There are a plethora of ways to make mobile applications.
Here's how you can make one without any prior experience.

⇢Native frameworks
⇢Learning resources(1/2)
⇢Hybrid frameworks
⇢React Native
⇢Learning resources(2/2)


🧵Thread 👇
When making an app, you can either to use a hybrid framework like flutter or react native, or you could make native apps.
We'll take a look at both of these options.
Native Apps
If you choose to go this route, keep in mind that you'll have to write the same application in different languages for every new platform that you want to support.

For example, you'll have to write the android app in Kotlin, iOS app in Swift.
To make Android Apps, you can learn Kotlin or Java and Swift is your only option for iOS

Learn Swift:
youtu. be/comQ1-x2a1Q

Learn Kotlin:
youtu. be/F9UC9DY-vIU

Learn Java for android dev:
youtu. be/fis26HvvDII

(Remove space between . and be)
Now let's talk about Hybrid frameworks
Here you'll be able to code once and then publish your app to multiple platforms.

This makes hybrid frameworks the perfect choice for start-ups and companies who cannot afford to maintain several different code bases.
There are two frameworks which are most popular for making hybrid apps:
⇢React Native

Let's take a closer look
Flutter uses a programming language called "Dart" to make apps, the code is compiled to a native C++ ARM binary for iOS and Android, in short, it is crazy fast.

However you will have to learn Dart which is not as popular as JavaScript which is used in React Native.
React Native uses JavaScript to make apps, the code is then compiled to native code for the respective platforms. It used to have performance issues, but now it is much faster, not as much as flutter but close enough.
If you have experience with React, React native could be the perfect choice for you to get into mobile dev.
I would still recommend you to try out flutter as there is a chance you may prefer it over React Native despite being comfortable with JavaScript. (the case with me)
If you are a beginner, I would recommend to you try out both React native and Flutter. Personally I prefer flutter over react native but your experience could be different.

Learn Flutter: youtu. be/1gDhl4leEzA
Learn React Native: youtu. be/Hf4MJH0jDb4

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