the phrase, and because the rest of the white political spectrum is either complacent and/or unwilling to cop to their own racism and classism, most of them have accepted this misdefinition too
Read 25 tweets
11 Sep
There's a really common sports broadcaster phrase that gets used a lot during March Madness and the Olympics, which is "Americans love an underdog"
I know some of you think sports are just silly, but this is actually a deep political insight that helps explain the rise and devastating efficacy of mostly right-wing white grievance culture
This concept is culturally passed down using lies about the settlers' motives: the Tea Party and American Independence were about freedom from tyranny, supposedly, but that's mostly hagiography in service of wealthy white edgelords
Read 26 tweets
11 Sep
One idea that well-meaning white people need to fully purge from their worldview is the idea of the linearity of eventual equality, that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. It just doesn't work that way
For nearly sixty years the less-racist whites in this country have assumed that you can extrapolate out from civil rights legislation in a way where if you just hold on to "American principles," everything will sort itself out. It will not. It does not work that way
"If we allow unrestricted free speech, even speech that encourages plainly genocidal mindsets, someone will show up and prove to everyone how wrong that is, and that's why we have to allow it." Really? Really. Show me how you've treated the activists who have tried to show up
Read 7 tweets
10 Sep
Lmao thank you for sharing this heartwarming tale
Ideally you would hope that folks given the power to extrajudicially execute people wouldn't be this sensitive but I guess you can't have everything
I also need the story behind the low res Ace Hardware sign photo?? Was this the store where the alleged bacon-calling occurred or just a google image search
Read 5 tweets
31 Aug
A big reason white liberals can remain so blissfully racist is that they think of racism as a strictly comparative issue, so if they're a certain amount of racism units below conservatives, that means they're really not racist at all
This makes sense even from an anthropological point of view: if you assume, correctly, that racism is communicated through culture broadly without much corrective, then you can only try to be less racist than the least racist people you know
So if you're intent on believing that you're not racist within this environment, it actually benefits you psychologically to believe in the vast presence of "other whites" who are more racist than you are. Their existence actively protects you
Read 10 tweets
27 Aug
Ever think about how many people don't think racist things are racist simply because of the historical but inaccurate portrayal of racism as a solely minority behavior?
I know that doesn't make a ton of sense on its own, but hopefully this is followable. Part of the way history has been misexplained to us is not only that racism is a thing of the past, it's also that when racism "was" a problem, it was contained, and that's why virtue won out
Obviously white society wants to minimize just how racist this country's always been, while simultaneously patting themselves on the back for solving racism. That's a hard line to walk, denying the existence of something but taking credit for fixing
Read 7 tweets

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