One of the people in this video seems to think I’m wrong to call him & others out for providing such faulty testimony re: voting machines & internet connectivity. I should shut up about it & let them handle things. Uh, no. #RemoveTheModems 1/
Pls sign @FSFP’s petition to #RemoveTheModems. Pls reply ✅. TY. 2/…
Credit to @kimzetter for her substantial groundbreaking reporting re: wireless modems and internet connectivity, as well as remote access. Here is one of her pieces, which preceded the NBC piece featured in the video. 3/…

• • •

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25 Sep
“The real story is not that Trump is claiming that the election is rigged against him. It’s that Trump, w/ the help of Russia and the current GOP in power positions, are actively doing everything they can to rig the election for Trump.” By Joy D’Angelo 1/…
2/ “The people focused on what Trump will do if he loses seem to have forgotten that Trump said similar about not accepting the election results if he lost during the 2016 election - and that they had the same reaction to it then. We all know how that turned out.”
3/ In 2016, as now, “the democrats had spent so much energy worrying about Trump trying to “delegitimize” the election, that suggesting that his election might not be legitimate could only come off as seeming hypocritical.“
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24 Sep
Dear @senrobportman: This is the corner Ds backed themselves into in 2016. Have we learned nothing? Rather than demanding a premature Biden/Harris concession, pls focus on on getting the truth to the American people. FFS. @SenBlumenthal 1/ Image
2/ Image
3/ “By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” -Rigged by @davidashimer Image
Read 6 tweets
24 Sep
This is the closest thing we have to an account of what happened on Election Day in 2016. It was written by @AlexandraChalup on 11/9/16. Yes, I consider her credible. That Manafort & others in the Trump regime went out of their way to harass her only makes her more credible. ⬇️ Image
Related: “By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” -Rigged by @davidashimer Image
Here is where Anonymous claimed to have stopped a hack of the 2012 election, triggering Karl Rove’s infamous on air election night meltdown. Alexandra’s post says the same Anonymous hacker subgroup monitored the 2016 election.…
Read 4 tweets
23 Sep
Rs may have stolen 4 SCOTUS seats:
*Kerry’s own campaign suspected the 04 election was hacked (➡️Justices Roberts & Alito)
* We never found out if hackers changed vote tallies or voter data in 2016, but they reportedly cld have changed both in some areas (➡️Gorsuch, Kavanaugh)1/
At about 15:50, Kerry says his campaign suspected hacking & even sued before the election to examine the voting machine software, but the court rejected their case bc the code is proprietary to the vendors. 2/…
“By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” #Rigged by @davidashimer 3/
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23 Sep
What cld go wrong?

Each voter’s personalized info is transmitted to an “encoded activation card that [is] inserted into an ATM-like machine [BMD].” Voters mark their choices on the BMD touch screen An attached printer then “generate[s] a paper record,” 1/…
“Finally, voters would hand these paper printouts back for tabulation and return the activation cards, before leaving the polls.” 2/
Orrrrrr, voters could mark their ballots by hand with a pen. #handmarkedpaperballots 3/
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23 Sep
Trump could steal the election by running out the clock w/ bogus mail ballot challenges based on signature the match reqmt, etc. & then:
(1) having GOP state lawmakers circumvent voters by casting their electoral votes 4 him; or
(2) using the 12th A to have House Rs decide.
Article re: option 1: "[T]he Constitution does not require states to assign their electors on the basis of the statewide vote...In other words, each state legislature gets to decide how electors are appointed—and, by extension, who gets their votes." 2/…
Re: 12th A: "[M]ailed and absentee ballots are easily challenged in a recount, & recounts can be delayed long enough to kick the election to the House of Representatives — where the vote is by state DELEGATION, not each representative..." by @jedshug
Read 13 tweets

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