It is said that one has to be a Brahmin to become a Director of a Company and is desirable to have a Kshatriya as the Chief Executive Officer.

No. I am not being casteist.

It is one thing to be a Brahmin by Birth and quite another thing to be a Brahmin by Karma. 1/n
A Brahmin is one striving for Brahmajnana & he should have certain qualities. Let us see whether these qualities are relevant to a Board Director,

§ Kshama (Calmness,Patience,Forbearance)
§ Dama (Self-control and restraint)
§ Tapasya ( Self discipline and single mindedness) 2/n
§ Shaucha (Mental purity)
§ Arjava (Sstraight-forwardness,honesty,rectitude)
§ Jnana (Knowledge about Business and its Philosophy)
§ Vijnana(Higher knowledge beyond theoretical knowledge.Understanding the true meaning of doing Business & the responsibility that goes with it) 3/n
“Tranquility, restraint, austerity, purity, forgiveness, and uprightness, knowledge, wisdom, and faith in God are the duties of the brahmins, born of their innate nature.”–Bhagavad Gita 18:42 4/n
Let us look at the traits required of a CEO.

“Heroism, majesty, firmness, skill, not fleeing in battle, generosity, and lordly spirit are the duties of the kshatriyas, born of their nature.”–Bhagavad Gita 18:43
These are traits needed by a CEO,

§ Sauryam (Heroism, valor, and strength)
§ Tejas (Radiance and brilliance of mind and spirit)
§ Dhriti (Be steadfast, constant, firm, patient, and endurable. It also means one possessed of the ability to engage in sustained effort) 6/n
§ Dakshyam (Skill, virtuosity, and dexterity. One who is daksha is expert, intelligent, wise, and able)
§ Apalayanam (Not fleeing battle or trying to avoid conflict)
§ Danam (Generosity, charity, and a giving disposition, as well as self-sacrifice)

I rest my Case n/n

• • •

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20 Sep
As Sales Officer in Charge of Coimbatore Sales Area of HPCL in early 1990s, I had 4 LPG Dealers and 16,000 LPG Customers under me. Those were the days of LPG shortage, malpractices and we were the focal point for any complaints. My hands were full with Complainants 1/n
2 of my Dealers were rogues, one more so than the other. They used to give illegal connection, divert domestic LPG to Commercial Users, did not do Door Delivery and Domestic Customers at times had to wait for nearly 2 months to get a refill.

I discussed with Regional Office 2/n
They were indifferent as it was the norm

I warned the Dealers, documented their malpractices but stopped short of suspending the Sale as that would involve massive logistics issues of arranging an alternative.

Finally, I had enough. Situation was getting out of control 3/n
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Throughout the second half of the last century, Branding was used as the product differentiator. Most of the products were manufactured in house, with very limited outsourcing. 1/n
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Many make fun of my bald, pot bellied, rotund figure. Not that I care a fig about how I look. But there are certain advantages I have over others because of my Assets(!). 1/n
Take the bald head for example. I need to cut my hair only once in 4 months and dont have to worry about greying. Drying my hair after a headbath is very easy. All I have to do is to pass a hand over the head from front to back. 2/n
No towels and no worried looks at hair stuck to the towels. Hair oils and Shampoos purchased last a life time. And of course, I dont need a comb or a hair brush. And above all I dont have to worry about missus getting lost in a crowd in a shopping mall. 3/n
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I have/had many hobbies. Crossword was one such

Crosswords helped me analyze, think, rack my brain and identify the ideal solutions.

My father initiated this hobby. 1/n
Though we share many interests, some of the family members were also interested in other hobbies we shared like Reading, Music, Sports. Mother was interested in Music, brother and sister in Reading, and brother again in Sports. 2/n
Photography was my exclusive domain for you can't expect three Capricorns and one Taurus to have any kind of aesthetic sense. Crossword was where the minds of my father and me were in sync. He would get hold of the paper first in the morning. 3/n
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Statutory Warning - No Outrages as Comments. Use decent language. Dont tag anyone. Feel free to add to the discussion in a cultured manner, if you feel like

Sometimes I wish we were not such a permissive democracy - well! We are in a way! 1/n
We permitted any nonsense under the guise of democracy, maybe because we lacked the leadership and will to take hard decisions. Here are some of the things I would like to happen in India, but am sure won't, 2/n
Throw Arundhathi Roy into a common jail (no special privileges) along with petty women thieves,prostitutes, & some tough nuts with about 20 people sharing one jail. Keep her there for a month and if that doesnt put a lid on her anti national tongue, give her a one way ticket 3/n
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7 Sep
This could be an unpopular thread. It is on Politics. I request all of you to kindly not outrage, nor tag leaders

I am concerned about Reserved Seats. I am not getting into the debate of whether Reservation of any form is necessary or not. Let that be for another thread. 1/n
We already have reservations for SC/ST in our Electoral Arena with seats earmarked for them. As per the new law, these Reserved Seats are to be changed regularly so that one constituency don't end up being a Reserved Seat in perpetuity.2/n
A few years ago there was a big push for Womens' Reservation Bill in the Parliament whereby 33% of the Seats in LS and Assemblies are Reserved for Women. 3/n
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