UP में ‘वारंट लाए हो’ सवाल इतिहास हो गया, क्यूँकि योगी सरकार को जनता और न्यायपालिका से ज्यादा पुलिस अधिकारियों पर भरोसा है। एक अलोकतांत्रिक ढाँचा बनाया गया है ‘SSF’ जो आपको बिना सूचना गिरफ्तार कर सकता है और बिना वारंट आपके घर में घुस सकता है। महामारी में सरकार की प्राथमिकता देखिए
कानून जनता के मौलिक अधिकारों की सुरक्षा के लिए बनाए जाते हैं। अपना दिमाग आलमारी में रखकर ट्वीट करने वाली भक्त मंडली इसका समर्थन कर रही है, किसी दिन जब आप सरकार से सवाल पूछोगे और सरकार घर पुलिस भेज देगी फिर देखेंगे, अपनी आँखें खोलो, गुलामी मत स्वीकारो, भारतीयता की रक्षा करो।
आत्मनिर्भर भारत’ के मायने क्या हैं? क्या देश को न्यायपालिका की जरूरत नहीं है? क्या देश को संविधान की जरूरत नहीं है? क्या अब देश के पास इतना भी हक नहीं कि उसपर कार्यवाही करने से पहले मुकम्मल वारंट निकाल अनुमति ली जाए? क्या योगी सरकार जनता को अपना दुश्मन मान चुकी है?जागिए योगी जी।

• • •

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10 Sep
Looking at the shameful #RheaChakraborty episode where women, especially prominent ones in TV and social media, cheered on the vilification of a young girl just shows that some women simply don’t care about other women’s rights & freedoms. These are Patriarchy’s princesses. (1/8)
They are happy with reflected power, and being the supporters and patrollers of a male system. They are the first to pull down any woman who steps across lines set by men. They could be female politicians and journalists who portray independent women as deviants. (2/8)
They are the enforcers of ‘respectability’ in families, policing other women, just to bask in the approval of a male system. They think they are ‘insiders’ of this system & viciously attack anyone who destabilises its norms. (3/8)
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9 Sep
Seeing a lot of tweets talking about how Rhea and Kangana are both ‘pawns.’ Lots of false equivalence between the two. The only thing the two have in common, besides being women, is that they are actors. And there is where the similarity ends. Here is why- (1/n)
Who is Kangana fighting for and who is defending Kangana? The BJP with the full strength of the govt. She has Y Plus security at taxpayer expense, for picking a political fight with the Maharashtra govt over a death she had no connection with. (2/n)
Her illegal house was demolished in this fight, but even the high court swung to maintain the illegal status quo. She is not anyone’s pawn, she is a warrior for the BJP. (3/n)
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5 Sep
The vilification of Rhea done by TRP hungry anchors was amplified by the middle class. Even women rushed to demonise a ‘girlfriend’ who wasn’t as successful as her partner. An attractive, independent woman who doesn’t seek validation from society is always attacked. (1/n)
You see, Rhea didn’t look the part of a helpless woman. Everyone likes a helpless woman. An अबला नारी. Strong women make men and also many women uncomfortable because they go against patriarchal notions of a woman constantly having to be saved. (2/n)
Women often act as gatekeepers of patriarchy. They seek comfort in putting themselves down. Of only speaking through husbands and fathers. Rhea spoke up for herself. So even before waiting for the CBI inquiry to be complete her ‘audacity’ for speaking out went against her (3/n)
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2 Sep
सुशांत सिंह मामले में सीबीआई जांच का क्या होगा वो जांच के बाद पता चलेगा। लेकिन रिया के साथ समाज-मीडिया जिस तरह का बर्ताव कर रहा है,उसकी चारित्रिक हत्या हो रही है,उससे समाज के अंदर छिपी सोच की गंदगी भी निकल कर सामने आ रही है,केस से इतर मैं समाज,औरत और इस सोच पर हैरान हूं।मेरी बात-
रिया में मीडिया की बहुत बात हो रही। लेकिन मुझे समाज में उन महिलाओं से भी निराशा है जो रिया को डायन ,हत्यारिन,काला जादू करने वाली कहने वाली भीड़ के साथ लगी है। वे घर में अपनी बेटी के सामने रिया को कूलटा बता रही है। भूल रही है कि कभी उनकी बेटी भी "रिया"बनेगी। कभी किसी से प्यार करगी
रिया ने क्या किया? प्यार किया। सब छोड़कर प्यार के पास रहने चली गयी। एक औरत ही समझ सकती है जब वह अपना सबकुछ छोड़कर किसी के पास जाती है तो उसस पहले किन हालात से गुजरती है। रिया उस दौर से गुजरी। प्यार बिछड़ गया। रिया ने उसे भी स्वीकार किया। वह हंसती रही।
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23 Aug
There is a difference between a book being banned and people shaming the publisher for giving a platform to hate mongers. Freedom of expression doesn’t guarantee an audience. Hate mongers aren’t entitled to our attention. FoE includes the right to call out hate (1/n)
People protested. If the publisher was shamed and withdrew the book that is the publisher’s prerogative. No one protesting is powerful enough to order a ban. Those endorsing the book are powerful enough to inflict themselves everywhere. Their FoE can’t demand my attention. (2/n)
It’s shameful that people are demanding minorities, critics of the govt- at the receiving end of the worst sort of hate- listen to ‘both sides.’ Victims & perpetrators aren’t the same. We can’t ensure victims get justice. Will we now also take away their right to protest? (3/n)
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31 Jul
Woke up to a spate of messages from privileged castes accusing me of targeting them at a time when they are ‘most targeted’- whatever that means. Usual rant about reservation and how the their poor are worst off etc. First, reservation isn’t a poverty alleviation programme (1/n)
Reservation is to give a voice to those who have been on the margins of society for centuries cause education & all other resources were hogged by privileged castes. When was the last time a Shukla, Mishra or Singh stepped into a gutter to clean it despite all the poverty? (2/n)
From homes to markets and offices, caste follows you. It doesn’t leave you even in Silicon Valley. It doesn’t leave you even if you are a senior IPS officer & u visit a temple. It doesn’t leave you in death where your body is taken off the pyre since you don’t belong there. (3/n)
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