I knew Rachel Chandler & Derek Blasberg had to know each other. Both worked for Vogue, know all of the same people, & she’s credited as the photog on some pics. Not to mention, he’s documented over a decade ago on #Purple. Often times, like RC, they were at #TheStandard. ImageImageImageImage
2)There *should be* many photos of them together. They’re both listed as guests at the same intimate events. In this case, you only see RC’s sleeve next to DB ImageImageImageImage
3) Another example (there are MANY) #RachelChandler #DerekBlasberg ImageImageImage
4) They knew each other so well that Derek was even invited to her intimate wedding (the first was essentially an elopement so they threw a second to include close fam & friends). We know bc, like w/almost everything, DB had to let ppl know he was invited ImageImageImage
5) Most photo websites have cleared off photos of #RachelChandler. It takes meta tag image searches to find a few, and the link to the story is usually 404’d. For example, when you search her on BFA, a bunch of results show, but only a fraction actually “show” ImageImage
6) BUT, French Elle delivered #RachelChandler #DerekBlasberg ImageImageImage
7) What were they there for? Their own employer, #Vogue (India), covered it, but never showed them together. Marrakech is frequently mentioned/visited with this group🤔 The company re-launch they were there for deserves a dig #asmallworld ImageImageImageImage
8) #DVF is an important part, per usual. She’s w/#KarlieKloss & #DerekBlasberg *everywhere always* 👀 vogue.in/content/when-a… ImageImage
9) While I’ve mentioned DB, I still haven’t done a legit thread. Just know he’s a frequent guest on DVF’s yacht, Geffen’s yacht, & Dasha’s. So much so that Derek’s own mother knew Dasha well enough to tease her about being near her yacht when she wasn’t ImageImageImageImage
10) billionaires wouldn’t need #Epstein’s plane. Sure, DB & RC had #TheStandard, #Purple, & #Vogue, but did they ever cross paths in the #Caribbean? When the media tries not to show obvious friends together, there’s a reason...

That said, I’ll let DB’s caption have a moment: Image

• • •

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16 Sep
1) The Music Label Trap:
I’m not Kanye, I’m no one ‘important’ but I’ve seen a small glimpse of it from the inside. *I* have never been signed to a label, but a close fam member has, which is the only reason I had a clue about how shady these big labels are, & what they do
2) If you’re a band/singer w/no connections, you’re already at a giant disadvantage. Almost everyone he met or worked with got their “in” bc of family connections. His old A&R rep’s family owns part the label, and the A&R rep’s younger sibling was in a huge band in the 2000s
3) That sibling, even w/his connections, told me after a concert that he was worried this was already going to be their ‘peak.’ He said this as we were walking from their *huge* sold out venue to a group of 20 lux buses while he waved to the kid of a judge from The Voice.
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12 Sep
1) Creepy Kutcher &

•The alarmingly rapid expansion of Thorn software while we’ve been distracted just trying to survive total mayhem
•His strange partnerships

The always excellent @MollyPitcherPat’s did a thread about Thorn’s beginnings & its first name, DNA👇🏼
2) Kutcher has always been suspect

•Iowa boy gets discovered in a bar (by the same ppl as Kloss)
•Successful NYC model
•Hollywood ‘it’ guy, makes $BANK$
•A ‘sudden’ SV tech investor, makes huge $BANK$
•Thorn becomes an ‘it’ charity

Oh look, corn.
3) Thorn created ‘free software’ for law enforcement called ‘Spotlight.’ It’s supposed to use AI to eradicate CP. Meaning, Thorn has access to everything every law enforcement logs using Spotlight.

2k law enforcement agencies in 35 countries all use Spotlight.
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11 Sep
1)Unpopular opinion:
The Lewinsky scandal exposure was green lit *by the Clinton’s puppet masters* in order to create a massive distraction from #ASFA.

Proof, IMO? Lewinsky has gone on to make buckets of money, & get media/endorsement opportunities unlike everyone else. ImageImageImage
2) The Clintons always ‘took care’ of probs (#VinceFoster)- no way the scandal moved forward w/o it being a part of a larger, approved plan.

We know now re: media that they only make mountains of narratives when they’re *told* to, & this saturated the news for months.
3) He had no risk of impeachment, remember Hillary getting the FBI files? It wasn’t so she could send birthday cards to Congress. The press, unbeknownst to most of us at the time, created the narrative they were told to. It also put ‘wannabe Senator,’ Hillary, in news rounds
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9 Sep
1) Did you watch the show H2O?

I wish I was joking.

Australia made a show called “H2O: Just Add Water” from 2006-2010.

#Epstein was pretty busy during that time, & there in lies the problem. Coincidental dates, globally broadcasted (yet barely known), & the premise?

Ugh. ImageImage
2) It got me thinking- how would an international trafficking operation communicate developments en mass during a crisis, under the radar, without a paper trail? Utilize your media ‘friendships’ in Aus so it stays under the radar in the US, unless someone knows to look for it?👀 Image
3) “Hi, we’re producing a hardly tolerable island/ocean show. Watch H2O for info bc we can’t send it directly to the numerous ppl involved.” Seems insane, right? Well, I’m a sucker for timelines, so let’s test it.
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7 Sep
Why did they purposefully make Biff ‘resemble’ Trump in Back to the Future 2?

Who was involved, & what was occurring during that time frame?

Why did they seed into the viewer’s subconscious that ‘Trump would ruin the US’?
#BackToTheFuture2 #Biff #Trump

2) They worried about Trump running for office for a long time.

There’s a reason they modeled it after his casinos...
3) Unbeknownst to many (& myself until a couple of years ago), Trump & his brother were instrumental in helping Rudy bring down the 5 families & preventing the Atlantic City mafia takeover. They were FBI informants in numerous stings. (S/O to Rex & @DawsonSField digs).
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5 Sep
“Oh, you thought it was just a hashtag...”

The leaders of B*L*M aren’t just trained Marxist funded by billionaire white men.

The ‘say (his/her) name’ is for a reason...& it’s not what you think
Summoning spirits:
Why is the hashtag -actually-important? You’re assisting them in summoning spirits:
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