Closegap is software for children in school, which claims to “reimagine mental health for your kids”. First of all, who are you? And what makes you qualified to say something like that? This concept banks on the idea that parents are too busy or don’t care enough to be involved.
So how this works is your child logs on to this app for school, says how they feel, and then they’re asked of they want to talk to an adult. What adult? In this video, this lady points out that anyone can donate to this not for profit organization.…
When someone donates or sponsors a child, the child writes them a hand written card. By donating, they can purchase items for a kid OF THEIR CHOICE, and write back to the child, and “a MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP CAN DEVELOP.” Again, anyone can sponsor.
Teaching a child to talk to some strange adult via the internet should be a massive red flag for any parent. These strangers know what your child looks like, could collect dna from their written letter, and collecting hours of recorded video. Am I just being paranoid?
Pedophiles have been forced to use different methods to share/sell child porn. Dropbox is one of them. Let’s see how it connects.

Bharat Mediratta
CTO and SVP, Platform at Dropbox
Bharat oversees our technical infrastructure, ITS, security, and intelligence teams, along with our Ecosystem, Dropbox Paper, and HelloSign lines of business. He spent a decade at Google as a technical leader in Search at global scale, and co-founded Edtech startup AltSchool.
A decade at Google. That’s something. Ok, there’s s dropbox to google/cia connection. What else is this guy involved in?
Closegap. Your child’s school app. Anyone that points at the implication as paranoid or “conspiracy theory” these days is simply ignorant. Evil forces have proven they will never stop inventing ways to access our children. This has the potential to be a live version of Wayfair.
Remember the tie to dropbox, google/cia. Imagine if instead of child porn being sold, access to your child is sold. Like what you see? Here’s the price and location. We would like to think this is inconceivable, but anything involving “authorities” usually leads to trafficking.
Remember, the cia will do literally ANYTHING to fund their ops and global shenanigans. That certainly includes child trafficking, and much worse.…
Donors can find out location, likes and dislikes, everything they need to know about your child through this app. They even have a “stream of conciousness” segment in their routine. This allows anyone to see how your child thinks and how their mind works. Why is this important?
They will know exactly what to say to lure your child from home or to meet. They will already know exactly how their mind works. On top of this, it would be the “trusted adult” from Closegap that would be interacting with your child.
Now more than ever, keep a constant and close eye on your children and what they’re exposed to. We are in the midst of spiritual warfare, and evil has many faces. Closegap was founded in San Francisco, in a state where they passed a disgusting law which encourages pedophiles.
I guarantee you every one of their “team” are left wing-pedo pride parade-make kids twerk-liberals. They want to mold the minds of children. If we want to take America back for decades to come, it begins in education.

• • •

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10 Sep
It’s interesting to see comments on threads regarding 17 drops. One of the subjects that people don’t always agree on is ET life, and if there is, are they demons or aliens. I’ve noticed a fair amount of people are atheist, and they tend to agree with the belief of alien life.
Those that are religious believe any life out there would be angels and demons. It’s not a heated argument per se, but people discuss back and forth. Which made me realize something about the drops. They are indirectly bringing people together from all different backgrounds.
We all love the drops for the intel. Suspicions are proven true, one leads to another. They have trained us to research and think for ourselves, to question everything. The movement is full of people in search of truth. Knowledge is shared, topics discussed.
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I’d like for you to explain this to people all over the world. @WHO @BillGates @CDCgov @realDrBirx @Anthony_Fauci_
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Facing evil, Dark to Light, and the Power of Prayer. This is a continuation of my last thread. Look away at any time if it becomes too much. I don’t see many people willing to crawl down in the mud to expose this further, so I appreciate you crawling with me.
The main theme of that thread was how charities and foundations work together to traffic and exploit children and people while striving as business entities. The reason I need to do at least 1 more thread on that evil is there is so much evil these days it’s inescapable.
How did we get to this point as a society? As humans? Each day pages of links and stories are pounded into our conciousness. We hear of unimaginable things done to the elderly, animals, and of course children, and even babies. I should warn you that I do not intend to hold back.
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Lately the #savethechildren has been trending among all types of people. But if you look at @SavetheChildren , you’ll see a long list of liberals from feminists to fairies, and maybe even some feminist fairies, who knows. Of course they follow @realDonaldTrump.
Also @ChuckGrassley .After all, they’re just good Americans looking out for the kids, right? WRONG. Who is Save the Children? They are a not for profit corporation, located at 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400, Fairfield, CT 06825.
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Qanon-today more than ever I have seen so many “patriots” and Q followers whining about things not happening fast enough. When did you people decide that things should happen on your watch? You know who sticks to their sode better than all of you? The very soyboys and antifa
dipshits you all make fun of. They are following the guidelines of a book published in 1971, Rules for Radicals, written by Saul Alinsky. The 60’s were full of protests and riots and a heavy dose of liberals infiltrating universities. We can all ageee things have steadily become
worse over time. Today people are terrified of what is happening now in our country. How did we reach this point? Those radicals never gave up! Generations of radicals sti king to their plan and guidelines. You think they weren’t frustrated and wanted to give up?
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