This is the story, of a man named Lido, who was feeling very bored alone at home, so he decided, to watch a movie, and That's the way I ended up watching the 90s Brady Bunch movie
What even IS this movie? It's almost AGGRESSIVELY 90s in that high camp technicolor way like The Burbs or Serial Mom or Stay Tuned...but those were all horror movies too
Gary Cole is perfectly cast though
Man this movie is making me realize how incredibly weird the 90s comedy scene was? I don't totally know how to describe it but it feels incredibly odd looking back on it now like Multiplicity?
What strikes me most about this movie is how much the "what if sitcom shenanigans in an otherwise real world?" Feels extremely contemporary
We'll never know how close we came to getting a 90s live action Gilligan's Island movie
For some reason in the 90s people were CONVINCED body piercings were the end of the fucking world
"she's harder to get into than a Pearl Jam concert" go fuck yourself
I'm pretty sure the Brady's go to the same high school as the ladies from The Craft
This movie is absolutely taking a weird risk with the scale of the Brady cast, they've got 6 kids, 2 parents, and a maid that's 9 people you have to juggle while also mostly avoiding even HAVING a real plot
Steven J Jordan did production design on this movie which kinda surprised me cause the production design is absolutely stunning
Like part of the appeal is the pitch perfect recreation of the Brady Bunch tv show, it's an interesting comparison to the 90s Flintstones movie which is even more production heavy but nowhere near as actually funny
Oh shit Jan Brady has snapped! This WAS a horror movie all along!! I was right!
I would absolutely consider this movie camp if not high camp, it's absolutely my kind of weird meta nonsense campiness, like the relentlessly skewering of american sitcom suburbia as well as the cool modern edge, it feels like a cousin to a Waters movie
This makes me wonder how the Brady Bunch was actually received in it's time? Like was the show always considered dopey and stupid and an object of ridicule? Is it one of those things we only THINK was universally beloved because of relentless propaganda?
Are...are everyone else on the Brady's street OTHER sitcom families like Fresh Prince, Golden Girls? What?!
1989 feels like the year that really DEFINED comedy cinema for the next decade like the sort of plotless money raiser structure of the movie reminds me a lot of UHF
And thanks to Davy Jones for being such a good sport
This movie really does have an amazing soundtrack
This was absolutely the last year this feels like it could've happened though because Mallrats also hit in 199& and more or less redirected comedy in the 90s from the weird high concept scifi meta family adventures
That should've said 1995, I love Mallrats too incidentally, it's Kevin Smith's masterpiece easily and you can still totally feel the energy of these earlier movies on where comedy went
"as a wise man once said: wherever you go, there you are"
Have David Rasche and Gary Cole ever collaborated beyond VEEP? Cause they feel like a natural pair
It does feel like this movie could be getting better use out of Shelley Long, also love the 1970s CB Radio craze reference
This movie actually reminds me a lot of Altman's Popeye
I love the background lesbian romance of this movie
Kind of a weird detail that Mr. Brady spent like decades committing tax avoision right?
Well I mean I found that delightful, that was entirely my cup of tea, like if you like Serial Mom or The Burbs or Stay Tuned or Multiplicity or UHF it's one of those

• • •

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6 Jun
so I should say I read Ultimate vs. Avengers and it was...alright, I'm still not totally sure Mark ever had a coherent vision for all this and wasn't just making it up as he went along but it's also extremely telling how unimportant Carol Danvers was to Marvel comics pre-2013
that's something feels like kind of gets lost in "Captain Marvel, yeah!" is how much Carol absolutely didn't matter before she was Captain Marvel, I know that's harsh and there's a good chance YOU liked her but end of the day you just weren't seeing events centered on her
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"hey, how do we deal with John Wesley Shipp not reprising his role as Jay Garrick?"
"Idk, just blur his face or some shit?"
"got it!"
"will it look weird if Star Spangled Kid has his Skyman outfit because it was designed in the '70s and everyone else was designed in the '40s?"
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"okay, 2 for 2"
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"like lily white, to be sure"
"really? even people like Hawkman & Dr. Fate whose character is linked to a non-white culture?"
"did I fucking stutter?"
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Hmm 2AM on a Saturday night, seems like the perfect time to watch The Faculty (1998)
Did...did I cast this movie?
Also any movie with Offspring on the soundtrack automatically goes up a grade
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