Jose Garza's smooth $40k from the texas justice and safety pac. Must be nice. I'm sure they don't want anything in return.
Guess who the largest donor to the texas justice and safety pac is???
Soros is so interested in Justice and Peace in Travis County and Texas that his stupid PAC doesn't even have a website. He's obviously just trying to destroy Texas one stupid DA at a time.
@TexasWhiteHats Just FYI. Thought you might be interested. Soros is using a PAC called Texas Justice and Publice Safety to elect all his DA's in Texas. He already did this in Bexar County by spending $1 million. He's trying to do it in Austin with Jose Garza.
Abbott tried addressing this in the past but that obviously has not deterred soros.…
See tweet below about falsehoods that Garza is spewing. Someone is giving him talking points.
Greg Casar, who is a local socialist city council member and celebrated defunding the police, endorsed Jose Garza. He said that Garza has the ability to be the most progressive DA in the country. If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.

• • •

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More from @rbrt987

28 Sep
Soros' PAC contributed $368,788 to Jose Garza through in kind contributions in Garza's July 2020 campaign finance report. Then get this -- Garza flips $10k back to them for "advertising expense." 🧐🧐🧐
For those of you that are skeptical that Soros is involved. Sauce below. Image
This is one of the DA's that Soros got elected in Dallas, TX in 2018…
Read 9 tweets
27 Sep
No wonder Casar cares so much about abortion. Someone close to him is a board member on the Network of Abortion Funds. Can't make this stuff up.
In case anyone was wondering why city council prioritizes funding abortion during the pandemic over helping local businesses.
They have a link to Janes Due Process on their website which is the abortion "access" provider of choice of the city of austin during pandemics.…
Read 4 tweets
27 Sep
Going through more campaign finance reports for Jose Garza. He's got some really weird and really wealthy donors. One is Stardust which is run out Houston. Not sure why they would give $25,000 to Jose Garza, but they did. They label themselves as activists.
It appears that they make their money through fine art. For those that don't know, expensive art is one of the best ways to launder money.…
Beautiful art pieces they have. 🤮🤮🤮
Read 10 tweets
26 Sep
ICYMI Greg Casar donated $700 to the Austin Justice Coalition. He donated this because this it the money the police association donated to him. He said he'd donate $1200, but he's a liar so doesn't surprise me he only donated $700.…
The problem with this is that it isn't really a donation because the Austin Justice Coalition isn't really a non-profit.
You can read more about the AJC on this thread from @CanariesBlue

If AJC isn't a non-profit, then they are a for profit company. Fine. Well then you are a business. What is their business? Where do they gain profit from? They need people to remain "oppressed" and upset to make money doing what they do. They need chaos to get "donations."
Read 7 tweets
26 Sep
What we have in this country is an increase in organized crime disguised under the social justice movement. I don't think the mob could have done it better. You buy out local politicians, county attorneys, DA's and then defund the police. This allows crime to go unchecked.
The beauty is in the next couple of steps. You have an issue with citizens getting upset, so you rig elections. Citizens still might get upset, so you fund "non-profits" to yell at anyone that opposes you or disagrees with you. It's really a beautiful plan.
Americans have to wake up and pay attention because we are getting closer to a potential checkmate. One side is screaming for no police. This equals unchecked criminals. The other is screaming for more funding. That could equal unquestioned power if wielded incorrectly.
Read 5 tweets
24 Sep
Jose Garza's July 2020 Campaign Finance report is a doozy. He has over 1000 pages in this one. I'm through the A's. He has a lot of people donating tiny amounts under $2. Just in people with last name starting with an 'A' he has 60 unemployed people donating to him.
Guess if you are unemployed and donating to him, you are hoping for a handout when the communist regime begins.
As far as job's listed in the A's of his campaign finance report. You have people from google recruiting, Sr product manager at Amazon, tons of college admins & professors (MIT, NY Dept Ed, UCSB, UCSD, U of Iceland, HCC) and someone that works with the Attorney General of Texas
Read 5 tweets

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