Yeah definitely not doing this sort of miserable, unappreciated work again. Imagine putting all this time into a quality library with features and stability people want and having a browser just throw it out for not being tiny enough. For free
In an age where GH sponsors and others are trying to get these maintainers compensated for their free labor, Google is going ahead and fanning the flames of this exploitation.

Ballsy of them to release this feature without putting $$$ towards improving things instead.
Anyway the real suckers here are the open source maintainers who do all this work in their spare time, convincing themselves it's a hobby, as they burn out on issue after issue, competing against each other and stressing out as stans for competing libraries shit on their work
It's not noble. It's not admirable or heroic. You're wasting yourselves away in a machine that will do nothing but chew on you and spit you out when it's done.

And the real winners are FAANG and the VCs that do similar with "founders" (who themselves exploit others)

• • •

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More from @zkat__

19 Aug
Had a conversation with my intern this morning about style comments in code reviews.

My tl;dr: code style comments are tiny cuts to someone's confidence and you should weigh that vs the value of the "fixing" it.
He brought it up because he noticed a stark contrast between what I comment on and what some others comment on

My 2c is that death by 1000 cuts is never worth it for style comments, and they're usually a waste of everyone's time

Automate format/linting. You owe it to each other
Tools like linters, stuff like cargo clippy, things like auto-formatters should be considered essential these days, not nice to haves. And they should be as un-configurable as possible (I'm giving eslint a hard side-eye here).

Normalize automated, language-wide standards
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26 May
sigh. I'm honestly pretty happy I don't write js anymore. The landscape is... not great, right now. JS should be doing so much better.
Node.js is going to have its lunch eaten by deno because it never got its shit properly together with ESM. It's still a confusing, suboptimal experience that makes cjs the primary module system.
Node.js has basically ossified.

But then deno is going to be a trash fire because TS makes it harder to debug, its CoC story is... bad, and its package management is a joke. And package management will make or break a platform.
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13 Sep 19
Marginalized folks, esp. PoC:

When it comes to FOSS, do you feel like the ideals of "software freedom" espoused by either the FSF or the OSI have your interests in mind? What do you believe an inclusive software movement looks like? Does it even involve opening source code?
context: I'm someone who for a long time has believed that opening source code, and creating communities around them that share their talents for common benefit, is a good thing.

But all this Stallman shit, and corporate exploitation, is shaking that belief for me.
on top of that, I don't believe these movements were created with the interests of PoC in mind, and I suspect those interests don't necessarily aligned with what I now see as a sort of naive technooptimism and a white narrative around "freedom"
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31 Aug 19
what if

i just stopped writing permissive-license software?

what if we all just stopped, and wrote proper free software, and actually put others in a position where they were motivated to compensate us for our labor?
there's something to be said for open source devs' addiction to popularity. In a way, this whole "whaaa we don't get paid" thing is a thing we brought on ourselves. We made a decision that popularity was more valuable than actual compensation.

This situation isn't an accident.
The problem is, of course, that fear that if you *don't* release something under a permissive license, Open Source Scabs will come in and rewrite your software just so it can be MIT.

And really that's what those folks are. Scabs. As in labor scabs.
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