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14 Sep, 12 tweets, 3 min read
This is a short thread explaining why critical social theory (a.k.a the woke ideology) imperils the future.

Critical social theory is a school of thought, with roots in neo-Marxism, that attempts to force all meaning-making through the lens of standpoint epistemology 1/12
So that what is right, and who is good, is determined not with reason, but by identity.

This ideology is ominous because the only way we (as in everyone) can enjoy a future harmonious enough for a functional society, we need to promote genuine integration and understanding. 2/12
Integration does not mean assimilation. It is not a one-way street. It means everyone working together to build a common culture of genuine understanding. I see the potential for critical race theory to yield chaos and violence on both sides of where I stand. 3/12
I've listened carefully to woke advocates and genuine white supremacists. The extent to which they agree, since they both reduce everything obsessively down to race, is remarkable. I've now come to understand that critical race theory is actually about segregation. 4/12
Critical race theory (also known as anti-racism or the woke ideology) is ominous and imperils our future because it is a project (intentional or not) devoted to segregation and teaching people to hate. This is an anti-racism workshop for example: 5/12
Critical race theory deploys a set of innocent sounding ideas that have been packaged so that they can carry hateful and destructive ideas by stealth into mainstream life. A good example is the redefinition and coinage of the words racism and anti-racism themselves. 6/12
As racism is normally understood in common use, anyone could be a racist if they harbor prejudice toward people based on the color of their skin. The critical social theorists redefined the word so that only white people can be racist. And indeed, racism is being white! 7/12
As you see, in critical race theory, whiteness is the same thing as racism. So when you see woke experts talking about anti-racism you can infer by direct substitution that they're talking about anti-whiteness. Is that not ominous? How can we achieve racial harmony this way? 8/12
As critical race theory creeps into the mainstream, taking over our sense-making institutions (schools, journalism, science, etc) its hateful tropes are being picked up by the public. Here is critical race Karen 'explaining' why being asked to wear a mask is white supremacy. 9/12
I've tried to communicate the threat posed by critical social theory (the woke ideology). I care about people and injustice as much as anyone. Real racism (as opposed to the academic redefinition) is abhorrent. Humanism and integration are under attack from both sides. 10/12
Fringe-left woke advocates and far-right deplorables both benefit from anti-integration and hate. The ideology of anti-racism will invite more black people to resent whites, and provoke a predictable counter-reaction from whites who grow tired of being called evil. 11/12
This is how critical race theory (the project of anti-racism or woke ideology) is a path toward societal chaos. It's the enemy of anyone who believes in the Universal values of the Enlightenment. It's illiberal and anti-human; it is therefore anti-Black. We must all resist. 12/12

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