When are you people going to learn what a dogwhistle is
⚡⚡- Nazi SS insignia

((())) - With a name in the middle, it’s used to identify/accuse people of Jewish ancestry
3%ers/lll%ers- Three percent'ers. A militia group that bases themselves symbolically on the incorrect statistic that only 3% of men in the original 13 colonies fought against the British. A flashy signifier to let other far right groups know that they will absolutely take up arms
9% - The supposed percentage of the worlds population that is fully/pure white

13% - Anti black dog whistle for the false claim that black men make up 13% of the population but commit 50% of homicides

100% - Pure race white
1-11/111 - Used almost exclusively for the Aryan Knights with 1=A and 11=K in accordance to their numerical alignment in the English alphabet
12 - W/no law enforcement context, 12 could read as Aryan Brotherhood with 1=A and 2=B in accordance to their numerical alignment in the alphabet
13 - Used almost exclusively for the Aryan Circle with 1=A and 3=C in accordance to their numerical alignment in the English alphabet
18 - Adolf (A=1) Hitler (H=8)
21-2-12(21/2/12) - Used only for The Unforgiven as a shorthand for their motto. Unity (U=21) Brotherhood (B=2) and Loyalty (L=12)

23-16 - White (W=23) Power (P=16)
109/110 - Representative of the number of counties Jewish people have been expelled from which (depending on which type of fascist you’re dealing with) some would consider America to be/will be included, hence the 110
311 - Representation for the KKK meaning 11 (K) three times

737 - Used only for Public Enemy Number 1 (PEN1) in accordance to their numerical alignment on a telephone keypad
1423 (14/23) - Used almost exclusively for the Southern Brotherhood. Unlike other white supremacist organization who follow numeric symbolism, they instead choice to represent themselves under The 14 Words AND The 23 Precepts
1488 (14/88) - 14 being David Lane’s Fourteen Words and 88 being the eight letter of the alphabet twice (HH) as a placeholder for Heil Hitler
6,000,000,000,000/6 trillion - Not only limited to trillion. Some variants feature billion, zillion, gorillion etc. A mocking reference for the 6 million lost to the Holocaust

AKIA = KKK shorthand for “A Klansman I Am”
American Identity Movement (AIM) - The chosen reformation name for Identity Evropa. Definitely a source of confusion though since the change was made last year but members (ex members?) still choose to identify as Identify Evropa members
Blood and soil - “Blut und boden”. Lebensraum ideology claiming that the original (blood) descendants belong to their original (soil) land

Blueish - Placeholder for Jewish. Can sometimes be found in manipulated/edited photos that gives the subject a more blue tint
Coal burner - “Race traitor” white person who dates black people

Clown world (🤡🌍) - The normalization/continuous birth of Jewish, Muslim, poc, LGBT+, autistic, disabled people will make the world (west) a circus
Day of the rope - A fictitious day where mass murders of Jewish/Muslim/Poc/Race traitors will occur

Discussion club - Alt right meeting
EST - Purposefully meant to be confused with Eastern Standard Time, it’s shorthand for Every Single Time. Meant to place blame on Jewish people whenever anything “bad” happens. (Can also be used against Muslims and pocs)
FGRN - KKK slogan. “For God, Race, and Nation”

Fren - “Far Right Ethno Nationalist”. Plays into internet subculture baby talk (think uwu or cummies or woofer) with common phrases being “frens don’t fite frens” or “no fren wars!!”

Globalism - Obvious anti immigration nonsense
Great Replacement - Claim (falsely stated as scientific fact) that immigration and increased birth rates of foreign born people is leading to white genocide. (May sometimes include interracial relationships)
Happy Merchant - The written version of that ONE anti semitic drawing that’s a standard for all anti semites to post that we’ve all seen a dozen times before. No I’m not gonna post it -_-

Identitarianism/Identitarianist - Nice way of calling themselves Nazi
JQ - “Jewish Question”. Debate on the status of the civil, political, and all around humanity of Jewish people

Jwoke - Someone who is supposedly “woke” to the “ruling status” and “crimes” that Jewish people commit
Listen and Believe - The far right belief that liberals (and some moderates and centerists) are more willing to allow/accept the talking points of fascist if presented by someone they view as a leader, role model, trustable, or at the very least, level headed

Loxist/Loxism - Combination of lox (brined salmon commonly enjoyed by Jewish people) and racism
Milk before meat - Mormon origin. Used when recruiting/softening up “normies” to far right ideology. Offering up digestible fascist talking points to gauge openness before giving them more hearty fascist ideology
NazBol - NazBols espouse the standard ideas of Nazism (eugenics, ethnic cleansing etc etc) but heavily favor certain leftist ideologies because they will give a better quality of life to the chosen few left behind
Nibba - The n word

Noticer - ~see jwoke~

ORION - Our Race Is Our Nation

Our guy - A far righter/believed to be far righter

Power level - Dragon Ball Z origin. Indicative of someone’s involvement in far right beliefs. The more of a fascist you are, the higher your level is
ROA - Race Over All

RWDS - Right Wing Death Squad

Skype - Anti semitic k word

WAU - Women for Aryan Unity

Windmill - Swastika

YKW - “You know who”. A question where the answer is Jewish people. ~see EST~
Zioworld - A replacement for Zionist Occupied Government meant to be less obvious

• • •

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