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13 Sep, 49 tweets, 11 min read
It's interesting media outlets who've shown improvement in getting away from copspeak and police stenography can't get back to it fast enough when a cops get attacked
So so many of them accepting the police version of events at the hospital and dismissing the statements and video evidence presented by a veteran reporter. Weak sauce
Gettin goin
Lil audience
A new to us chant imported from Wisconsin: "don't charge us, charge the police. No justice, no peace"
The power of the people don't stop
@Ohun_Ashe speaking about the threats she and others are receiving for protesting
Motorcycle cops appeared to stop the medic Van's. Protest turned back for them
A St. Charles resident speaks to her experience being Black in St. Chuck
"We shouldn't have to be out here demanding police accountability! You should be doing that! That's your job!" @DarrylGregoryG2 addresses the police
Someone using the national anthem to antagonize the protest
Protest is blocking the intersection at Fifth and Lombard. A driver asks "can I get through to my mama's birthday dinner." Crowd laughed and waved them through
3 white people started yelling at the protest and got escorted away by police
Realizing I've put these under the wrong thread. So it goes
Protest is on the move. In cars headed to a 2nd location
Police are following ofc
Hell of a sunset
Zumbehl and Graystone
I count 3 police motorcycles, 2 drones, a helicopter, 11 police cars, and about 50 nonviolent protesters
How much does it cost to fly a helicopter for 50 people walking in the road
Cops declare unlawful assembly and roll up on 50 people with SWAT
Arrest made
Does this look like a proportional response?
@DarrylGregoryG2 asks police to de-escalate. "You step back. We step back. You make the first move"
I just got pointed out "that guy"
A protester locked her keys in her car. Police agree to unlock it but a dozen or so protesters refusing to leave her here alone with them. Probably 100 cops here in riot gear and armored vehicles
2nd arrest
Lockout fixed & cops moved in again. I had to bail. Maybe 10 or 15 people left there. One extremely emotional and potentially intoxicated man showed up at the last minute, started screaming at police. Organizers got between him and cops. "We got you. Back up with us"
I'm trapped in an apartment complex. Cops blocking all exits. Police helicopter expanding it's circles now as the protest is scattered and trying to find ways to leave
Bunch of sirens now approaching. Appears to be an injured man unrelated to the protest
This is the largest police presence I've seen at a protest in some time. Again, about 50-75 protesters
Police targeting of @Ohun_Ashe is harassment, and a threat to us all. In St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson City, they come for her...the Black woman with a megaphone
The cop that arrested Ohun acts so nice and friendly but is the one ordering up a damn army to suppress the 1st amendment and then arresting her as she complies
This appeared to be what the police used to declare the nonviolent assembly "unlawful." Red paint hand prints on the parking lot and the PD sign
As this was all happening, just a few miles away in STL County, a bunch of suburban mostly white parents were protesting outside the the home of County Executive @DrSamPage. They were demanding he allow youth sports to resume.

Look at those criminals blocking traffic and harassing that poor elected at his HOME! What about the neighbors!? None of this is their fault! Criminals! Arrest them all!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I am fucking dead.

A big group of protesters went to a private neighborhood to protest at the home of an elected official. No riot cops. No dispersal order. No neighbors calling them a mob and pointing guns at them. Just a fuckin block party, baby. Soak up the hypocrisy
Some videos from earlier that failed to post. In this one you see a massive police presence for what was, by this point, maybe 15ish people. Rev Gray explaining at the end "we're not gonna leave her" in reference to the woman whose keys were locked in her car
Police advancing on select protesters, who hurry to leave and are allowed to drive off
Here, @DarrylGregoryG2 cautions protesters not to leave alone, but tells them to go to their cars as the St. Charles police SWAT loudspeaker literally threatens the remaining 20 or so protesters with "serious injury"
Police have to learn to de-escalate. Shock and awe is terrorism no matter where it happens. If your goal, as an officer of the law, is to protect the 1st amendment rights of protesters and the safety of the community, why respond to paint on pavement with an imperial strike force

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