i heard the rumours of this last night and my reaction now remains as it was then: absolutely fuck this
if this doesn't end up with smaller hardware and chip makers getting fucked one way or another i will be extremely surprised
they say NOW they're committed to the open licensing model but honestly
watch them either restrict new ARM developments to their own (expensive) manufactured chips or introduce new onerous licensing terms that only the biggest companies can afford to meet
also: this means they're going to be US-owned 😬
seems like it could very well happen that they end up blocked from licensing tech to Chinese companies who also happen to be the ones making the affordable low-end ARM chips that get used in cheap tech and hobbyist projects
but yeah even if that doesn't happen
nvidia going from being Just Another ARM Licensee to being the outright owner of ARM is.. bad
i mean if they weren't gonna use that position to screw over the other licensees then why tf would they have even bought the company
lol the co-founders of ARM are saying the exact same shit as me
expert tech analyst taizou over here

• • •

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More from @taizou_hori

10 Sep
i think i found the secret best thing in the gameboy leaks. first, here's Golf King, a straight localisation of a Japanese golf game. your golf coach is a pleasant old man called Bobby who believes in you
at some point this game was reworked into SuperShot Golf Robot, where Bobby is replaced with a robot called Vibot
Vibot is NOT pleasant and he does NOT believe in you
he has a seething contempt for humanity and spends the entire game shit-talking and threatening you
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9 Sep
currently scouring the gameboy leaks for unreleased stuff.. as you do
put together a list of everything i think is unreleased or notably different from released
there's quite a lot!
this is me
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26 Aug
prior to @retropalshq stream tonight i've got myself into a big Japanese internet hole about Culture Brain. it's a fascinating company without much good info about it in English at all
it was run by the same two guys, Yukio Tanaka (aka Yumenosuke Akademiya) and Kazuo Endo since its founding in 1980, they went to elementary school together. started out as an arcade distributor, then made arcade games for others, then moved to self-publishing on console
sadly Endo passed away in 2017. until then he was very active on twitter, here he is going in on some clown who called Super Chinese a kusoge
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20 Feb
alright here goes
Arc System Works today released "Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun Retro Brawler Bundle" featuring brand new localisations of every Nekketsu Kunio-kun Famicom game(!!!)
Back in 2001-2002 I fan-translated one of those games, Nekketsu Soccer League
so let's compare?
my translation was a solo job, age 14-15, JP level was like "can read hiragana/katakana, knows some very basic vocab" & the rest i covered using dictionaries and machine translation services, romhacking level was "can edit stuff in-place but nothing advanced like ASM hacks"
so here's the intro!
2 big differences: mine was squoze into the JP text space, Arc's managed to expand it and use every line instead of every other
but also: I used a custom font with full lowercase, they used the generic serif uppercase font found in the rom
harder to read imo
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7 Feb
This is an amazing development - the hardware was only identified a few days ago and now the 6578, the first ever enhanced NES on a chip, is emulated along with three of the early plug n play systems that used it
The Bandai Gamepad from 1997 is possibly the first ever original plug n play as we know them today
Also worth noting for the unlicensed game liker crew is the example sound driver bundled with the documentation for this platform is one that originated with Sachen
Both the Bandai Gamepad and City Patrolman use it
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25 Jan
just running my british station name generator again for no reason
you honestly couldn't tell me any of these aren't real
can't believe that fucker beeching closed down the suneaulwich abbley-berwstingham branch line
now the residents of cumfreath road have to get the bus to achinghton to go to the post office and there's only one a week and it takes 5 hours
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