1/ Listen, Donald Trump has no intention of leaving office. Don't allow yourself to think otherwise. What norm has he not shit on at this point? And what norm have Republicans not LET him shit on? Name one. What makes you think they'd move to remove him if he refuses?...
2/ What makes you think the GOP led Senate will stop him if he moves to invoke the insurrection act to put down protests after insisting the vote was rigged against him? What makes you think his supporters won't start mass violence if he loses? He is all but telling them to...
3/ For him to say, as he has, that "the only way Biden can win is if they steal the election," is a clear sign. It's something no sane person could believe -- after all, we're a pretty divided nation, where elections can go either way, obviously and legitimately...
4/ So the only reason to say that is to lay the groundwork for right wing insurrection if you lose. By signaling to your base that anything other than a win was obviously stolen from them...and the GOP will let this happen. If I'm wrong, give me evidence as to why?...
5/ Find me the republicans in the senate who would right now go on record committing to haul his ass out of the White House if he tried anything like that. NONE of them will agree to this. None...we all know it, and we all know why...they are complicit...
6/ Barring an absolute blowout -- I'm talking massive -- we'd better get prepared for something far worse than any of us have imagined...I mean, prepared.

• • •

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12 Sep
1/10 Trump knowingly downplaying COVID shows not just his depravity -- gambling w/lives for the sake of image -- but also his utterly for shit instincts & understanding of economics. His fear wasn't public panic (which he stokes constantly) but spooking the markets (cont)...
2/10 He truly thought if he led w/happy talk, the virus, even if bad, wouldn't tank the economy. But one can only believe this if you don't understand how markets work. They respond to real conditions, like mass illness & the fear it engenders. Rosy talk can't "trump" that...
3/10 If COVID was always going to be terrible, it's not like the markets wouldn't notice as people dropped dead, others cut back on going out & spending money, states were forced to shut down, etc., just bc some bottom-feeder Wharton grad was promising happy days ahead...
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6 Sep
1/ Those bashing #1619project aren't quibbling over details, about which solid historians disagree. They are attacking the very notion (inarguable among reasonable people) of white supremacy's centrality to the nation's founding & Black folks' role in making democracy more real..
2/ They prefer the "George Washington and the Cherry Tree" history of their youth. Not because it is true, but because it is the uncritical and blind patriotism they have always embraced, and which has made progress so difficult...
3/ They are not the equivalent of historians arguing over one or another piece in the series, and disagreeing over the connection between capitalism and enslavement, or the relative role of each, or whatever disputes have arisen among the historian class...
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30 Aug
1/ Portland's violence is not the result of BLM aggression. It's the result of police cozying up for years to the Proud Boys & other MAGA folks, encouraging attacks by the latter, which then results in an escalation cycle. And it's calculated as a no-lose for the cops...
2/ If things remain peaceful, they can take credit for their "heavy presence" and if violence happens they can say, "see, you NEED us...we're the only thing to protect against danger." At this point, it's a game they and the MAGAts are winning, sadly...
3/ Mostly because they thrive on the chaos, and chaos always reinforces authoritarian tendencies in majorities of the public. Always. There are no exceptions. In any society. Which is why it's a dangerous game to play, however one might be able to justify it on other grounds...
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21 Aug
1/ The most telling aspect of Trump's racism is his tendency to underestimate Black folks intellect and resolve. First, as regards black intellect, he truly believed (as did Prince Kushner of Mayonnaise) that Black folk would gravitate to Kanye because "Black guy, hip-hop!"...
2/ And now, as for resolve, he seems to think Black folks are gonna be intimidated from voting bc of threats to have law enforcement at the polls? These are a people who stared down George Wallace, Bull Connor, Jim Clark, dogs, water cannons, and the martyring of dozens to vote..
3/ Only a man who had never studied history, and whose connection to Black people is limited to Diamond and Silk, could so badly miscalculate. The right's best hope has long been to convince folks we'd progressed since the 60s. Everything he does obliterates that con...
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14 Jun

For those white folks in particular who get nervous at the idea of de-policing, and putting aside the mechanics of how we go from point a, to point b, I'd like for you to consider a few things.
2/ If you are scared by the thought of far fewer police, drastically reduced law enforcement budgets, and perhaps the eventual abolition of "policing" as we know it (in favor of other mechanisms for ensuring public safety), have you asked why that is?
3/ Especially considering the relatively low arrest rates in most of the places where you live (which signal that you/we aren't having to turn to cops for "protection" all that regularly anyway)?
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13 Jun
Folks are trying to rationalize the #AtlantaShooting of #RayshardBrooks bc he resisted arrest. Putting aside whether they should have been called to begin with (he was tapped out in a Wendy's line), it is worth remembering that resisting arrest is not a capital offense. Also...
2/ The fact that these two officers could not subdue Brooks when he first resisted, without a weapon, suggests they shouldn't be cops. And once he gets away w/the taser, threatening no one with it, chasing/shooting him is criminal. They had his Lic #. Could have found him...
3/ Fact is, police CAN go without shooting people in these cases, but in this case and so many others they choose to kill. Oddly, when white folks are beating their ass/resisting, they seem to manage to hold fire...Here are a few examples...
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