I don't know a lot about it. But I've been told that historically agent performance was evaluated as part of the successes/failures of the squad the agent was assigned to. They work in pairs normally, but are part of a bigger squad of between 12 and 20 agents normally.
When the "squad" was evaluated, it was "group effort" and "group success". Agents didn't worry about their individual stats, accomplishments, "attaboys". That fostered an environment of accountability -- weak agents on a squad were trained and taught by experienced agents.
The individualized evaluation system creates selfishness -- agents want to work on their own cases where they are case agent so they get credit at eval time. They are less willing to work on squad cases that take them away from working their own cases.
That also allows blame-shifting and finger-pointing for negative events. Again -- this is second and third hand info about the "Good Old Days" when things were done differently.

• • •

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18 Sep
So, Ron - here's how it works. The Fifth Amendment says no person shall be deprived of life, LIBERTY OR PROPERTY without Due Process.
Mayor Jenny Durkan is an elected official. In that capacity she acts with "the color of law."
18 USC sec. 242 makes it a crime to, under color of law, willfully subject any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution.
The conduct under review is not what she allowed CHOPers to do, its whether her decision to concede parts of Seattle to the CHOPers subjected OTHER RESIDENTS of Seattle to deprivation of their "liberty" or "property" under color of law.
Read 5 tweets
17 Sep
A "calibrating" comment in AG Barr's speech yesterday at Hillsdale College:

"We need to recognize that and must take to heart the Supreme Court’s recent, unanimous admonition that “not every corrupt act by state or local officials is a federal crime.”
I read this to mean that "decisions" by senior Obama officials are not going to be criminalized. But the corruption will be revealed. Actions taken by individuals will be the subject of criminal indictments.
It also means that the ultimate decision about who is included and who is not included in any criminal charges is going to be Barr's, not Durham's.
And I think Barr will go full-on and talk/testify about who was not charged -- but why they acted corruptly.
Read 4 tweets
14 Sep
Until 10-15 years ago the policy was very much the result of "We're the FBI and we do things our own way." Better/worse wasn't part of the calculus. They followed the procedures in place for 80+ years.
There is another very odd feature of FBI that is different than just about every other agency -- the "Lead" system. If an Agent in Los Angeles is case agent on an investigation, and has an important witness to interview in Chicago, the agent from LA does not make the trip.
The agent in LA sends a "Lead" to Chicago, and an agent there who knows nothing about the case goes out and does the interview, and sends the 302 back to LA. I always thought it was crazy but that was the procedure.
Read 4 tweets
13 Sep
The system is built upon the concept of integrity by the sworn law enforcement officials. I didn't take an oath in every hearing to tell the judge only "the truth", but I had that obligation every time I opened my mouth.
There is no question that individual federal agents -- in all agencies -- have betrayed their oaths in the manner in which they did their jobs, and manipulating the paperwork is one way that can happen. There are a dozen or more other ways it can happen as well.
But only an idiot - and I personalize that on purpose -- would argue that the non-recording policy was put in place 80 years ago by Hoover so Agents could write whatever they wanted and then testify to it in order to convict completely innocent people.
Read 5 tweets
13 Sep
I'm not going down that rabbit hole. It's a policy that goes back to Hoover. The view historically was that the agent is more deliberate, and thinks through the witness's answer and the implications of the answer more thoroughly if the process goes slower.
There is also the view that recording allows the public at large to see and understand the ways agents are taught to extract information - including with misleading questions meant to trip up the subject. The introduce "false" information to see if the subject will "bite".
The more the public is aware of the tactics, the more people called into interviews might be prepared to counter them, and the interviews become less productive.
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13 Sep
I was pretty much right where McCarthy was, and we were both of that view because we understood the policies that were in place to prevent the abuses that were being alleged. Only after that was it revealed that Sr. FBI and DOJ management circumvented those policies.
The MOST strident advocates for calling out what FBI management did are retired FBI who worked in the system, know the rules, and know none of this could have happened without corruption in the decision-making process at the top. And that is what the investigation is revealing.
For me, the real turning point was the reliance on Steele's memos in the Page affidavit when they were not confirmed through other sourcing, and Steele didn't have personal knowledge -- only second and third hand accounts. That is just not done -- ever.
Read 4 tweets

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