A friend sent me this article. I agree with much in it. But to me Umair has internal contradictions in his proposals. -more eand.co/if-we-want-to-…
2. At the foundation of Umair's proposed society is a global high speed communications network that ties it all together. To me some of his proposals are low energy and low speed, and some are highly concentrated energy and high speeds.
I believe this still doesn't get there.
3. Our evolutionary function as a species was to manage the ecosystem where we live to produce all we need, as an ecosystem, running on its internal energy.
4. We got our energy from the system, all our energy, one hundred percent of all the energy, to keep all the people alive most of the time.
All our food, clothing, and dwellings.
For a quarter of a million years.
It worked.
It wasn't perfect, but it worked.
5. A tiny minority of humankind discovered beer, and annual grass agriculture, which works like a champ where it floods every spring. River brings in soil, kills all the standing plants, goes away, annual grass grows, eat the seeds. Natural as sunrise.
In the flood plain. Only.
6. A tiny minority, in about ten places worldwide, according to current archaeological thinking, discovered that they could take annual grain agriculture out of the flood plain by plowing the ground to kill all the plants there.
This is called the Agricultural Revolution.
7. According to the common mythology it was a howling success and by its very superiority took over the entire world and We Are The Real Humans and *we* and we alone have Human Nature. Which requires computers. Something. I'm not sure.
8. It is a historic fact, borne out by every history book I've ever seen, that everywhere annual grain agriculturalists have ever gone they have found working ecosystems and killed them.
This is a fact.
They made deserts.
The deserts are still there.
This is a fact.
9. We have to rejoin planet Earth, as full members, honoring our responsibility to keep and dress the land, to feed all if life that it may feed us in return.
If the beaver wants the tree, the beaver owns the tree. Not some human. We need all the parts that are left today.
10. This is not about designing some system to figure out some way to own every square inch. We *are* the Earth. All of us. All the other creatures.
All the objectives are wrong. Everybody want to make it so we can still swagger over the top, masters of all we survey.
11. We should not only restore beavers everywhere they would like to live, along with every other native life form that still exists, we should learn from the beavers.
12. Beavers are members of Earth. They build exactly what they need, and Earth produces increasing quantities of food for the beavers and for everything else that lives around here.
We can do this. We're nowhere near as stupid as we're acting.
13. I don't want to hear one single word about our great standard of living.
I'm looking around the world.
Donald Trumpov.
Boris Johnson.
School shootings.
Riots and killings on the streets.
Don't even try to tell me this is a good deal.
People are *miserable*.
14. The reason we have climate change, mass extinction, and spreading desertification, is so everyone can be as miserable as we are.
I'd say that's a shitty deal.
Advertising is magic.
Tomorrow will be better. Take two of these pills...
Mueller will save us.

• • •

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21 Sep
I've noticed some new readers lately, so, to bring everyone up to date, the family.
Abe, Abraham, in the middle, big, battered, 19 year old, lame, gelding, who has done a lot of work since I first asked him, two years ago come Thanksgiving.
Before, he was a pasture pet. Bad idea. Image
2. I've had donkeys for years, almost since I first had horses, but I never realized what they're for. As domesticated animals.
Donkeys are for doing permaculture with the most human care, giving the land and biome all the focused attention you possibly can. They carry stuff.
3. Horses are big and powerful and they're for doing really hard stuff like tearing up the land. (Me, 30 years ago.) Image
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20 Sep
I still have to do a lot of machine operation to operate my smallholding.
I figure if I had 2 or 3 broke-to-death matched donks about Missy's size I could, I think, operate ten acres complete.
If I was sixty or less. After sixty I slowed down. Still might be able to do ten.
2. By the way, "broke to death" is a good thing - that's a phrase for a team that knows everything and is willing to do it.
When I say machine I mean imported energy. Gasoline, diesel, electric.
3. Even donkey machines must have energy imbedded in them. Digging iron, smelting it, right on down the line. If we want to live on Earth forever we have to do it on locally available energy. If you embed imported energy in long- lasting machinery, you can minimize that cycle.
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19 Sep
If you find yourself with a few spare minutes, I'd suggest you read the Wikipedia entry on Civilization. Follow links.
About 8,000 years ago a bunch of people in North Africa / Southwest Asia went stone-ass crazy, and they spread it across the entire planet.
2. We've been on our way to today, climate change, mass extinction, and Donald John Trump playing President* on TV, since that event.
Bosses. Slaves. Land grabs. Desertification. These are the foundations of civilization, the definition of civilization.
Other than that it's fine.
3. Cities, police, social stratification, a few bosses and many to obey - those things are absolutely central to that thing which is civilization.
Don't like racism? All civilizations require an underclass. Untouchables. Racism isn't America, it's Civilization.
So is slavery.
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18 Sep
A friend sent me this.
These are my people. Horsedrawn, old fashioned, hands on, not a lot of formal education but an incomprehensible amount of competence at getting real things done.
These are my people. And they have been turned into monsters.
I weep.
I have turned to these people for companionship, for friendship, for learning, for forty years.
They have been taken in by a sweeping, scientifically advanced, propaganda campaign and turned into Trumpers.
These were my people. Now I am alone.
I appreciate the remote support I receive from college educated urban Americans, mostly living on the coasts somewhere, but they are not like me, and I am not like them.
These are my people.
They have been turned into monsters.
My heart is broken.
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17 Sep
I've been doing a humongous amount of gasoline-powered mowing recently.
My maintenance mower had two major breakdowns this summer, plus I bought a new tractor hay mower which turned into a two week pain-in-the-butt project including two hydraulic fluid showers. Got behind.
2. This story could go fifty different directions, so beware of sudden swerves.
3. We call it climate change and measure temperature, which causes us to underestimate the process.
All those things are true, the climate is changing and we're doing it and the temperature is rising, but it's in everything. It's not like, air temperature. It's energy.
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17 Sep
I have no empirical proof that what I believe to be true, is true.
I can't prove that Maddow, Nicolle, all my Tweeps, Dan Rather, Preet Bharara, etc aren't lying to me, and Fox telling the truth.
I believe them to be true, but I can't prove it.
2. Aside from the things I have personally experienced, and can make a grounded cause-and-effect observation of, almost everything I "know" is things I have been told by people I believe.
The Fox people are the same. We live in contradictory realities.
They cannot be reconciled.
3. There is no "fact" about the modern world which is more critical than the absence of fact, in the modern world.
It is not hyperbole: if we cannot return to a common fact base we cannot have a workable republic / democracy / society. It is not possible.
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