Hey twitterinos! It's thread time!!!

To start off, Kenney removing speech therapy in Alberta schools. Really? He truly is a grade A piece of shit. He should be black marked in the event that he ever, I don't know, thought of adopting children and some poor souls got stuck with
him. This is one of the most repulsive things he's done. I really do wonder sometimes if he's naturally this vile, or if he strives to be hated by everyone.

Something else that I've been thinking about, does anyone else think that Kenney has an alternate angle to appointing a
black MLA as a Justice Minister in the height of the BLM movement?

Another point to ponder. I spoke to a couple people tonight while at work and, what is the real beef that Conservatives have with PM Trudeau? Truly?

Is it the name? Is it that he's very confident in himself and
that spits in the face of the Conservative way?

I know the corruption, or perception of corruption, will be a point of argument but, is it more significant than what any other party partakes in? I spoke with someone tonight, and for full disclosure I'm not sure of her political
leanings, but her beef was with PM Trudeau. She DID acknowledged that she's not a fan of the Conservatives, but that was it. This is AT LEAST the second person to articulate that the issue with the Liberals doesn't seem to be the Liberals themselves, but with the leader.

As we
were talking another guy entered the room we were in and chimed in on the conversation. What came next I found very interesting. He was a paramedic and he shared a story about golfing with somebody pretty high up in the federal Conservatives party. According to him, this golf
partner said he thinks the Liberals are going to get a majority in the next election. I know minority governments are typically desired by many to get the best results without abuse of power, however, I'd love to see this play out and watch the Liberals stick it to the cancer
across the aisle. I'm excited to hear what they've got coming at the throne speech.

Another question for my incredible audience, is there anything that the current CPC could do to swing your opinion to believe that they're more moderate and not the extremists so many know them
to be?

As for the provincial matters at hand, out of what I've gathered from speaking to people, the NDP seem to be pegged as a centralist party. If they're centralist, what is the Alberta Party? What is the draw of the Alberta Party in comparison to the NDP? I'd love to hear
some genuine feedback. I'll be honest, I'm expecting a far better response than something about them being more Conservative. The Conservative draw in Alberta is nothing short of nauseating, and it's not coincidental that a good number of people look back on Rachel's time in
office as one of positivity and reason to be encouraged. One of the biggest draws for me personally was the acknowledgment of the need to diversify. This has been the biggest problem this province has had. We're suckers for the Conservatives and it's mind boggling to me, even
before this latest brand of imposters that, they quite literally have nothing to show for years and years of this highly desired resource. Did we get stiffed on royalties this entire time? Or did they just blow it on all types of worthless shit, like their own pockets? We are
THE most predictable province in this country, and yet, we continue to give the right the benefit of the doubt because of the scary........................anything else. We have a province full of cowboys, tough construction workers, and oil workers but the thought of giving a
real fair shot to the "other side" is scary as hell.....

We all need to remember something, and to some this might be new news, but the reason we're in this hole is because of the Conservatives. Present gov't and governments of yesteryear. We had a one term break. This doesn't
lie at the feet of the NDP. Nothing like accruing 44 years of turmoil and debt and expecting a turn around in 4 years..........

Change is needed. Not a shuffling of deck chairs.

There was something else that caught my eye as I scanned my timeline today. @ogeorge1 tweeted that
"There is a groundswell of opposition to US-dominated, Conservative, right-wing media in Canada."

This is EXCELLENT news. Great work by @CailinasEirinn and the work put in on the #mediapetition. This is going to be huge.

Alright, that's it for tonight folks.
Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Much love as always.

The Insider

#FireTheUCP #GeneralStrikePlease #PurgeTheShit
Much love from the Insider.

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19 Sep
Ok, it's thread time. I want to hit this while I've got the energy and some fire.

Lets start with Kenney coming and demanding 6.5 billion from PM Trudeau for, equalization payback? First off, Kenney knows how the equalization formula works. Secondly, he knows Trudeau won't
be strong armed by the little angry man pretending to govern Alberta. And what, Jason thought threatening to engage in a "war" if it's denied? Has he fallen completely off his fucking rocker?

So let me see if I have this straight. This is the idiot who keeps digging more and
more debt and is not contemplating bringing in a PST (which some see as some type of bold move). Bold? Not bold. Convenient. The province is sitting at 39% approval of this cretin. His name is already shit. What is a PST going to do aside from continue the fall down down down
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31 Aug
Ok, it's thread time. Now I need to precede this with mentioning that I have enough for 2 maybe even 3 threads but I'm going to start with 1. Not enough time to do all of that right now haha.

Ok to start, thank you to all the educators, EA's, and any and all school staff that
are employed to allow our kids to return to school in these very bizarre times under this government. The government is shit, and we all know that. I will stand on the side of the educators each and every single time.

Ok, so I guess I should start with a tweet I made a couple
days ago in regards to this back to school plan being the kiss of death for this government. I'm just going to step through the steps that I've been replaying through my mind for the last however long.

We are sending kids, educators and all school staff into a very poor
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23 Aug
So to start, much love to my followers. I've been real fortunate to find myself being included on lists as an account that people value hearing from. I appreciate it greatly. I speak from the heart, I usually use my head, and my mouth is a bit
foul but it seems to click with many of you and for that i'm grateful.

Next, another huge thanks to those that got together for the rally and chalking event on Friday. It was very heartwarming to see so many get together and stand up for what so many of us find valuable.
I felt awful as I couldn't make it out as I worked a night shift the evening earlier but I hope to come out to future rallies. We know they're coming.

Ok, so onto the COVID situation. In it's entirety. I spoke with my boss today and the fact is, regardless of political alignment
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19 Aug
Ok, now for my rage thread. I wish I would have had the opportunity to write this directly after hearing the COVID presser because I had far more naturally occurring rage, but here it goes.

So I know many of you read my thread about religion from a few weeks ago and what came
to light today just continues to feed my hate for religion.

So my wife and I sat down and were watching the presser prior to me going to grab dinner and drop my daughter off, and within the first few minutes Dr. Hinshaw mentions that there was a group of 15 individuals infected
with COVID in the last few days, and that the 15 were part of a group of 150 people. She continued on to say that it was a gathering of pentacostles. In addition to these infected people, there was an article that came out 2 days ago saying that 17 people of an evangelical
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17 Aug
It's time for a thread, and I've got fire in the belly tonight.

To start, a bit of a blurb on the Flames game today. To be fair I never watched the game but what I gathered from my Flames followers it sounded like there may have been some questionable calls, but don't quote me.
I have to say considering how strong of a team Dallas has, and then to add in that the Flames are missing Tkachuk, I think they're doing well. They have talent, and when they play their game they can be a threat. I thought Dallas had a fair
edge when the series started but this has been a good series so far. I can see this series going the distance and if Calgary's goaltending can stay strong, and they can get Tkachuk back I give them a real fighters chance to win.

Now onto some other things.

Can someone explain
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13 Aug
Yes, it's thread time!!!

Ok to start off, I want to thank all my followers! I love the camaraderie on here and that there are so many great people, with many open to conflicting opinions with and with many passions, including hockey and politics. You all rock and thanks for
having me be a part of your twitterverse!

Ok, so to start Andrew Scheers last day as the head of the CPC party is today. Thank god. I don't expect us to have any less crying, gaslighting, and pissing and moaning but I'll be glad to see the pseudo Canadian gone. On that note,
the next time the Liberals get a majority (hedging a bet they'll be the next ones to get one), they need to put through legislation to dismantle everything that the Conservatives stand for. There is no point in giving them any room to breathe. They are nothing more than a
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