Let's look at pathetic psycho Peter Strzok @petestrzok going back to his infantile lies about @realDonaldTrump.…
Strzok is why the FBI was so screwed up for so long.

He was banging a monstrosity, ANOTHER psycho who the FBI said, "Hey! This one's got moxie! Let's hire her!" Image
I'd never heard of Cardi B, a fanatical Trump hater.

She's a perfect illustration of Strzok and Page all the others leftists' values.

Get out your vomit bag.

Insanely hedonistic self-degradation that leaves you with absolutely nothing.

The more you indulge yourself, the stupider you get.

Cardi B is easily one of the dumbest people I've ever heard.

Strzok is right behind her.
The idea that Trump is controlled by Russia is debunked in a matter of seconds.

Peter Strzok doesn't know that Trump inflicted the worst AMERICAN military defeat on Russia in the entire history of ANY Russian incarnation.

Russian empire, Soviet Union, and Russian federation.
Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to inflict 100 percent casualties on a 600-man unit?

One of the survivors said that an entire mobilized rifle company died "instantly."


What the hell kinds of weapons were we using?

I initially thought it was air power.
You can't instantly kill an entire company of men in armored fighting vehicles with air power.

Unless unknown munitions were used.

I'm sure now that Strzok knows, he'll say, "This was arranged by Putin and Trump."


Putin ARRANGED to lose all his influence in Syria!
He ARRANGED to piss off all of Russia with the hundreds of funerals.

As the survivors said, "The Yankees kicked our asses, and of course nothing will be done about it."

Putin and Trump ARRANGED for Putin to be humiliated by Erdogan.

So Russia sent their troops-disguised-as-mercenaries to LIBYA.

They tried to disrupt the destruction of ALL Islamist terrorists groups by American citizen Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan Nation Army.

All Putin does is DISRUPT. He gets his power by interfering.
So Trump cleaned his clock in Syria, and the "mercenaries" stopped coming.


Strzok is too stupid to see that.

He's still dreaming of THIS. Image
The Russians in Libya ATTACKED CIVILIANS.

This was to discredit Khalifa Haftar.

So SOMEBODY started shooting down Russian air support.

Down, down, down went the MiG-29s.
And then SOMEBODY killed the Russian ground troops.

Here's the deal:


Khalifa Haftar had one mission.

Rid Libya of jihadists.

He accomplished that mission and then pretended to be defeated by actors.
Obama left Libya a million times worse off than he found it.

Our Arab allies solved the problem, with behind-the-scenes economic incentives FROM TRUMP.

The way to reach breakthroughs is to HELP COUNTRIES IMPROVE THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING.
The "professional diplomatic corps" must be bypassed when ever possible.

Peter Strzok is from a dead era.

He may as well by communicating from 1918.

The Saudis welcomed Trump with such ceremony because he agreed to completely change the paradigm:

WE listen to THEM and help WHEN ASKED.

Middle Easterners have been practicing kabuki for centuries.

It's how they save face.

THEY run THEIR region THEIR way.

You may have missed it, but Trump said he expects a deal from Iran within a week of his second inauguration.

Add ANOTHER deal to THAT one:

The American talking to both sides?

Zalmay Khalilzad, oen of the greatest diplomats of all time.


Forget the reflexive negativity.

The Taliban refuses to talk to the OFFICIAL Afghan government.

So they talk to their REPRESENTATIVES.

A distinction without a difference.

Face saving.
In the Battle of Mosul, Major General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi TRUTHFULLY said that he had no foreign advisors.

Western troops in Iraqi uniform accompanied him without speaking to him.

Then they spoke to HIS STAFF.

The staffers presented any new ideas as their own. ImageImage
You do things on THEIR terms, and you accomplish your goals.

Peter Strzok is as dumb as a rock.

A rock with an erection.

Thank him for contributing to the Trump reelection landslide.


Since I was asked, yes, both Strzok and Page may be Iranian agents.

Peter Paul Strzok II went to school in Iran and speaks fluent Farsi.

His father Peter Paul Strzok is anti-American and an open supporter of the mullahs.

Here's Lisa Page. ImageImage

• • •

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29 Sep
The Multnomah Country Sheriff's Office and the Portland Police Bureau have been federally deputized.…
"Deputizing the police officers 'will allow federal prosecutors to charge allegations of assault on a federal officer to anyone who attacks a deputized Portland Police Bureau Officers,' state police said."
It also allows the cops to give everyone wooden shampoos without the city interfering.

No tanks.

No infantry fighting vehicles.

Now, there ARE federal bruisers temporarily attached to the federalized cops.

Prison Bureau, mostly.
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29 Sep

Brace yourself:

@realDonaldTrump was right again.

Look at this report:… Image
"This study updates a previous study by the authors with additional crime data through the end of August 2020. It examines crime rates for ten offenses in 27 U.S. cities during the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest over police violence."
"Homicides and aggravated assaults rose beginning in late May and June 2020. Homicide rates between June and August of 2020 increased by 53% over the same period in 2019, and aggravated assaults went up by 14%—both increases were statistically significant."
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28 Sep

As I've said for years, follow military issues to understand what's really going on.

@realDonaldTrump has DEFINITELY brought us into the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

This video is very important.

It's the 17th Field Artillery Brigade.

THAT means it's a Multi Domain Task Force (MDTF).…
"With the 17th Field Artillery Brigade as its core, the task force also has an I2CEWS detachment testing intelligence, information operations, cyber, electronic warfare and space assets that can counter enemy anti-access/area denial capabilities."
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28 Sep

@SpeakerPelosi illustrates the sheer incompetence of the Democrats' attempt to stop the landslide reelection of @realDonaldTrump.…
1. Nobody believes the @nytimes.

2. Nobody CARES about this story.

3. It'll be gone by next week at the latest.

4. Compared to the endless rioting, it's absolutely nothing.

5. The Democrats have WAY overstated the case for not reelecting Trump.
Every accusation made against Trump is childish.

He's a Russian asset who heads up the most corrupt administration in American history and plans to become a fascist dictator who puts all nonwhite, non heterosexuals in concentration camps!
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28 Sep

Joe Biden rally.

We all saw @realDonaldTrump's peaceful protest in Pennsylvania last night, right?

I'll use this absolutely pitiful display to confirm what I said earlier about Biden's communications system.

I told you to be careful about photos.

This video PROVES that he isn't wearing insertable earpieces. ImageImage
Indoor lighting an video quality is tricky.

The best lighting is outdoor and slightly diffuse.

I used to paint military miniatures, and the only way I knew they were any good was by taking them out onto the back porch, under the translucent fiberglass awning.
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27 Sep

Your feel-good video of the day.

Congratulations on your landslide reelection, @realDonaldTrump.

So many great things!

Calmly continuing to enjoy a night out. ImageImage
No masks. Image
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