Studies over the last twenty years have shown that the kind of attachment an infant makes to his mother during the first two years of life will affect his or her relationship to others. 1/n

The mother who meets and responds to her infants need is far less likely to raise an aggressive, antagonistic child than the angry, controlling, severely troubled mother would. 2/n

Psychiatric, neurological, neuropsychological, and family evaluations have revealed that the mixture of brain dysfunction, paranoid misperceptions, and a history of having been raised in a violent, abusive household make a lethal cocktail... 3/n

In Pakistan, the mother often has no control over the environment. Poverty_ill_health, illiteracy, less physical strength and domination by males make it impossible for the mother to give her infant a healthy, 4/n

secure and peaceful environment in order to prevent her babies from.growing up to be violent individuals. 5/5


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11 Sep
Then there were the large private donations, mostly from Muslims, all around the world but particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. 1/n
Osama Bin Laden, at this tine a highly esteemed conduit for CIA and Saudi intelligence funds, used his construction companies to build bunkers, arms depots, roads and many other facilities. 2/n
for the mujehadin groups he favoured. He also acted as a major collecting and distribution agent for other large_scale donors, particularly Saudi businessmen and religious charities. 3/n
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1 Sep
This time, the traditional Muslim empire would not come. Dozens of Muslim states dotted the world map, disunited by arbitrary borders - a Legacy of European colonization. 1/n
#EuropeanColonization #LostIslamicHistory
This disunity proved fatal to the Muslim world. In the Middle East, the inability of Egypt, Jordon, Syria and Lebanon to function effectively together meant that Israel, a nation founded by poor settlers fleeing European oppression, 2/n

#Israel #EuropeanOppression
was able to defeat them all militarily and further establish itself in wars in 1967 and 1973. 3/n
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1 Sep
It would seem that at this point the Muslim world had once again overcome a threatening political power. [ Thread ] #LostIslamicHistory 1/n
The cyclical nature of Islamic history dictated that after a period of weakness and invasion, a new, powerful Muslim empire would arise, reclaiming the glory of the Islamic states. 2/n
After the rise of Christian states in al_Andalus, the Murabitun and Muwahhidun arose in the eleventh and twelfth centuries to unite Ileria abd North Africa. 3/n
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29 Aug
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, a Catholic archbishop, was appointed in 1499 to speed up the conversation process by harrassme of Spain's Muslim's, persecution and arbitrary imprisonment of those who choose not to convert. 1/n

#SpainMuslims #ForcedConvertion #LostIslamicHistory Image
In his own words, he declared, " if the infidels couldn't be attracted to the road to salvation, they had to be dragged to it. "
The result was an expected rebellion by Spain's Muslims against the oppression. The Muslims of Granada, who had endured eight years of Christian rule but would not endure oppression by the new archbishop, barricaded the narrow streets of Granada and declared their 3/n
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31 Jul
[ Dictators And Oil Barons ]

Despite declining oil prices and Russia's desperate economic plight, the battle of wills between the USA and Russia will dominate future pipeline competition. Russia remains adamant in keeping the USA out of its Central Asian backyard.
'We cannot help seeing the uproar stirred up in some Western countries over the energy resources of the Caspian. Some seek to exclude Russia from the game and undermine its interests. (2/n)
The so-called pipeline war in the region is part of this game,' saud President Boris Yeltsin in 1998. (3/n)
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31 Jul
#Turkey has become a major player in the new Great Game. Its need for energy and desire to expand its influence prompted Turkish governments to push for becoming the principle route for #CentralAsian energy exports. (1/n)
In the summer of 1997 the #USA and Turkey jointly sponsored the idea of a 'transportation corridor' for a main oil pipeline from #Baku in #Azerbaijan through #Georgia and the #Caucasus to Turkey's Ceyhan port on the #Mediterranean. (2/n)
#Kazakhstan and #Turkmenstan would be encouraged to feed their oil into this pipeline. This, the #USA argued, would give the expensive and lengthy Baku-Ceyhan route the necessary oil volumes to make the project financially viable. (3/n)
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