My useless opinion is that we have wonderful people w/ good intentions joining police departments but being police in America is not about wonderful people w/ good intentions. We need to change what is means to be police in this country. And to call the police. We need to change
Defund the police is a poorly phrased way of saying spend the money and time on all the reasons why people call the police. To get less police you need to cut down the calls for police. That requires something more than a hashtag. It requires reimagining what it is to be Police
You want to end dumb drug arrests? Change the dumb drug laws. It’s insane what we arrest people for. But I make no excuses for bad police work. We must not be excused for violating rights. Ever. We don’t accept bad performance in other professions; we must not accept it in ours.
Had a colleague say to me that it’s like everyone is focused on us cops now, looking for mistakes. I said ‘yeah. It’s awesome.’ And then we both giggled and went to work.

• • •

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19 Sep
I didn’t go into work. First Saturday in a long time I didn’t go in for a few hours. Mostly I do property crimes/thefts. Sometimes more serious stuff. Good way to learn the ropes. Need to talk to someone about a crime but I don’t wanna wreck her weekend. It’ll hold till Monday.
It’s funny. People think I should use some CIA interview magic to ‘break’ people into a confession. I actually don’t care about a confession. People confess stuff wrong all the time. I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for the truth. And here’s the trick: there is no trick
I get as much evidence and information as I possibly can before I talk to a suspect. And I prefer non-custodial talks. Literally ask them to talk anywhere. I say I’m looking into so-and-so. I tell them there’s 2 sides to every story. I need to hear their’s.
Read 6 tweets
18 Sep
What’s about to happen in our country in the next 50 something days is going to be, I don’t know the words, it’s going to be tense and it’s going to be angry. I never think anything is as bad as people say. But this, this is gonna so much worse than people are saying.
The Supreme Court was already seen as partisan. Which is crazy if we ever stopped and thought about. I mean, we can predict with amazing accuracy how cases are gonna be decided way before they’re heard. Some surprises but not really. And now this...
When the Supreme Court is seen as just another garbage thing in a garbage government, then the laws become garbage. And then it all falls apart. Lots of us have seen this around the world. It’s happening here. They will push through a new justice before or after the election.
Read 7 tweets
18 Sep
I think local cops must be local in order to be local cops. I get all the reasons why not: choice, schools, jobs, etc etc etc. I just think it’s a requirement of the job as I see the job. There’s nothing like ending a shift as a cop and going five blocks to home. It’s a reality
My neighbors don’t get the luxury of commuting from my work as a cop. They don’t get to commute to where I work. Cuz I work where they live. So I shouldn’t either. I should live where I work. Where we all live. Cuz man, I can’t say it enough: we all matter or none of us do
Savannah might have 200,000 people in the area. I live in a crime adjacent neighborhood and work next precinct over. I run into people I’ve arrested or met at work a lot. I mean often. When that happens we chat & I ask how they’re doing. Cuz I don’t punk them back then. And won’t
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17 Sep
Home. Decent day of detective stuff. Wish I was on the street more. Miss maximizing the difference between loud noise & real drama. Come home to find that the expanded Ellis Island Immigration Center for Arriving Unwanted Orangeys is super nice. I wish I lived there. NO ORANGEYS! ImageImageImage
Went in to say howdy and these felons barely wake up. Full bellies and rap sheets. There was some orangey potato drama. And MeanCat hates them. He hates everything. Image
Extra Orangey eyeballs the Potatoes. Image
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17 Sep
This is illegal and anti-American in the truest sense.
To all who care about local representation & governance: Cop work is intensely local. Law enforcement can be federal but it’s not cop work. Unless you respond to your neighbors’ 911 calls, you’re not a cop. You might be a law enforcement officer but not a cop. It’s not an insult
Local cops and local prosecutors and local judges and courts and defense attorneys are flawed and imperfect but they aren’t charging people with sedition because politicians in DC believe in a monarch-styled Unitarian view of the federal government. I’m a doofus but not an idiot.
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16 Sep
For me, being a local cop might be exactly where I should be exactly when I should be but sometimes the world is too big. So when the world gets too big I’m grounded by the Baked Potato punching me in the head to nest under the covers. I’m beyond lucky & need to act accordingly.
My twitter feed is a train wreck of cat complaints & plant pics. I’ve been out of CIA longer than I was in CIA & have almost nothing to publicly add to that world. I’ve nothing profound to say about anything. But I keep saying this: we must end our war on crime cuz it’s not a war
We are killing our neighbors because we are afraid of our neighbors. And if that word neighbor makes you mad or seems foolish or seems naive, then please don’t be a local cop. Cuz they’re the why & the how of this job.
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