Hinduism is Science!!!

Sanatan is scientific as it is based on what can be intuited, known and experienced

No need for any blind belief to qualify for heaven

The Ancient Rishis had profound insights not only in spiritual but also worldly matters


Few examples 👇

Namaskar 🙏

We greet by joining both palms and give respect

Joining both hands ensures tips of all fingers pressed together which activates pressure points of eyes, ear and mind which help us to remember that person for long time

No physical contact, no germ transfer 🙏

Toe ring (woman)

Worn on second toe, a nerve from it connects uterus and passes to heart

Wearing Toe ring strengthen uterus, will keep it healthy by regulating blood flow and menstrual cycles will be regularized

Silver is good conductor, wiil observe some energy


The spot in middle of eyebrows is considered as major nerve point

Red Tilak/Kumkum prevents loss of energy, retains it and controls level of concentration

While applying this point is pressed and facilitates increased blood circulation to face muscles

Bells in Temples

Ringing of bells clears mind and hepl us to concentrate fully

Bells are made like such that their sound create unity in left and right side of brain

Ringing sound lasts for minimum 7 sec in echo which activates our body chakras and remove negativity

Sitting on floor while eating

It's not just sitting, it's about sitting in Sukhasan than eating

We usually sit in cross-legged or Sukhasan which brings a sense of calmness and help in digestion

It triggers the signal to brain to prepare stomach for digestion

Not to sleep keeping head in North

Human body has its own 🧲 field due to flow of blood and Earth is giant 🧲

Keeping head in North, our 🧲 field become asymmetric with Earth's

And Iron in blood starts to congregate in Brain, this can cause headache, cognitive decline etc


Adhipati Marma, A nexus of all nerves

Shikha protects this spot

Below in brain occurs Brahmarandhra(Seventh & highest Chakra with thousands petalled Lotus) where Sushmana connects from lower body

Knotted Shikha boosts this and conserve it's subtle energy (Ojas)

Touching feets

When we touch feets with respect and reduced ego their heart emits positive energy, which reaches to us through hands and toe

Complete circuit enables flow of energy and a connection between two minds and hearts

We gain what is positive in other

This just a surface

I tried to represent, whole ocean is waiting for us

Let's go and have a dive in that is great Science wherein we get all knowledge of any field of Science



@Dharma_Yoddhaa @rightwingchora @InfoVedic @ShefVaidya @vedicvishal @VedicWisdom1 @_OScience

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26 Sep
I am daily posting "Aaj ka Panchang"

But have anyone noticed that name of this month is "Adhika Ashwin" usually it should be "Ashwin" only?

Why it's named so?

How the names of months are named?

What is "Adhika Masa"
What is it's significance?

What we should do in this?

There are two types of months naming system

🔹Saura Mana

🔹Chandra Mana

Solar months are named on Rashis in which Sun is currently present with respect to earth

Lunar months are named on Nakshatra in which Purnmashi occurs

According to Hindu calendar

Solar year is the time of one revolution of Earth around Sun
Lunar month is time of revolution of Moon around Earth
one day is time of Earth's rotation around its own axis

These time periods are not fixed arbitrarily 28 days or 30 days

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24 Sep
भगवान को कभी अपना अहँकार मत दिखाओ

एक पौराणिक कथा - कुबेर तीनों लोकों में सबसे धनी थे। एक दिन उन्होंने सोचा कि हमारे पास इतनी संपत्ति है, लेकिन कम ही लोगों को इसकी जानकारी है। इसलिए उन्होंने अपनी संपत्ति का प्रदर्शन करने के लिए एक भव्य भोज का आयोजन करने की बात सोची।

Cont... Image
भगवान शिव उनके इष्ट देवता थे, इसलिए उनका आशीर्वाद लेने वह कैलाश पहुंचे और कहा, प्रभू! आज मैं तीनों लोकों में सबसे धनवान हूं, यह सब आप की कृपा का फल है। अपने निवास पर एक भोज का आयोजन करने जा रहा हूँ, कृपया आप परिवार सहित भोज में पधारने की कृपा करे।

Cont... Image
भगवान शिव कुबेर के मन का अहंकार ताड़ गए, बोले, वत्स! मैं वैरागी हूँ, कहीं बाहर नहीं जाता। कुबेर गिड़गिड़ाने लगे, तब शिव जी ने कहा, एक उपाय है। मैं अपने पुत्र गणपति को तुम्हारे भोज में जाने को कह दूंगा। कुबेर संतुष्ट होकर लौट आए। नियत समय पर कुबेर ने भव्य भोज का आयोजन किया।

Cont. Image
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21 Sep
Veer Abhimanyu

A true warrior who fought till his last breath but never retreated

He is one the personalities of our rich history which needs to be taught to our younger generation not the Mughøls or BøllyDAwood

What are the lessons which we can learn from him..?

A true seeker of knowledge

He was so eager to learn all that falls to his ears that he learnt the complex war formation like "Chakravyuh" in womb of his mother

All students who seeks success in their life should inculcate this quality and be a seeker of knowledge

A true Shishyā

During his childhood only he gained mastery in all weapons to the extant that he was not less than Arjun himself in war

He learnt all this from the Bhagvan Krishna himself (Jagadguru)

A true Shishyā should try to learn all good that his Guru possesses

Read 8 tweets
20 Sep
श्री रामायण 🙏

श्री राम जी का वर्णन

इक्ष्वाकुवंशप्रभवो रामो नाम जनैः श्रुतः |
नियतात्मा महावीर्यो द्यूतिमान धृतिमान् वशी ||


अर्थात : pic 2 👇

बूध्दिमान् नितीमान् वाग्मी श्रीमाञ्छत्रुनिबर्हणः |
विपुलांसो महाबाहूः कम्बुग्रीवो महाहनुः ||


अर्थात : pic 3 👇 ImageImageImage
महोरस्को महेष्वासो गुढजत्रुररिंदमः |
आजानुबाहुः सुशिराः सुललाटः सुविक्रमः ||


अर्थात : pic 1 👇

समः समविभक्ताँगः स्निग्धवर्णः प्रतापवान् |
पीनवक्षा विशालाक्षो लक्ष्मीवाञ्छुभलक्षणः ||


अर्थात : pic 2 👇

@Dharma_Yoddhaa ImageImage
धर्मज्ञः सत्यसंधश्र्च प्रजानां च हिते रतः |
यशस्वीज्ञानसम्पन्नः शुचिर्वश्यः समाधिमान् ||


अर्थात : pic 1 👇

प्रजापतिसमः श्री मान् धाता रिपुनिषूदन |
रक्षिता जीवलोकस्य धर्मस्य परिरक्षिता ||


अर्थात : pic 2 👇 ImageImage
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18 Sep
The Secret Society of

"Nine Unknown Men”

This clandestine organization is a secret and elite group of nine great and powerful people

and is said to be established by one of the most significant emperors of India Ashoka

But is it Myth or Fact??

Let's know what is it..

1/n Image
In 1923 Talbot Mundy wrote a novel named “Nine Unknown Men”
Claiming that it was founded by Emperor Ashoka, around 270 B.C. to protect an advanced knowledge that would be a danger for humanity if it fell into the wrong hands

These Guarding nine books of secret knowledge

2/n Image
Nine Books of subjects–

*Propaganda: contained techniques of propaganda and psychological warfare
By moulding public opinion can rule world

*Physiology: focused on physiology and explained how to kill a person simply by touching him
It involved reversal of a nerve impulse

3/n Image
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9 Sep
Earth rotates

West - 1543 (Nicolaus Copernicus)

Bharat - 2 million years (Sūrya Siddhānta)
presently believed 6th-century BC, which still makes it oldest book on earth in Astronomy to mention Earth as sphere not flat

Sūrya Siddhānta has fourteen chapters

All copied it

1/n ImageImageImage
Al-Biruni 11th-century Persian scholar and polymath mentioned about text named Surya Siddhanta written Lāta

He copied many things from it

Surya Siddhanta attributes the words to an emissary of solar deity as recounted to Maya at end of Satya Yuga two million years ago

2/n Image
Translation of Greek works was taken up in 9th century

Arabs embarked upon translation of Sanskrit texts from India much before that

These works were translated in Arabic by Al-Fazari,who emerged as first Arab Astronomer of great repute

Basically He copied and pasted

Read 7 tweets

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