For many months she thought she was pregnant because the "Tummy" was big and mehn...she needed a child after 8yrs of marriage.

Scan revealed it was "Fibroid" but her church mama told her it's a child...she saw it in a vision...

Days turned to weeks and later months, the waist pain was now unbearable, mama's vision turned to "Vision 2020" she ran to Ibadan for herbal medicine!

Guess who advised her not to go for was "Mama", in Ibadan she was given herbs, after which she started bleeding...
She bled to death!...This woman was counseled on surgically removing that fibroid but she trusted mama.

But that's not the twist, guess who has undergone surgery to remove her own fibroid...MAMA!!!

AND this is no TALE!!!

Let's Talk About "FIBROID" For Those That Will LISTEN!
• What Is A FIBROID?

- It's a non-cancerous growth on the womb that occurs during child bearing age of women i.e 12-51yrs

- Many women have fibroid but do not know because they often do not show any symptom.
• Symptoms Of FIBROID
In Women that have symptoms, the most common symptoms are;

1. Heavy menstrual bleeding

2. Painful menstruation

3. Menstrual bleeding lasting more than 1week

4. Pelvic pain

5. Frequent urination

6. Constipation

7. Back pain

8. Pain during sex
• Who Are At Risk Of Getting FIBROID
1. Women of reproductive age

2. Black women are more likely to have fibroid than a white woman

3. Hereditary, it's more likely if any of your relative has fibroid

4. Obesity increases risk

5. Drinking alcohol

6. Vitamin D deficiency etc
• When To See A Doctor
Most fibroids do not even require treatment but if you notice the ff;

- Pelvic pain that doesn't go away
- Heavy, prolonged and painful period
- Spotting and bleeding in between period
- Difficulty urinating
- Unexplained low blood level

• Does FIBROID Cause Infertility?

- Fibroid won't stop a woman from getting pregnant as many women deliver with fibroid but it can also cause miscarriage and infertility.

- When the fibroid occupies the space where the baby is supposed to stay in the womb...miscarriage happens
Don't allow another person to learn with your demise!

Allow mama's to advise you on "mama issues" and allow doctors to advise you on medical issues!

This death was avoidable!!!


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Have A Bliss Filled Week!!!

• • •

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19 Sep
Few days ago...

Guy: Doc e be like say na infection, I no fit piss and my body dey swell

Doc: Oshey Doc!, shey I don tell you to stop bleaching

Guy: Doc na skin toning, no be bleaching

A kidney test later..."KIDNEY DEY FAIL"

Abeg make we yarn "SKIN BLEACHING"
#OdogwuTales Image
First of all, make we run small intro...

• Wetin Dey Make Person Skin Black?

- There's something in the human skin called "MELANIN". It's responsible for the color of the skin

- The more MELANIN on the skin, the darker, the less melanin, the fairer you become.

Shey you grab? Image

- It's the act of making the skin lighter or fairer by using a body cream that reduces the number of melanin found on the skin.

- The body cream used would have a "Bleaching Agent" that reduces the melanin.

"I no say you dey reason...Agent kwa🤔" ImageImage
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18 Sep
(Who You Marry Matters...)

"Don't you dare touch my grandson" my grandmum (May her soul R.I.P) shouted on my father as he was about to discipline me

Were you not stubborn like him at his age, she continued,"The apple does not fall far from the tree"

He got it from you...

I guess that's "NATURE" same way I look like mum and have the color of my dad. I inherited these things from them when they both gave me 23 chromosomes each making it 46.

But my parents "NUTURED" me by disciplining and training me to be calm, environment..
played a role, the university and all my friends played a role in making me who I am today.

So in summary...
• NATURE (Inherited trait from both parents)
• NURTURE (Environment, upbringing and life experiences)

No wonder two couples who met themselves on a football pitch...
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18 Sep
Guys, Duduke came around with "Nelson Junior"...

Me: See fine boy, hope you know say na 6months exclusive!

She: So your gender will hold a minute silence for my fallen breast after 6months...Docki nooooo!!!

Me: Who told you breastfeeding causes breast to sag?

She reminded me how my gender has been on a bodyshaming spree on the TL

Yesterday it was a lady celebrating being cancer free and today it's a young innovative girl

Before we hold a minute silence for your empty skull..Lets Talk

- The breasts goes through many changes during pregnancy and grow larger to prepare for breastfeeding.

- So immediately after child birth, breast milk fills the breast, making it bigger and further stretching the skin.
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17 Sep

N/B: "That it worked twice for you doesn't mean it's the right thing to do"

She delivered her 2 kids at home and all of sudden she felt those registering for ANC had excess money to waste...

Few minutes ago she was rushed in...BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!

Her blood pressure was low and her heart beat was racing, these are signs of someone in "SHOCK"

"Shock is when you don't have enough blood circulating around your body"

She don dey bleed since she deliver, they said...

Me: This woman is having "POST PARTUM HEMORRHAGE"

-Let's break it down
Post Partum- After Childbirth
Hemorrhage- Bleeding

Post Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) is significant bleeding or loss of blood after child birth.

It's the NO.1 cause of death in women whilst pregnant or 42days after pregnancy.
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16 Sep
One major thing that brings people to the hospital is "PAIN" and today it brought a young man in his 20's, broad chested with muscles and beards...

Now he wasn't just in pains, he kept say "Doc abeg do something" and he said this with tears!

Now That's Serious!

After examination, I noticed he had "ACUTE APPENDICITIS", I asked the mother to take him for an ultrasound that confirmed my diagnosis

"He has to operated on immediately" I told the mother

Guy: Operation!, Is there no medicine I can take for it

Me: Let's Discuss "APPENDICITIS"

Breaking It Down
-Inflammation: It's the body's protective response against infection

-Appendix: It's 3.5-4 inch tube attached to the large intestine.

"Appendicits is the body's reaction to an infected appendix"
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11 Sep

Omoh it was when I had just started this my new job last year, that death certificate was very painful to sign...

He was rushed in with "partial" stroke because Oga has not been taking his drugs...

We managed him, controlled his BP, underwent physiotherapy and within weeks...Oga was like brand new...

I remember sitting him down and telling him the importance of taking his anti-hypertensives regularly and also checking his BP always...

He thanked me and left...
I later heard he went to the church and did thanksgiving of how the enemy almost had him but thank God...He has been "cured"

He was a leader in the church and he believed he had to lead by example to show them how faith works...He dropped his drugs and no one saw him again...
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