I strongly & unapologetically oppose the calls to recognise same-sex marriage and introduce Hindu rituals in such a farce ceremony.

This will only further dilute the already besieged sanctity of the concept of marriage while defiling Hindu customs in the process.
From a legal stand-point, the concept of marriage exists for legitimising children born from a heterosexual relationship.

Homosexuals can't reproduce, so why should they get married at all?

There are no additional benefits of being married as opposed to a live-in relationship.
A homosexual can live his/her life with a partner of their choice, irrespective of whether they'remarried or not. This doesn't reflect on their individual rights & duties in any way.

First we decriminalised adultery, now this.

Might as well scrap the concept altogether FFS.
On a lighter note, this reminds me of an old joke:

"You want to legalise same-sex marriage? How about we criminalise same-sex divorce? Then let's see how bad they want to get married!" 😏

• • •

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17 Sep
Over my dead body.

My soul will die a thousands deaths the day I speak the language of the wokes & include terms like "privilege", "micro-aggression" & "safe-space" in my vocabulary.

Whatever happened to not aping the West and leading by our own accord?
Never enjoyed this guy's work.
Not a fan of "progressive" elements in the Indian RW.

Instead of speaking "woke" lingo & validating it, it's time to stop playing by the rules set by Indian liberals, who merely import their rhetoric from the West & apply it in the Indian context.
Woke lingo = the language of Cultural Marxists.

"Institutionalized racism", "Casual sexism" & "White privilege" have been imported from the West & wrongly applied in India's context to solidify concepts like "Systematic Casteism", "Brahmanical Patriarchy" & "Savarna Privilege".
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8 Sep
Some quick pointers:

~Last fortnight has been Advantage India

~We've gained control of strategic heights before the onslaught of winter

~Some of these include areas we lost in '62

~The PLA can no longer squeeze more troops into the valley or they risk becoming sitting ducks
~7th Sept firing was the 1st such event at the LAC since 1975 (45 years)

~Our jawans have far more experience in the terrain than the PLA (insurgency+Pakistan)

~We have more & nearer supply depots to the frontline than China, who have to cross a good part of the Tibetan Plateau
~The distance between our two fronts (LAC to LOC) is way lesser than the distance between China's (Ladakh to South China Sea)

~Purely my opinion, but I feel our jawans are more disciplined than the PLA's, whose experience is mainly in stifling domestic anti-CCP dissent at home
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29 Aug
No, you don't get the point.

The rice bag has lost value in a world where food security is no longer a burning issue.

Conversion is still rampant, and the 'ricebag' has been replaced with direct cash, admission quotas & waivers on education fees.

Your ancestors were sell-outs.
In a country "plagued by majoritarianism", there are more minority-run institutions than majority-run institutions, your places of worship are tax-free unlike temples & local Govts cooperate with missionary movements for the sake of financial kickbacks & vote bank politics.
You don't even need a rice bag anymore when you can simply threaten tribals in remote regions with eternal hell fire and promise them salvation if they accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

Your religion has impoverished this nation & no wannabe comedian can change that fact.
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25 Aug
Fight Club has to be one of the most misinterpreted movies out there.

Marxists will tell you it's about rebelling against the system.
Feminists will tell you it's about "toxic masculinity".

When in reality, it's about suppressed masculinity and its consequences on men & society
The problem:

Expecting men, who have been hunter-gatherers/warriors for millennia to suddenly adjust to a new societal structure where we're forced to work in soul-less corporate cubicles.

You can't expect few years of societal change to reverse thousands of years of evolution
What does Edward Norton, who also works in a soul-less corporate setup, do to alleviate his suppressed natural programming?

He organises a fight club wherein he, and other men like him, can healthily express their masculinity.

Masculinity isn't toxic, it's who we are.
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18 Aug
From the Arab Spring to Euromaidan, from Shaheen Bagh to Minsk, the modus operandi of "pro-democracy" protests have uncanny similarity.

Is this well-oiled regime-change operation the product that George Soros has to offer to his buyers across the world?
The "pro-democracy" protestors in Syria turned out to be radical elements that created the wahhabist Free Syrian Army when the protests failed to topple Assad.

The pro-liberty Euromaidan was exposed as being a Neo-Nazi coup with the backing of outfits like the Azov Battalion.
Shaheen Bagh- we know too well. :)

Fundamentalist Islamists put on a good facade of defending India's Secular setup with the excessive use of the Indian flag.

The mask fell off fast- with chants of la ilaha illallah and the Tricolour being defiled with Islamic slogans.
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13 Aug
Thread on some takeaways from the UAE-Israel deal:

The biggest immediate winner is Donald Trump. This is his first proper diplomatic coup, if you were to brush aside the photo-op gaffe with Kim Jong-Un in '18.

With the Prez Elections around the corner, the timing is impeccable.
The biggest loser in both the short & long term is Iran, not Palestine.

TBH, Palestine was never getting independence. It's always been exploited as diplomatic leverage by Arab nations, who've also used it portray to their domestic audiences that they're "defenders of Islam".
Iran is more isolated now than it's ever been since '79.

If relations continue to normalise between Israel & other Arab nations, Iran & its proxies could lose influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & even Yemen.

Good for NATO & the West, not good for power balance in the Mid-East.
Read 7 tweets

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