People don’t get it: I work in the City of London. My office is surrounded by huge investment banks, law firms, management consultants. None of them are going back to work in their buildings. The wealthy realise COVID is bad and are avoiding it. Meanwhile the government is
sending the rest of us back to work, back to school, back to university, back to get sick. I can’t tell you what a ghost town the financial district is. Most of the shops and food places have closed, probably for good. But the question is why one rule for them and another for us?
Everyone should have the privileges that the wealthy and powerful have, not to get sick. You want to know why lockdown ended? Because they figured out people who would go back to work after had expendable lives. Same for all the people who were made to work through lockdown.
Same with track and trace - it is shit because they literally do not give the slightest shit about us, and they know that the wealthy are looking after themselves and not getting exposed to the virus. So yeah, this is the context in which posh people in the Telegraph tell us
To “go back to normal” and “get the economy going again” - how about this: let’s all go back to work when it’s deemed safe enough for the investment bankers, the corporate lawyers, and the management consultants. Perhaps that would speed up the efforts to actually care for us.

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6 Sep
Listen fuckers, they ain’t gonna microchip you with a vaccine: the microchips are in your phone. Tracking your movements, thoughts, behaviour. You carry it around, give it your attention, and type your most personal thoughts into platforms owned by the richest men in the world.
I get it: they built a world where this is how you are forced to maintain your friendships and relationships. And they made all the apps super addictive. And they persistently send you crap on your feed to provoke and emotionally manipulate you. It is real shit. But it does mean
That there’s literally no reason to “chip” you beyond giving you a phone with Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, and insta loaded on to it.

For those reading who’s thinking “I’d never be anti-vaxxer” here’s the thing: if you want to stop people believing in conspiracy theories then
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23 Aug
A thread on COVID and AUTHORITY: The UK government decided that the best way to deal with the pandemic was by authority: government ministers would simply tell people what to do; they would appear daily on podia flanked by scientists; rules would be set with little explanation.
The government's view on science would come first. The science that it was basing its views on would only be published months later, and the conversations about it wouldn't happen in public. The main question was, within this framework, what the government thought it could tell
tell people to do, and what would be considered an overreach.

The trouble is that not only did this authority-based approach not work, but there was no Plan B. Months on the government's authority is in tatters. Nobody believes the slightest thing they say about the science
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18 Aug
A little thread on tories, exams, and universities: everyone is upset at the manifest unfairness with which teenagers have been treated in the last week. But behind what has happened is not just incompetence. Those at the centre of government have spent a decade promoting a
completely insane philosophy of education. What happened this week is its logical outgrowth. The tory vision of education is one in which in the population there is a variable distribution of "talent". They believe the only task of the education system is to work out who the most
"talented" are, and to nurture them. This is the same for Boris Johnson's idea of being a cornflake rising to the top as it is for Dominic Cummings' theories in his Odyssean Education essay (which then props up this idiotic belief with appeals to old fashioned eugenics and
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5 Aug
So sick of this attitude where people all blame each other for the rise in coronavirus cases. Meanwhile it would have been the easiest thing in the world for @BBC to commission and run a series of programmes on the science of the virus and transmission, on public health
Interventions, on vaccines and how they are made and work, on viruses and what they are, on scientific unknowns, on the disputes between different schools of thought on how we should respond backed up with scientific understanding, on the history of epidemics. Instead zilch. Well
Not quite zilch. Instead we get BBC health correspondents like @NickTriggle writing pieces about why we shouldn’t rely on the best stats we have, parroting government lines, and establishing hard right talking points as though they are “news.” It is no wonder lots of people are
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3 Aug
Just caught up with @zinovievletter's piece on the liberal comedians against Corbyn (who ushered in the new far right government.) Agree about how they are responsible and unfunny, but I think the historiography is off. Alternative comedy was rotten from the start. Here's why:
the whole conceit of alternative comedy was to provide entertainment for an ever-increasing class of university educated people. It set itself against racist, misogynist comedy that had predominated before. But it always had the problem of thinking that racism and sexism were
just some ugly opinions that less educated people had. It always had this disdain for the working class - and an admiration, alternatively, for the out-of-work bohemians of the 1980s, who ended up often with media careers. Like seriously, when the political credentials of your
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26 Jul
A THREAD ON “BLACK ANTISEMITISM” (with a bonus trip down memory lane): Around Wiley's racist diatribe against Jews over the last two days there have been lots of whispers about specifically "black" forms of antisemitism. Once again there have been suggestions that antisemitism
- or at least certain types of antisemitism - are more prevalent in black communities or in "black culture" (and often these suggestions tend to relish the very idea of homogenising blackness, while morally condemning it.) In the past such suggestions have been dismissed
sociologically. Every now and then an academic publishes another paper about how antisemitic attitudes, antisemitic violence, antisemitic prejudice or politics are all in fact less prevalent among black people. And it's true. My sense, though, is that this results in the
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