IMO, this is a civilizational fault. TED talks actually marked the end of liberal history; post-enlightenment Western civ is based around the idea that every issue should be expressable via TED talk.

When this was revealed as untrue, the dark enlightenment began.
Really nice exercise for understanding the reactionary conservative viewpoint, actually. That which cannot be TED Talked will become Trumpified.

Harkens back to an old Kierkegaard kernel; which virtues cannot be expressed through art, and aesthetics more broadly?
The example Victor Emeritus gave was “patience”. How do you make a painting that expresses the concept of patience?

Still waiting for a good answer :D
Good segue into this map; consider the red zones. There's a reason that country music, Christian TV shows, farm culture, and true lasting marriage make for terrible art.

There are no mediums of art capable of capturing them besides living it out yourself

on that note, I'm now watching "the social dilemma"

chances of this adequately capturing the real complexities of social network construction and management? zero

chances that it consists of spooky music and words implying "SOCIAL MEDIA BAD"? 100%

nailed it
hahaha wow, this movie is actually just this whole thread in a nutshell

poor tristan harris :(
i'll save everyone who watches "the social dilemma" a bunch of time:

1) decentralize the internet
2) realize this fails because of big tech idpol psyops
3) move to small city in a red state, build out network infrastructure by hand, refab old computers, cut undersea cables to SF
every other possible solution fails: gov't regulation, VC-funded competition, cord-cutting waldenponding, tristan harris-style TED talking

i know because i've tried them all, they all suck.

build your own network, cut the undersea cables, wait for society to collapse. only way.
this is a real screenshot from the movie
tristan harris is not interested in fixing the problems of social media.

tristan harris is interesting in being the guy who runs around telling everybody that there’s terrible problems in social media and somebody should fix it.

i mean, i get it; i too used to be 22 years old
of course, it’s not his fault.

to fix a problem, you first have to understand it. and if your understanding of a problem is blocked because your self-identity doesn’t allow you to see it, you’ll be stuck in a perpetual hamster wheel of inaction.

being 22 is hard!!

• • •

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4 Sep
i’m gonna go ahead and make a bold stance here. i do not support murder.
i know i promised not to get all "political", but probably do not interview murder suspects on TV
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30 Aug
do people think this speech is good?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
portland residents are fighting with portland cops and murdering other portland residents and this is somehow trump's fault lol what
are the portland riots even about BLM? portland is ~6% black

this poor guy lol
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30 Aug
watching the new HBO documentary on The Swamp

getting that "first two minutes are very excellent" feeling

watch it it's on pirate bay
matt gaetz is adorable, he lives in a shoebox

seems like a genuinely good kid
"of the 435 members of congress, more than 100 actually live in the building"

that's actually crazy, i didn't know that

really tough to live in a shoebox, i've def been there
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21 Jul
do you think that the collective young men of America are ready for the knowledge that their MCU-level obsession with WWII is just displacement activity for failing to perform masculinity in ways that actually matter in the 21st century geopolitical economy?

hmm....probably not
too spicy, huh?

you know, I'm 100% teasing here, but...

if we're on the subject of "the seriousness of war", it is quite chuckle-worthy how much masculine youth energy is wasted on tank knowledge / wargaming

(instead of stuff that really matters, like petty culture war drama)
why do I feel compelled to keep harping on this?

I honestly 100% have no real "issue" with fantasy / historical wargaming. boys knowing everything about tanks and aircraft and historical battles and playing a ton of War Thunder is honestly super cute -- boys being boys is great!
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