I wonder if anyone's ever done a project trying to trace back various assumptions people make about how certain things work to the media that helped create those assumptions.

There's a lot of ideas that seem almost entirely inspired by fiction that people still hold on to.
This seems to end up, ironically, further shaping fiction as those tropes get repeated forward.

Thinking about the "hardboiled detective" trope tweet from earlier. It seems like people embrace an idea that an investigator would have to be entirely impartial?
And then the detective being an asshole is a sort of defense mechanism to never get too close?

And then somehow trouble arises when a detective does let themselves open up at all?

Or sometimes it's just that they're so much smarter than others they can't connect?
But it all sort of feeds back into a general misconception about how bias and impartiality work and reinforces this notion that caring about something means you can't distance yourself from it, and therefore you can't examine it clearly.
Which in turn seems to have eventually reinforced this notion that you can be the smartest person in the room simply by not caring about what everyone else cares about, or at least convincing yourself you don't, making you the only person not blinded by bias.
And it's one of a number of concepts that people seem to have embraced where if you actually examine where it comes from it seems largely reinforced by fiction rather than based on anything demonstrable in the real world.

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18 Jul
The economy has never actually improved under conservative leadership but sure, lets keep pretending that right-wing complaints about how responses to the virus are going to kill the economy deserve anything other than the biggest possible, "FUCK YOU".
The trick to save the economy during an absolutely necessary shutdown is take all the money currently going to pay police to beat people and all the money currently going to buy the military the latest version of equipment that will never actually get used and give it to people.
And the entire fucking reason why instead everyone has to worry about paying their goddamn rent is because the treasonous, shitbrained conservatives in this godforsaken country consider it more important to make sure instead that billionaires have even more billions.
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23 Jun
There's a number of rural-dwelling left-leaning types who've discussed their experiences with the assumptions a lot of the rest of us tend to make about "red states", namely that a lot of those places...aren't so red.
Like, there are conservatives living in those areas, but where most of us picture endless waves of confederate flags down the streets of these places, there's a lot more left-leaning types than we tend to assume.
And a lot of the actual working class people are less conservative, at least in the way conservatism tends to be on the national level, than we think they are.

Where we see voting trending rightward in those places is often because of who's disenfranchised.
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2 May
Given the number of people who've just started doing Instacart, I have a feeling Instacart probably really isn't going to feel much of an impact from people striking.

If people are apparently okay breaking TOS to use third-party apps, I don't think they care about solidarity.
What Instacart WILL end up feeling is the number of shoppers, both short term and long term, who quit working because the pay isn't worth the effort and it's especially not worth watching batches appear and then immediately disappear with barely a chance to accept one.
And they're going to feel the number of customers who stop shopping through them because of too many issues with shitty shoppers, most of whom are going to be from the waves of people who just started doing Instacart and are already pissing off store employees.
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9 Apr
I'm getting really fucking tired of voting being discussed in terms of who owes who what.

No one owes anyone anything, except that our elected politicians owe us doing the best fucking job they can.
Who owes who what is irrelevant outside of that.

The idea of witholding votes because you don't owe a certain politician, or that you owe the frontrunner a vote, are completely goddamn irrelevant.

It's a primary. People run, someone wins, then people do or do not vote for them.
Sometimes the best candidate in the primary wins, sometimes not.

None of that has anything to do with who owes who what.

We go through the primary process, someone gets the nomination, then you decide if you're voting for the nominee.
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6 Apr
What if Biden won?

I mean, a lot of the assumption that Biden is going to lose is based on leftists clinging to the notion that what caused Clinton to lose to Trump is that the Dems ran a centrist instead of backing Bernie...despite her lead in the popular vote and GOP cheating.
I know it's more convenient to the pro-Bernie narrative if Clinton lost because of how much everyone actually hates her, but the popular vote numbers kind of suggest that fuckery to capture the EC played the biggest role in Trump winning.
It's actually really fucking weird how any talk of Putin interfering STILL gets dismissed as desperate centrist conspiracy theories...by the same people convinced that Warren ran for the express purpose of ensuring Bernie loses to Biden.
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21 Mar
I see the usual suspects are pretending to not understand the difference between "candidate accepts donation" and "SuperPAC candidate has no control over accepts donation" because whatever lets people pretend there was only one progressive running this time around...
"She only stayed in the race because that money!"

The money that didn't go to her campaign?

The money that she couldn't direct the use of, including rejecting it, because that would be coordinating with the SuperPAC?
No conspiracy theories about Warren are going to change that Dem voters don't really seem to be embracing Bernie to the extent that a lot of his supporters just seemed to assume they would.

The DNC pushing Biden doesn't require some weird fucking conspiracy involving Warren.
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