Did Hanuman ji k!ll innocent civilians?

This is what happens when Mlecchas fail to read the context before blabbering.

Let me tell you what actually happened there
Hanuman ji knew that a war is inevitable, Sri Ram will attack lanka with his Army, his task was to weaken the Lankan defenses.

He k!lled a section of Lankan army, now he had to destroy the fort, he says only destruction of fort is left
शेषं दुर्गविनाशनम्(5.54.3)
He said - दुर्गे विनाशिते कर्म भवेत्सुखपरिश्रमम्
Work willbe much easier if this fort is destroyed.

So he went on to destroy the fort with fire.

But he did not burn buildings randomly, he chose specific builduings to burn,
It was more like a surgical strike, he went to houses of prominent leaders if Lanka and Lankan army and set fire to them, he did not burn Vibhishan's house,
Houses of Indrajit, Jumabali, Kumbhakaran etc. Were burned by him.

He did not randomly burn houses.
Common innocent civilians were not
k!lled randomly as being shown.

That was a war and these things happen in a war. But it is clear that Hanuman ji had no intention to harm any innocent civilian that's why he destroyed only specific builduings.

• • •

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17 Sep
Welcome to today's episode of

"The Low IQ Arheist"

He searches Google and finds Translation of Christian Griffith and quotes it without using brain

Rigveda 8.33.17 says that

इन्द्रश्चिद्घा तदब्रवीत्स्त्रिया अशास्यं मनः । उतो अह क्रतुं रघुम् ।।

It says Women have -
अशास्यं मनः - A mind that cannot be controlled by others (men)

रघुम्- mind that works fast

Acharya Sayana Says, Raghu means Laghu, which is Wrongly translated as "Of little weight" by Griffith, Here it means "That works quickly" and used in same meaning in Ramayna Image
See Valmiki Ramayana 2.46.21
यावद् एव संसुप्ताः तावद् एव वयं लघु रथम् आरूह्य गच्छामः

We will quickly climb on chariot and go whole they sleep
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15 Sep
Welcome to today's episode of

"The Low IQ Atheist"

This is exactly what a FooI looks like, They have no idea what they are saying.

BG 3.12 -

Shankaracharya says, Devas satisfied by Yajñas bless us with animals,wealth children etc. Those enjoy these without repaying....
To devas are thieves.

How we repay to Devas? Through good Karma, helping others, doing charity, donating.

This is in relation with Aprigraha mentioned in Yogadarshan and this very concept also reflects in Manusmriti where accumulation of wealth is discouraged
In fact this concept is also in Vead obviously as Vedas arw source of whole Dharma.
Rigveda 10/117/6 -

मोघमन्नं विन्दते अप्रचेताः सत्यं ब्रवीमि वध इत्स तस्य नार्यमणं पुष्यति नो सखायं केवलाघो भवति केवलादी

Those who don't share with others, who eats alone are sinners.
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9 Sep
Another Copy Paste Fakery-

Rigveda 8.33.17 says that

इन्द्रश्चिद्घा तदब्रवीत्स्त्रिया अशास्यं मनः । उतो अह क्रतुं रघुम् ।।

It says Women have -

अशास्यं मनः - A mind that cannot be controlled by others (men)

रघुम्- mind that works fast.

Not what you say
Yajurveda 6.5

तद्विष्णोः परमं पदँ सदा पश्यन्ति सूरयो दिवीव चक्षुराततम्

Vishnu is the highest and sees all

8.2 -

कदा चन स्तरीरसि नेन्द्र सश्चसि दाशुषे । उपोपेन्नु मघवन्भूय इन्नु ते दानं देवस्य पृच्यते । आदित्येभ्यस्त्वा

This mantra is about Indra, not even remotely close
Rigveda 10.95.15
He posted only half translation of mantra effectively hiding the context-

The mantra is -

पुरूरवो मा मृथा मा प्र पप्तो मा त्वा वृकासो अशिवास उ क्षन् । न वै स्त्रैणानि सख्यानि सन्ति सालावृकाणां हृदयान्येता॥

Here first part says "do not d!e" ...
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9 Sep
Exposing Propaganda against Hinduism

Many websites, Books for various examinations, are quoting this mantra

Atharva Veda 6.2.3 and saying that it "Promotes" female Infant!cide
That's totally Fake I will show how -
Atharva Veda 6.2.3 -

सुनोता सोमपाव्ने सोममिन्द्राय वज्रिणे । युवा जेतेशानः स पुरुष्टुतः

This mantra talks about Indra, who was Vajra.

Nowhere it says anything against Girl child.
वज्रिन् literally means one who hold Vajra
इन्द्राय- For Indra

How come it even remotely talks about not wanting girl child?
Read 5 tweets
8 Sep
Punishment for atheists and Blasphemers in Hinduism- (Thread)

Numerous Atheists are trying to show that Hinduism is harsh on atheists and there are very hard pu punishments for disbelief.

They are all Wrong, I this thread I will show what the punishments actually are.
First let's see what Manusmriti says-
According to Manusmriti 2.11, Medhatithi translation -

An atheist is a person who insults Vedas with "False logic"

You are allowed to question Vedas and Hinduism with proper logic but Insults and and baseless allegations not allowed.
The punishment is that -

An Atheist is not allowed to participate in Rituals, Not allowed to teach children and not honoured

This is punishment for "Insulting" not only disbelieving
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8 Sep
Congratulations, that's 100% wrong, you made a fooI of yourself.

Yajurveda 7.44 - Talks about winning against enemies in field of battle, nothing related to Blasphemy.

Atharveda 11.2.23 uses word अयज्वनः made from यज् दाने It means those people who are, parasites in society
Atharva Veda 11.2.21 again DO NOT talk about Blasphemers anywhere it talks about destroying kingdom of those mischievous people who Harms us and animals.

The word Pashupati has been used in that context.
Rigveda 9.13.9 -. Words used are अपघ्नन्तो अरावणः, अराव्णः dosent mean infidel it's made from रा दाने Hence it means Selfish or parasite.
Read 5 tweets

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