There's a name for this, I think, and I can't remember it right now, but sometimes a term covers such a wide swath of behavior that it can really only be used disingenuously, and relies heavily on pre-existing prejudicial context
"Cancel culture" as a phrase is one of those things right now, because on one end of the spectrum, it describes consequences that can be very impactful to someone's life, and on the other end, it's like five anonymous people on twitter disliking something
The right completely took over the phrase, and because the rest of the white political spectrum is either complacent and/or unwilling to cop to their own racism and classism, most of them have accepted this misdefinition too
The intentional non-specificity of the deployment of the phrase has meant that it very quickly became usable in even marginal situations to broadly mean "mob justice"; which is another phrase that's highly contextual as well
The specific thing I'm trying to get at is that the over-broad deployment of these phrases tricks people into accepting whole views of things like justice (specifically protection from the powerful) as bad, a lot of times without really realizing it
Part of that is intentionally carving out cases that could easily be described as "cancel culture," but aren't: Larry Nassar finally being held accountable for decades of abuse should be an example of "cancel culture," because powerless girls and women forced him to justice
But because society can generally get behind that person being held accountable, it's not an example of "mob justice" or "cancel culture." So these things are good or bad depending on an unspoken moral judgment of... the people (not "the mob," weirdly)
People who cry about "cancel culture" eventually tend to start complaining about not wanting "thought crimes" being punishable, but the whole demonization of a phrase that describes the powerless holding the powerful accountable is about the criminalization of powerless folks
"We think justice would lead to a better world" is a thought, a position, and holding powerful people accountable is a necessary step towards that. Thinking and expressing those things is unacceptable to these folks, so... we're thought criminals?
These assholes really think they're neutral and objective, because defaults are always invisible, and they imagine themselves fighting for what one would describe as the default, or status quo, if it was named: for powerless folks not to have power
So it's not that there's a new name for a new behavior called "cancel culture." Terms like "bullying" and "accountability" and "harassment" were all already there. It's that this new term carries the right implications to spread virally among objectivity fetishists
Because the defaults that are baked into an unjust culture are also embedded into the phrase itself, which is then obscured by over-broad deployment, which then allows it to be perceived as a thing that is automaticallg evil, violent, and dangerous to the powerless
It's a very complicated trick, and it's not possible to pull off without the pre-existing scaffolding around other aspects of culture that can be forcefully aligned with this new phrase, like the scaffoldings of anti-Blackness and selective free speech absolutism
So these things, the scaffoldings, are dangerous, but mainstream thought leaders don't want to acknowledge them at all, so you get , for example, JKR complaining about "cancel culture" even if most of the folks resisting her loudly are not Black
That's something with origins in anti-Blackness being deployed into conversations that don't have an explicit anti-Blackness component (yes Black trans folks exist); the tools to marginalize everyone are preceded by the workshopping allowed by cultural anti-Blackness
So, these things don't come out of nowhere, and the effective parts of the sinophobia we're seeing from both presidential candidates will be deployed in other ways too, eventually, because those have a history of deployment as well
But all of this suggests a lot about the complication of these things, and how we don't do justice to important concepts by not understanding how they came to exist and how they came to their current, unspoken mainstream usages
And also why solidarity between communities is absolutely crucial, because the things that work against one broad group of marginalized folks will always be repackaged and reintroduced to beat back other marginalized groups too
You can fight for justice in all kinds of small ways, but at the end of the day there should be the kind of overarching, coherent positions that can only come from cross-community communication and solidarity, because piecemeal change in complicated culture is a whack-a-mole deal
So the least, the very least you can possibly do, is to come to deep understandings of the conditions of injustice experienced by others. Just listening respectfully and coming to understand struggle that you do not experience exponentially adds to your own understandings
I know it might not feel groundbreaking enough to say, but LISTEN to people, kindly and honestly and gently, with caveats of course for, eg, people who don't believe in your fundamental existence as a human being
And if you don't feel like you know enough about "solidarity" and what it looks like and how to practice it, that's okay too. It's more complicated than it sounds and more complicated than people make it out to be. But you can study it specifically, too, first, if you want
We do all want to get there eventually, but it's also true that you don't get there without other communities alongside (not behind) you. White and other majoritized allies often come at this in a dominative way: you bow and we'll let you in
In that formulation, they're making it clear that your issues will always be secondary to whatever the group decides, and that's not solidarity; that's just bullying from the other side of the political spectrum, allowed by the narrow scope of the spectrum in the first place
So figure it out, figure out how to stand with people, to subsume your own issues occasionally in a spirit not of hierarchical dominance, but as an act of love and respect, and understanding that it's definitely all interconnected, and we definitely will and do need each other

• • •

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