Oregon Antifa Arson Thread 9/13/2020
Video: Woman In Oregon Allegedly Caught An Arsonist On Her Property With Matches – Uses Her Second Amendment Rights To Stop Him


Via @NationStateRed

Source @zerosum24 9/13/2020

Media: "Oregon Wildfires: Santiam Canyon wildfires started by downed power lines"

Zach Urness
Salem Statesman Journal
FBI (Portland, OR)/1: "FBI Portland and local law enforcement agencies have been receiving reports that extremists are responsible for setting wildfires in Oregon. With our state and local partners, the FBI has investigated several such reports and found them to be untrue."
FBI/2: "Conspiracy theories and misinformation take valuable resources away local fire and police agencies working around the clock to bring these fires under control. Please help our entire community by only sharing validated information from official sources."
Oregon Department of Forestry: "We're not seeing any indications of a mass politically influenced arson campaign." - Joy Krawczyk, spokeswoman, quoted in The New York Times (mainstream media) 9/10/2020

FBI Portland again, spokesperson Beth Anne Steele, interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive.

“There is no indication that the fires are the result of coordinated criminal activity."

Molalla Police Department:

"Is Antifa or other individuals intentionally setting fires/cutting power/etc within the City limits of Molalla?"

"There have been NO Incidents confirmed or suspected in Molalla City limits."

Somebody is lying.
"Please explain the REPORT OF a girl that was video recorded putting tree branches in the trash basket in the city park,that walked away when questioned, only to return to the subway sandwich mall & was caught trying to start a fire & was detained by LEO."
Molalla Police Department: "it was investigated and was not arson. Thank you for the question."

"so the conclusion was that she was, by collecting tree branches and putting them in the trash basket, simply cleaning the park? .. .?
Douglas County Sheriff's Office(9/10/2020): "follow official sources only....911 dispatchers & professional staff r being overrun w requests for info & inquiries on an UNTRUE rumor that 6 Antifa members have been arrested 4 setting fires in DOUGLAS COUNTY, OR. THIS IS NOT TRUE!"
"Unfortunately, people are spreading this rumor and it is causing problems. Do your part, STOP. SPREADING. RUMORS! Follow official sources of information"
Medford Police (9/9/2020): "This is a made up graphic and story. We did not arrest this person for arson, nor anyone affiliated with Antifa or 'Proud Boys'....no confirmed gatherings of Antifa which has also been reported."

Fake account?
"All of these fires have started within throwing distance of I-5."

Officer responds: "Now we got our second one in the same place."

.@dat_hip_trainer responds:

"Today spot fires popping up everywhere. Tons of new fires just out of nowhere."

"Also family in Cave Junction witnessed police arrest someone attempting to start a fire outside of town."


.@robynmonty: "A beautiful elderly couple I know lost their home yesterday in Phoenix Oregon to these fires....All the firemen and police that helped them said the fires were suspicious. Very suspicious."

June Pendergast (Facebook, public post) (9/9/2020) quoting Dexter, Oregon Fire Chief Matt Peterson.

She writes:

"This is legitimate, I verified with Chief Peterson. Post is public, please share.

Be vigilant, watch what’s going on around you!"

Peterson: "Be on the lookout. I don’t ever do this but this is ridiculous!!!

Dexter Fire just responded to
someone trying to start a fire at Dexter state park.

"What I’m posting is what I know," /1
"middle age male with arm tattoos driving a green early 2000s model SUV (Ford or Chevy type) unknown plate
with a black German Shepard."

He was scene lighting two fires in the bushes as you turn
towards the dam." /2

"Several good samaritans extinguished the fire prior to our arrival.

"If you see someone matching that description please
contact law enforcement." /3
"Vehicle 1
Color: Green
Make: Ford or Chevy
Model: Unknown
Year: Early 2000s
Type: SUV
License Plate: Unknown
Other: Unknown last scene Dexter State park"
Political candidate Paul J. Romero (@pjr4senate) shared the post from Fire Chief Peterson to Twitter and it was picked up by @MyNameMe99.

The website "Truth or Fiction" rated Romero's claim false; in fact they say the whole "antifa setting fires story" is false because official sources say so.

Truth or Fiction adds: "Oregon-based reporter Lincoln Graves shared a screenshot...describing the rumors as conspiracy theories....none of the many law enforcement sources he had consulted believed that anti-fascists were setting fires in OR"

Of course, the fact that "no one believes" something does not make it false.

In addition, Graves acknowledges that anything is possible. We just don't know FOR SURE.
"To be clear, arson can certainly be a cause of fire. Some may have started that way. But to then make the jump that Antifa lit up the west coast defies logic. Wildfires have numerous causes."

Yet we do know that Antifa starts fires (I don't want to belabor this thread by proving how this is true, yet again). We know they're engaged in an intense social protest/violent riot against the powers that be.

Why not arson?
Instead the media strains to inform us that it could be almost anything except that which stares us directly in the face.

"We had a major wind event. Downed power lines are already suspected in some fires." - Graves
Similarly, law enforcement does not call it impossible that Antifa set the fires. They simply say they can't confirm the arson at this time.

Beware of that very specific language.
It's odd that direct witnesses to arson events are not considered credible by the mainstream media or by police.

Is anyone trying to interview these people rather than to just shut them up?
Also, why do we have firefighters and law enforcement admitting the truth privately, but not publicly?
Why isn't the media asking these questions?

We know...
Facebook, as if on cue, will now swoop in and censor people who tell the truth. So now the primary data will just be...gone. ("Facebook to take down false reports of antifa arson in Oregon," NBC News, 9/12-13, 2020)

Thread continues here.
"msg from my friends in OR"

"'My mom heard on the local news that THEY BELIEVE IT IS ANTIFA going up hwy 5.

2 hours ago another one started next to the red cross evacuation center. My sister says it's a nightmare.'"

- @RobynMonty 9/9

No, no proof except that she trusts these people and that she hears repeatedly that firefighters/police find the fires "extremely suspect" and "they've already arrested someone...so far."

You see how they (the mainstream media, law enforcement, state agencies, and social media platforms) make it impossible for people to simply report what they see.

And then when there is no witness data, these same sources call concerns "baseless."

Nice trick.
Have you noticed that nothing in this thread relied on Q for substantiation?
Someone named Mark took a video of a law enforcement officer. The video is currently posted on Robert West's YouTube channel. Mark appears to be trying to provide information to assist.

The officer states (1:35): "I don't want to sound like some doomsdayer, but it's getting serious. And I - we need the public's help on this....if you know anything, please get a hold of me."
2:13 in the clip: "You can video us. I don't really care....I'm 20 days away, but I still give a shit...."

(the sheriff offers his name / asks for photo evidence)

"I want license plate numbers...get their face [on camera]"
2:51 in the clip "It's horrible up here right now."

Mark - "And a lot of the people believe that once the fire does hit town, the sheriffs will be gone and basically it's gonna be whatever people's here"
3:06 in the clip - Officer - "I wouldn't be surprised. They have now pulled all fire personnel from the front lines because they are waiting for this just to explode."

Officer: "So just for your own safety, I don't care where you live, but - I don't know what the timeline is on it, but it's serious."
Give this guy an award!

Give both of them an award!
3:24 in the clip: Officer - "but seriously, if you get any intel, because I know you're pretty well linked with some of the community, please call us. This is important, because - I'm gonna say this, Antifa motherfuckers are out causing hell."
Officer: "And there's a lot of lives at stake, and a lot of people's property at stake, cause these guys got some vendetta."
The officer then asks Mark not to videotape the fire department so as to protect them from Antifa.
Think about the selflessness of this law enforcement professional.
"Clackamas County deputy placed on leave after sharing antifa wildfire rumors in online video"

By Meerah Powell (OPB), Kimberley Freda (OPB) and Conrad Wilson (OPB)

Sept. 12, 2020 2:35 p.m.

He wasn't placed on leave because what he said was a lie.

Rather, it was because he told the truth, when EVERYBODY ELSE was lying.
"The patrol deputy’s statements in the video are in direct conflict with efforts by law enforcement to dispel false rumors that antifa is responsible for wildfires burning in Clackamas County."
When did falling in line become more important than stopping a rebellion?

This is Q post 4691 (9/13/2020)
If the mainstream media and "cool hip alternative media" is so angry about QAnon, why don't they report on stuff like this? It's open source - anyone can investigate it. Just go to the boards. (Q drop 4690, 9/13/2020)

I cannot give you the link because Twitter has ID'd it...
When did primary source information become dangerous?
Justin Weaver: "Never in my life did I think I would witness a domestic terrorism attack, especially right
behind my house."
"We heard fireworks, walked and saw giant flash and then a whole house engulfed in flames. A random car fire bombed it on Jennings and I pray the family
got out.

"Trying to keep my wife and daughter
calm while quickly loading what we could to
escape was hard."
"Watching suspicious cars full of people slowly driving up and down the street while trying to load hoping nothing is thrown at us is terrifying."

"I hope no one has to go through this and whoever's doing this just stop. Do you really want to murder innocent families!?
"Everyone keep your head on a swivel,
watch your street, neighbors and most
importantly protect your family and everyone
you can."

(FB/Shared by Q 9/12/2020)
For the people who hate Q and say that Q shares insane rumors...what do you say to a screenshot like this, which is a real person talking about what it's like to flee a domestic terror attack with their family, with nothing except what they can stuff in their car?
For the people who hate Q and say that Q is bad...what would you do if YOU lived in Oregon and demonic lunatics were throwing petrol bombs downtown, setting fires in the street, mobbing innocent citizens and attacking YOUR home?
There is a Jewish setting that sometimes you can have such an open mind that your brains fall out.

Why is your brain falling out, fellow humans?

Don't we all care about the same fundamental things, in the end?
Like, aren't you [Democrats, liberals, etc.] even a LITTLE bit angry that you're being dragged into a political party that allows such destruction to happen?

Do you want your kids growing up with Antifa thugs?

Are you content to see Oregon explode?
Does it bother you that all this mayhem is happening just so a few greedy money men can hold on to their money, and their ten million dollar estates, which you will never have?
Please, really think about this.
The day that the country demands an end to this nonsense, it will end.

Just demand it.

Come on already....before these people go too far.

Look, before I go, I want to show you something.
Look at this plan. Look at the images here. You can download the PDF at the end of the page.

It's a plan to delay the elections because of civil unrest.
Now read these 4 AM talking points: "Oregon officials preparing for 'mass fatality incident'" -- do you *not* see, right after 9/11, that the Deep State is orchestrating another 9/11?

Do you not see that the dateline on the first story is 9/11?

This doesn't go back to an origin group called Antifa, or ISIS, or MS-13. These names are made up for the convenience of the ones who stand behind the curtain.

You see this, right?

You must see that only the devil could want such destruction.
Here is a screenshot of my books on the Kindle Cloud Reader. You see that none of them are authored by Q. Yet they all say essentially the same thing.

There is a force of evil that operates behind the scenes, and it's killing us.
Did you know that Evergreen Airlines (now defunct) was headquartered in Oregon?

Did you know that it was affiliated w/ the CIA?

Did you know that Evergreen was Hillary Clinton's Secret Service Code Name?

McMinnville, Oregon - that was the headquarters.

Correction, not Evergreen Airlines - Evergreen International Aviation.

Originally Evergreen Helicopters.

Year founded: 1960
"Tracy Jo Remington [@PantherEyez7] claims her ex-husband, Gregory, was the Clinton Cabals child p0rn0grapher, known as 'the baby king' – She says McMinnville, OREGON is the headquarters of this operation."

Three years later, Tracy stands by her story.
What goes on in Portland, that law enforcement looks away from?
How is it that @SaRaAshcraft has so much to say about Portland? What is it about Portland/Oregon?
Sarah: "I was 10 - sent to Portland to visit family friends....I was carried into a forest in a cage & made to witness vicious rape/murder of a young boy during a "purge party" Not sure if this was Bohemian Grove or somewhere else." (12/2/17)


They tell you that everything doesn't actually connect. This is because it most emphatically does connect.

.@GeorgWebb first encountered Jeff Epstein's "drug and gun running" in 1990...near Evergreen Aviation in Oregon.

Oregon trafficking: Kids, guns, weapons.
Yes, it all does connect. And nobody wants to tell you how. Webb does the best he can, but that map is infinitely intricate.

Blackberries Matter: Hillary's Blackberries May Be The Heart Of The Matter by... amazon.com/dp/B08DDJN7NK/… via @amazon
I hope that a centralized decision is made to

1) Rescue Oregon and all places affected by the fires
2) Tell the truth to us
3) Stop using current events for partisan purposes (this goes for everyone)

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