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Amongst themselves, the Jews are quite candid about their sympathy for and involvement in Bolshevism.

(Perhaps this explains why the Red Army uses a Jewish star as its symbol?)
On 4 April 1919 the Jewish Chronicle: “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”
Probably the best-known exposé of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik coup d’état was by Sir Winston Churchill, writing in the Illustrated Sunday Herald of 8 February 1920. Churchill wrote “With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of leading figures are Jews."
Moreover the principal inspiration and the driving power [of the Revolution] comes from Jewish leaders.”

The various reporters and diplomats who were there at the time of the “Revolution” have given evidence as to its Jewish nature.
Communism was of course founded by Karl Marx whose grandfather was a rabbi by the name of Mordeccai. Marx was given his initial encouragement by a Communist-Zionist by the name of Moses Hess.
As founder and editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, the main organ of leftist thought in Germany, he provided Karl Marx with his first important platform. Later, in Brussels, he collaborated with Marx on The German Ideology.
It was Hess too who converted to Communism Friedrich Engels, the wealthy textiles magnate who later subsidized Marx from the profits of sweated labour in Britain and Germany (Notice Engels soy beard - typical of communists).
When the Bolsheviks overthrew the short-lived democratic government in Moscow and St. Petersburg in October 1917, it was a virtual Jewish coup d’état. The most prominent Jewish Commissar was Trotsky, real name Bronstein.
He had been married by a rabbi in 1900, and whilst in exile in New York he had worked for Novy Mir, described in the Church Times (23 January 1925) as a “Yiddish newspaper.”
The widow of the Guardian’s correspondent Mrs. Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams wrote: “In the Soviet Republic all the committees and commissaries were filled with Jews.”

The most detailed description of Jewish influence in the Bolshevik ‘revolution comes from Robert Wilton;
The Russian correspondent of The Times. In 1920 he published a book in French, Les Derniers Jours des Romanofs, which gave the racial background of all the members of the Soviet government. (This does not appear in the later English translation, for some odd reason..)
After the publication of this monumental work, Wilton was ostracized by the press, and he died in poverty in 1925. He reported that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party was made up as follows:

*Wilton wrote te book "Last days of the Romanovs"
1. The Council of the People’s Commissars;

2. The Council of the People’s Commissars;

3. Members of the Central Executive Committee;

4. Members of the Extraordinary Commission of Moscow;
Although Lenin is described as a “Russian,” in fact he was a mixture of various nationalities. It is likely that he was one-quarter Russian, one-quarter German, one-quarter Jewish and at least one-quarter Kalmuck (Mongol), which accounts for his Mongol appearance.
Various authorities allege that his wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya was a Jewess and that her family spoke Yiddish in the home.
A report sent to the British government in 1918 by Mr. Oudendyke, the Dutch consul in St. Petersburg, said that “Bolshevism is organised and worked by Jews.” The report was included in a pamphlet published as a government White Paper in April 1919 entitled Russia No. 1 (1919)
However, the pamphlet was quickly withdrawn and reissued with various excisions and alterations made.
In the U.S. National Archives are two telegrams sent by American diplomats in Russia. State Department document 861.00/1757 sent on 2 May 1918 by U.S. Consul Summers in Moscow relates;
“Jews predominant in local Soviet government, anti-Jewish feeling growing among population.” Document 861.00/2205 from Consul Caldwell in Vladivostock on 5 July 1918 describes, “Fifty per cent of Soviet government in each town consists of Jews of worst type.”
In January, 1924, Lenin died from causes variously described as ‘a heart attack,’ brain hemorrhage’ and ‘syphilis.’ His cucked comrades immediately began fighting amongst themselves to see who was to become his successor.
!! A relative outsider, Joseph Stalin, came to the fore and purged all competition either by exiling or executing them. Since Stalin was not Jewish, yet nearly all his opponents were, it is often suggested that Stalin was anti-Semitic. This is far from the truth.
Stalin had three wives, all of them Jewesses. The first was 1. Ekaterina Svanidze who bore him one son, Jacob. His second wife was 2. Kadya Allevijah. She bore him a son Vassili and a daughter Svetlana.
His second wife died in mysterious circumstances, either by committing suicide or murdered by Stalin. His third wife was Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of Lazar Kaganovich, the head of Soviet industry.
Stalin’s daughter (who in 1967 fled to the USA) then married Lazar’s son Mihail i.e. her step-mother’s nephew. Svetlana Stalin had a total of four husbands, three of them Jewish.
Stalin’s vice-president Molotov was also married to a Jewess, whose brother, Sam Karp, runs an export business in Connecticut. Just to complicate things even more, the Molotov’s (half-Jewish) daughter also called Svetlana was engaged to be married to Stalin’s son Vassili.
After the death of Stalin, his successors kept up the tradition, for a report in the B’nai B’rith Messenger relates:

“To show that Russia treats its Jews well, Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev this week remarked at a reception at the Polish Embassy that not only he himself...
...and Soviet President (Pic)Klementi Voroshilov, but also half the members of the Praesidium have Jewish wives. Mr. Kruschev made this remark to Israeli Ambassador Joseph Avidar, who was amongst the guests.” (Kruschev’s wife was yet another Kaganovitch.)
According to a report in The Canadian Jewish News of 13 November 1964 the present Soviet boss Leonid Brezhnev is married to a Jewess, and his children are brought up as Jews. There are a number of prominent Jews in the Soviet government;
Including Dimitri Dymshits in charge of industry, Lev Shapiro regional secretary of Birobidjan, and (Pic)Yuri Andropov in charge of the secret police, the KGB. In fact, every secret police chief in Soviet history has been a Jew, from the first Uritsky to the the murderous Beria.
A Jew is also in charge of the Soviet economy – (Pic)Leonid Kantorovich.

Where it the capitalism I spoke of???

It is a well-known fact that the Bolsheviks were and are financed by Jewish interests in the West.
At a Bolshevik celebration rally in New York’s Carnegie Hall on the night of 23 March 1917, a telegram of support from (Pic)Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was read out. The telegram was reprinted in the next morning’s New York Times.
Schiff later tried to deny his involvement, but thirty years later his grandson John admitted in the New York Journal-American (3 February 1949) that the old man had sunk twenty million dollars into the Bolshevik cause.
Another Western banker who poured funds into Bolshevik Russia was Olaf Ashberg of the Stockholm Nia Banken. He remained the Soviets’ paymaster until the late 1940s.
The London Evening Standard of 6 Sep 1948 reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland “for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives. Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as the ‘Soviet banker’ who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917.
At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first unit of the Red Army.”

Killer, mass murderers, war criminals, demons.... one funded the slaughter of the millions and the others executed the actions...
The Bolsheviks also received assistance from Armand Hammer, born to Jewish parents, who still commuted back and forward between New York and Moscow to take care of his business interests in both communities before his death in 1990.
He was also on such good terms with the Soviets that he personally arranges for Soviet art galleries to lend paintings to America.
Another American-based businessman to help out the Soviet economy is Michael Fribourg, who owned the massive Continental Grain Company. Together with the Louis Dreyfus Corporation, these Jewish speculators were able to buy up vast quantities of cheap American grain in 1972;
They would then sell it to the Soviets at a vast profit, and collect an export subsidy from the U.S. taxpayer.

In every other East European country, it is exactly the same story:
In Hungary a Communist revolution was staged in 1919, instigated by the Jew (Pic)Bela Kun (Cohen). During the three month regime, the country was turned upside down in a reign of murder and terror. Here again, the government was composed almost entirely of Jews.
And it was this factor which brought about the regime’s downfall, as the ordinary Hungarians detested Jewish dictatorship. Kun was deposed and fled to the Soviet Union, where he became chief of the secret police, the Cheka, in southern Russia.
It was not until 1945 that the Jews were able to regain control. Three Russian Jews were installed as the ruling triumvirate, Matyas Rakosi (Rosencranz-Jewish), Erno Gero (Singer) and Zoltan Vas. Both Rakosi and Gero had been members of Kun’s bloody government.
In Germany, the Jews also tried to take over there in the chaos that followed the First World War. Aided by funds from the (Pic)Soviet Ambassador Joffe, Rosa Luxemburg’s Spartacus Bund attempted to overthrow the government.
The revolt was quelled and its leaders Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht executed.
The post-war dictator of Romania, Anna Pauker, was the daughter of a Bucharest 'kosher butcher'. For a time she earned her living teaching Hebrew. Her father and brother lived in Israel until she died in 1960 aged 66.
Although (Pic)Tito was the only non-Jewish dictator behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1940s, he was tutored by the Jew (Pic)Mosa Pijade who was born to Jewish parents Sephardic.
According to John Gunther in Behind the Iron Curtain, “He is Tito’s mentor... Whatever ideological structure Tito may have, he got it from the shrewd old man [Mosa Pijade].”
Moscow’s puppet government in Czechoslovakia in the late 1940s was run by another Jew, (Pic)Rudolph Slansky.

In Poland too, Jews occupied virtually every position of authority in the post-war Communist regime. Prominent among these were Minc, Skryesewski, Modzelewski and Berman.
Jacob Berman gradually eclipsed the others until he became supreme dictator by himself. Also, Gomulka’s wife was a Jewess.
Even in China, Soviet Jews were at work helping Mao Tse Tung. High up in the Political Department of the Red Army in China were W. N. Levitschev and J. B. Gamarnik.
Successful Jewish founded Brands you might not have been aware about;

Clothing (1,2)
Cosmetics (3)
Food (4)
Manufacturing and distribution (1)
Miscellaneous (2)
Stores (3,4)
Toys and games (1)
Levi Strauss & Co. founded by; Levi Strauss
the Gap, Inc. founded by Donald (1928–2009) and Doris F. Fisher (1931–)
Calvin Klein Inc. founded by Calvin Richard Klein
Ben & Jerry's co-founded by Ben Cohen
Snapple co-founded by Arnold Greenberg (1932–2012),
Porsche co-foudned by Adolf Rosenberger
The Costco Wholesale Corporation co-founded by Jeffrey Brotman
Isaac Perlmutter (1942–), Israeli-American chairman of Marvel Entertainment, former co-owner of Toy Biz (later Marvel Toys)
Successful Jewish business people in finance you may not have heard about;
Continued; Successful Jewish business people in finance you may not have heard about;
Familiar Examples;
Successful Jewish Real Estate'ers you may not have heard about;
Notable example: Successful Jewish Real Estate;
Successful Jewish people in the Music Industry you may not have heard about; 3rd image Tina Tuner and Phil Spector
Notable examples: Successful Jews in the Music Industry;

1)Gerald Elliot "Jerry" Heller with - controversial management of West Coast rap and gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A and Eazy-E. They created the rap game....

2)Edgar Bronfman jr - Fmr CEO of Warner Music Group
Another example;

Lyor Cohen - actively involved in hip hop at various record labels for more than 30 years "tall-Israeli" "created hiphop. Listen to song "The Rape Over" by Yasiin Bey

"Some tall Israeli is runnin this rap shit
Time Warner runnin this rap"

• • •

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