I thought it might be fun to introduce you all to the food of my people - and no, I don't mean jello salad with shredded carrots in a ring mold with a mayonnaise-based frosting. So these are the foods I grew up with and make.
Probably most of you have heard of Swedish Meatballs, but if you've only tasted Ikea's you are missing out. The thing with Swedish meatballs is that there is nutmeg & cardamom in the meatballs and cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and allspice in sour cream/beef gravy.
I don't really follow a recipe. I just start making it. But here is my mom's
Martha Stewart has a great recipe for Kroppkakor (Potato Dumplings). Mom & my sister made good kroppkakor. I have only helped them, never made on my own, perhaps because my sister-in-law made them once and they could have been used projectiles in a war.

One of my favorites is torsk. It's not something that needs a recipe. You take Arctic cod and saute it in butter with salt, pepper, and freshly grated nutmeg. That's it.
This should never be confused with lutefisk though both are made with beautiful arctic cod. Every family has an unmentionable relative and every cuisine has its own kind of lutefisk. Older generations love it. They serve it in nursing homes for Christmas.

Sadly, every Christmas of my childhood was blighted by lutefisk. One of the joys of adulthood is never having lutefisk in the house.
Pepparkakor was something my mom made year round because who would limit this deliciousness to Christmas
Rosettes were mostly for Christmas.
This is what rosettes look like
My aunt made the most amazing Rye Cookies, paper thin and crispy. I have never gotten the hang of rolling them thin enough though mine taste fine.
I make these chocolate cookies, thin and crispy. Swedish cookies are almost always thin and crispy.

They are the two in the front. The one in back is Martha Stewart's Earl Grey shortbread
Lefse is our holy grail, I think. I mean what holiday does not have lefse? My brother and his wife make lefse for Christmas presents and go through 500 pounds of potatoes. I use my brother's ex-wife's recipe. Instant potatoes!
This is how we make scalloped potatoes, for Christmas, Easter. People substitute anchovies for sprat, but not anchovies in oil. Anchovies in water or dried anchovies

My favorite, krumkake. I just use the recipe on the back of the Nordicware box the iron comes in except for the lemon krumkake, I add lemon rind as well. I love it stuffed with lemon curd - a British contribution
Another aunt of mine made sylta or head cheese. She made it in the fall with venison and pork. It looks gross but is delicious and is part of smΓΆrgΓ₯sbord which we had every day - not a big huge one, but for lunch Mom put out lefse, Wasa, limpa (rye bread), with
several kinds of cheese and sandwich meats. So one aunt made the sylta, another made blood sausage, Mom made summer sausage from venison and leverpastej(like liverwurst but more spreadable, and herring. Then there were the sliced pickled beets, boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers, and
all sorts of veggies that were layers on open face sandwiches either on bread or a cracker. So, a slice of limpa, some sliced veggies, meat, and cheese (some homemade). One uncle had a dairy farm, another a cattle ranch, and everyone hunted to make the fixings for smorgas for all
sylta, blodpudding, leverpastej, and then Mom made pickled fish since herring was not local. Dad caught so much fish, walleye and northern pike, and Mom pickled it.
I didn't much care for the meats except Mom's venison sausage. It was delicious. I like pickled fish fine. Some of the cheeses were good. I still make smorgas, but with hard-boiled eggs, green beans, bacon jam or grilled pears and cheese, or cucumbers and lingonberries.
Swedish pancakes are delicious, sort of like crepes but much larger (made on the lefse griddle) and more tender, served with lingonberries and whipped cream. I sometimes put some kirsch (Danish) in the whipped cream.
And the potato pancakes (raggmunk) are also often served with lingonberries. Really just about everything goes better with lingonberries. They are tart and sweet and irreplaceable
And then because of the climate of Sweden and Minnesota, root vegetables are a thing. I remember stopping at a roadside stand and we would pick up some rutabaga, peel them, and eat them like an apple. I still like raw rutabaga.
lots of slaws with cabbage (another good cold weather veggie) and parsnips, turnips, and rutabagas. Lots of soups with the root vegetables, too. The ones that might seem strange are nettle soup, cold cherry soup with dumplings and sour cream, and Blueberry soup
When I first moved to Oregon, I did not realize how outre some of my family foods are so I brought nettle soup for a teachers' potluck. Wow! No Minnesota nice. Only one person tried it. She liked it and took some home with her, but I took home enough nettle soup for 30 people.

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17 Sep
Wow, the nuts are falling off the trees today. Just so you know, his radical extremist ideology is that people in every country deserve democracy and an open, free society. Image
George Soros great sin is funding voter registration drives in communities that are marginalized. Contrary to their belief, he has funded voter registration in blue and red states. Registering Indigenous Americans on reservations in red states won't tip any election, but
the thing is, it infuriates Republicans that anyone registers Black, Indigenous, and Latino voters. His focus on registering those who are on the downside of power threatens white supremacists whose power depends on suppression.
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#OregonFires #ForestFires
Homes that are not burned will be coated with smoke and it will be greasy and hard to remove. However, as someone whose family had not one, but two, housefires, (the first was limited to the kitchen where the fridge caugh on fire) I am a bit of an expert
#OregonFires #ForestFires
You will want a lot of Stanley Degreaser. Just fill a garbage barrel with water and degreaser. Put your stuff in it and let it soak. After 20 minutes or so, you can wipe away the smoke and your glasses, plates, etc will be fine
You can't soak paintings but you can wipe them clean with degreaser, just lay a wet cloth on the pictures and then gently dab away the greasy smoke.
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11 Sep
I live in Oregon and know people in the areas that are burning. The first two houses I lived in and the first place I worked in Oregon have burned to the ground. As an Oregonian, I feel hate toward the filth spreading lies that antifa set the fires
I'm not particularly fond of law enforcement, but they are right. There's no evidence, the shit people are posting are lies originating in 4chan and other swamps of the internet and the only people who post them are filth.
The Pallet Co fire they keep referring to as arson happened a YEAR AGO. There is a recent story because the paper revisited an unsolved arson that was a year old. There was a guy arrested for arson over the weekend. That fire preceded these and burned about 400 acres.
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6 Sep
There are a couple people yelling at each other. I can't see them, I can only hear them. They sound a block away. This is when I hate that the @PortlandPolice cannot be trusted not to murder people. I cannot call them because I don't trust them & have to hope nobody gets physical
This is a reminder for @tedwheeler @JoAnnPDX @ChloeEudalyPDX Dan Ryan, Amanda Fritz that bad police make the public less safe and the @PortlandPolice are bad police, untrustworthy, untruthful, and unworthy of their position
Why is it so hard to understand that police that brutalize, murder, & lie are not making the public safe, they make the public unsafe? I am not the only one unwilling to call 911 for any non-life-threatening incident because @PortlandPolice is so awful.
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5 Sep
Man, the GOP is really scraping the bottom of the cage

Another winner. "an arrest warrant is merely an allegation"

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3 Sep
Sometimes FB breaks my heart. My best friend from 3rd grade on is half Ojibwe. Her father was enrolled and so was she. She grew up on the reservation until she moved in 3rd grade when we became friends. She was at my house so often, she had her own bedroom. She's passing as white
And I get that part. She was raped and was told by the police she would only borrow trouble by filing a complaint as no one would believe her. So she didn't file a complaint.

So I get it. Passing as white, sort of "Mediterranean" is how she deals with racism.
But today she did a rant about BLM and reverse discrimination and really all BLM wants is for whites like her to be discriminated against, etc., etc. etc.

Typical white racist rant.
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