Did you know that before Event 201, there was another pandemic game called Clade X? And the ones "responsible" for that virus were a group focused on overpopulation?

They discussed vaccine allocation... ImageImageImageImage
Federalizing the entire healthcare system...
Immigration... ImageImageImage
And that "clade" is also a eugenics term? It was first coined in that way by Julian Huxley, first Director of UNESCO and winner of a Special Award from the Lasker Foundation in the Planned Parenthood - World Population category.

Eugenics tree from Intl Eugenics Conference. ImageImage
Read more about it here, including Bill Gates talking about his desires for a global military that can be activated at a moment's notice to "fight diseases".

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The Clade X trailer.
This is still hands down one of the most thorough investigations into Bill Gates and his foundation's money. Didn't get a ton of traction in March. Maybe now it will that more people are awake.
If I am correct, and I'm fairly certain I am, Event 201 was a distraction. It was put on because the virus was already out (coming in my video) and they knew that people would focus on whatever event they had just put on.

201 was a red herring. Clade X was the actual plan.
There are some things that are leading me to believe that round 2 is going to be much worse than round 1. I do not want to scare you at all, and I think there is still time, but there are new experiments starting up and some vaccine trials that are downright terrifying.
Either way, there is still time, but I wanted to revisit Clade X for now to let you know what it is and to encourage you to research it a little bit on your own. The web is deep and tangled. Look into Atlantic Storm and Crimson Sky pandemic events as well.

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.@rezaaslan threatening to do what is already being done. But okay.

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I used to post about fascism and how much I hated Trump on Facebook lmao.

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