Let’s Be Real: President Biden Would Probably Be More Hawkish Than Trump

"People who dislike Trump are often reluctant to talk about this, but it looks likely that a Biden administration would be more warlike than its predecessor."

In a recent interview, Biden said it’s important to keep troops in the Middle East, and that it’s likely that America’s military budget will not only remain at its bloated but may actually increase under his presidency to focus on China and Russia.
This is not a deviation in messaging but a continuation of already established patterns. Biden has been consistently out-hawking Trump on foreign policy by attacking him for insufficient aggression toward Venezuela, China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Russia,
.@wrmead was told by Biden FP advisor @ABlinken of the plan to “tame China, Russia and woke Democrats” using “Cold War-era Democratic policy”, including “a liberal multilateralism — supplemented when absolutely necessary by the American military and a willingness to use it.”
Again, these are the positions that Biden Incorporated is *campaigning* on. Because war is a horrific evil which people naturally abhor, US presidents reliably campaign as doves and govern as hawks; Trump did it, Obama did it, even Bush did it.
This to me spells trouble, and I’m not the only one.
But overall Biden’s extensively documented love of war isn’t something people generally want to think about if they despise the current president. Indeed Trump has been a horrible warmonger in his own right, to say nothing of his awful domestic policy.
Still it’s hard to look at all the sabre rattling Biden and his team of ventriloquists have been doing on the campaign trail without getting the distinct impression that some major international escalations are being planned.
I mainly point this out to say that wars are planned, and we should plan accordingly. Those who love peace and oppose warmongering and world-threatening nuclear escalations should be ready to stand against something very ugly in the near future.
In a sane world, war would be something everyone actively avoids and uses only as a last resort. In a world that's dominated by an empire driven by the agenda of unipolar hegemony, wars are sought and planned for as an end in themselves, and excuses are invented to get into them.
War is the single most crazy and self-destructive behavior our species engages in, and the presence of armageddon weapons makes it infinitely more so. Our survival depends on peace finding some way to get a word in edgewise before it is too late.

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